I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 224

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 224

Chapter 224

If Luna just humiliated herself, Linda would probably endure it.

But when she scolded along side Ethan, Linda suddenly became uncomfortable.

Ethan has already taken her heart out, and she or he will never allow others to insult Ethan.

Linda raised her head, checked out Luna, and said, “Luna, you’ll scold me, but please don’t scold Ethan, and that i didn’t lie. Ethan really bought me the first-row tickets!”

Linda was very angry, and continued, crammed with righteous indignation, “Please don’t throw all the anger in your heart on me simply because you cannot buy the tickets yourself.”

Normally Luna wouldn’t wait to ascertain herself in every possible way, but Linda had in touch it.

But today she took the courage and responded bravely.

In Linda’s view, she was defending Ethan’s dignity.

But Luna didn’t take Linda’s words seriously in the least . Instead, she crawled out of the bed and walked ahead of Linda, staring directly at Linda.

“What’s the matter, what is wrong with you? You brag and do not allow others to pierce through it? I tell you, you think that i will be able to feel pitying you, believe it or not, I smoke you!”

Usually within the dormitory, Luna features a pretentious black boss posture, counting on her posture, generally nobody dares to impress her.

Today Linda fell on her hand, and she or he held back her anger again, it had been strange to let Linda go.

Seeing that the opposite party appeared to be close to do something, Other girl rushed over to finish the field: “Luna, it’s okay, Linda didn’t mean it, aren’t getting into your heart, I’ll mention her later, return to bed. …”

Luna pushed Girl away, and said with a sneer: “And, who does one think you’re , let me go, i have been so uncomfortable together with her an extended time ago, so what am i able to do if I pack up her today!”

Hearing this, Girl was desperate. She had an honest relationship with Linda. Of course, she didn’t want to ascertain Linda being bullied.

The girl sighed, and suddenly stood ahead of Linda, and said loudly: ” Luna, I warn you to not bully, in touch with you for an extended time, don’t go too far, today we’ve something to mention , but if you dare for no reason The bullying Linda, take care once I attend the trainer and therefore the school leader to complain!”

girl curled his lips and sneered: “I’m afraid you haven’t forgotten it. I remembered an enormous mistake before. If this is often …”

When girl said this, Luna, who was still very arrogant, immediately softened.

Of course, she knows better than anyone else. She wont to work with the varsity leaders, but there have been too many criminal cases. If she was sued again, she might really be expelled…

Luna gritted her teeth and was helpless, but still couldn’t swallow that breath in her heart.

She took a step back and pointed at Linda and said, “Okay, well, well, then let’s just mention it today!”

Luna continued: “I’m just a idiot, didn’t I say that I got two tickets for the primary row of the concert? If her mother can catch on out today, I’m sure I won’t put one fart, but if she can’t catch on out today To prove it, don’t blame me!”

Luna sneered, and continued: “If I lookout of her, you’ll lookout of her, then if I can bury her within the dormitory of Buckeye University, you cannot lookout of it? I didn’t break the law or the rules?”

girl gritted her teeth fiercely when she heard the words, her heart was extremely cruel.

She knew that Linda couldn’t get the tickets in the least , so she could only let Luna leave to bury her when she rotated .

For people like Luna, she can’t say anything. it’s estimated that so as to vent her anger, some and none are going to be said.

If so, Linda would really haven’t any face to remain at Buckeye University.

As the saying goes, goodies don’t leave , but scandals spread thousands of miles.

Even if there are belongings you haven’t done in the least , some people have promoted them to you.

Many people who do not know the reality will naturally feel that you simply must have done those things.

But the foremost annoying thing is that albeit Luna did this, othere girl could do nothing.

As people said, she didn’t break the law within the first place, and she or he didn’t break the principles within the second.

But if those things really opened up , what percentage people can explain it clearly?

Girl couldn’t help but glanced at Linda, squeezed sweat in her palms, and asked during a low voice, “Linda, check out this matter…”

At this point , Linda could see it through. Luna dared to mention this stuff if she couldn’t get the tickets.

That being the case, let Ethan send the tickets to himself.

In the first place, this will prove that he has not lied, and it also can block Luna’s mouth.

Secondly, let Luna see if her boyfriend is that the so-called garbage in her mouth!

Thinking of this, Linda raised her head, checked out Luna, and said calmly: “Okay, didn’t you let me prove it to you? Then i will be able to let Ethan send me the tickets, but…”

Linda paused, gritted his teeth and said, “I have a request!”

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