I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 226

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 226

Chapter 226

“You are polite, Ethan.” After speaking, Maggie ended the decision .

Ethan was very happy. He knew that there was nothing Maggie couldn’t do.

Originally, Ethan had already lay down, but he quickly placed on his clothes again, left the dormitory, and walked on to the varsity door.

Ethan waited at the door for fewer than ten minutes when a black off-road vehicle slowly stopped ahead of him.

A black-clothed youth quickly got out of the car, walked to Ethan, and said politely: “Hello, Sir, I’m sorry to stay you waiting, this is often your ticket…”

After speaking, the youth respectfully handed in several concert tickets.

Ethan smiled and took the ticket, and said several times of thanks. The young man was also humble and left.

Ethan checked out the ticket in his hand and quickly called Linda…

At this point , Linda’s bedroom was extremely nervous for a short time with anger.

Linda sat on her bed, a touch anxious, and infrequently glanced at her phone.

Luna, who was sitting on the bed opposite Linda, seemed much calmer.

She glanced at Linda, and when she saw the nervousness in her expression, she knew she had won.

She couldn’t help but sneered, yin and yang murmured strangely: ” pretending to be like that, and calling someone to send the ticket. i will be able to leave today and stay awake all night. i will be able to check out yours. What boyfriend, will he not be ready to deliver it all night!”

As soon as Luna’s voice fell, Linda was originally trying to argue, but the phone rang suddenly.

Seeing that it had been Ethan who was calling, Linda was immediately ecstatic.

“Hey Ethan, where are you?” Linda was very excited, and so as to prove himself, he turned on the phone to amplify in Luna’s face.

On the phone, Ethan had a frustrated tone and said, “Linda, I’m sorry, I…”

When Linda heard Ethan say I’m sorry, he couldn’t help but chuckle, and immediately thought that something may need happened, but this was the last item she wanted to ascertain .

“What… what is wrong with Ethan?” Linda asked.

“Hey…” Ethan sighed for an extended time. “Tickets… i could not get it!”

As soon as Ethan said this, Linda was sort of a bolt from the blue, and immediately stood on the spot.

“You…what did you say?” Linda couldn’t believe her ears.

“I said the ticket couldn’t be obtained, something happened to Sister Maggie, so…”

This is amplifying. The people in Linda’s bedroom heard Ethan’s words clearly.

Linda’s face suddenly flushed, and she or he checked out Luna with an unsightly expression.

But at this point Luna was pleased with her face. Hearing Ethan’s words, she burst into arrogant laughter instantly.

“Hahahaha… i actually laughed at me!” Luna laughed loudly, “What is this? Pretending to be impossible. Did you pretend to be a mess? It’s too embarrassing, right? you furthermore may pretended to show on the amplification. Can your boyfriend get tickets? Blow you, now it’s good, I see what you say!”

Linda was completely dumbfounded, she didn’t even skills she hung up the phone, anyway, the entire person was stunned for a short time .

When Luna saw this, she immediately took an interest , pointed directly at Linda’s nose, and cursed, “Linda, is there anything you’ll say this time? just we both made a bet, you’re all Record it, don’t attempt to deny it, Linda, kneel down for me!”

Hearing this, Linda just reacted, her face was extremely ugly, she didn’t expect that what she had clearly thought that the victory would be reversed would happen!

Hasn’t Maggie already promised Ethan? How can those things be like this? Linda couldn’t figure it out anyway.

“What are you doing during a daze, hurry up, kneel down!” Luna suddenly became unreasonable, and went forward to tear Linda.

Seeing this, Mira hurriedly progressed to prevent him, and said dissatisfied: “Hey, what are you getting to do? albeit you create a bet, Linda will roll in the hay by herself. Why does one force her to kneel for you?”

At now , it seems to be too late to mention anything. When the principles were originally set, everyone agreed. Now that you simply lose, in fact you want to fulfill your promise.

Linda’s heart was raging, and he glanced at Luna hard, and his legs couldn’t help but feel a touch numb.

Luna hurriedly urged proudly, “Kneel to me, this is often what you said. If you do not kneel today, how are you able to await me to repair you! Hurry up!”

Luna became more and more severe, which attitude appeared to be like Linda’s own slave. If she had a whip in her hand at this point , she might draw towards Linda without hesitation.

When Linda heard the words, she was cruel and gritted her teeth again. When she was close to plop and kneel down, her telephone suddenly rang again.

This time, Linda did not have the slightest excitement. She glanced at the amount and it clothed to be Ethan.

“Hey Linda, why did you hang up the phone?” Ethan frowned and asked, “I haven’t finished speaking yet!”

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