I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 227

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 227

Chapter 227

Linda’s tone was extremely depressed, and replied: “Um…I…”

Linda choked more and more, very uncomfortable.

Hearing Linda’s voice, Ethan on the opposite end of the phone immediately became nervous again, and asked hurriedly: “Linda, what’s the matter with you? Tell me what’s wrong? Don’t scare me…”

At this point Mira was beside Linda, and she or he could naturally hear the conversation between Linda and Ethan.

Hearing that Ethan was actually embarrassed to ask Linda what is wrong , she felt a touch bit angry.

Mira snatched the phone in Linda’s hand and said loudly to Ethan, “Are you a man? He said he helped Linda buy tickets, but what about the tickets? does one know that Linda is because he believes an excessive amount of You care an excessive amount of about your face, and you’ve got lost your bet with others. Not only does one lose your face now, you’ve got to kneel down!”

When Ethan heard Mira’s words, he was stunned .

what’s the problem? Why does Linda lose face and still kneel to others now? What happened to this?

He hurriedly said, “Well, please return the phone to Linda. I even have something to inform her.”

“What else are you talking about!” Mira said without slamming, “You stinky men, all of you who only know rhetoric, none of them are good!”

After speaking, XMirau Qingqing angrily stuffed the phone to Linda.

“Hey, Linda…” Ethan’s shout came from the mobile in his hand, and Linda quickly put it to his ear.

“Ethan, I’m okay, don’t hear Mira’s nonsense. I…” Linda choked up and couldn’t speak.

When Ethan heard Linda’s voice, he was very anxious, and said quickly: “Don’t cry, Linda, I told you, I just made fun of you only now, I even have got the tickets, and now it’s downstairs in your bedroom. I didn’t expect this to happen, don’t be concerned , there’ll be nothing with me!”

At this moment, Ethan could hardly wait to puff himself up.

He just wanted to tease Linda, but he didn’t expect that things would find yourself like this within the end.

But Linda was already discouraged and was close to hand over .

But Ethan’s remarks immediately gave her hope.

“Ethan, what you said is true? Don’t mislead me!” Linda asked seriously.

“Don’t worry, how could I mislead you, Linda, look down from the window…”

Upon hearing this, Linda hurried to the window, looked down, and saw Ethan poking downstairs, waving a couple of tickets in his hand, and seeing himself with a smirk.

At this moment, Linda was so happy that she burst into tears, then she turned her head and rushed downstairs…

“Hey, why are you going, Linda?” Mira suddenly shouted.

Luna, who was on the side, was even more astonished, but she quickly reacted, with quick eyesight and quick hands, she grabbed Linda.

“What does one want to do? Run! If you lose, you would like to run. Believe it or not, you will not be ready to lift your head in Buckeye University!” Luna clung to Linda, threatening viciously.

Linda’s arm was violently scratched and it hurt.

She checked out Luna angrily and complained: “What are you doing! You let me go, I’m not running, I’m getting to get the tickets!”

Luna heard the words and couldn’t help but laugh out loudly: , it’s really interesting. It didn’t happen just , why is there suddenly now? you’re an individual such as you who never draft a lie. Why should i think you? , What if you run away?”

Linda looked speechless, and replied: “I can run to a monk, am i able to run to a temple? I even have everything here, where do I go? And you do not want to run the bill? to form me lose, even go downstairs Don’t let me take the tickets?”

Luna was speechless at the words of Linda.

She checked out Linda a touch embarrassed, trying to urge angry, but found that she could do nothing, because what others said made sense!

Luna reluctantly escorted Linda away, and eventually didn’t forget to threaten him viciously: “I warn you, if you dare to run, then don’t blame me for being polite!”

Linda ignored the opponent, broke faraway from the opponent’s hand, and ran downstairs quickly.

“Lindaa, what is the matter!” Seeing Linda go downstairs, Ethan rushed over and checked out Linda with a hundredfold concern, for fear that she would be injured.

Linda smiled slightly: “It’s okay, I’m really okay, don’t hear Mira talking nonsense on the phone, don’t be concerned .”

Linda immediately checked out the ticket in Ethan’s hand: “You really got it! Humph, then you lied to me just , making me so embarrassed…”

Ethan noticed that Linda was really okay, and he was talking and laughing at the instant , so he abandoning .

“Hehe, I just wanted to tease you. I didn’t expect you to require it seriously. With sister Maggie, what are these tickets?” Ethan said with a smile.

Linda also nodded: “Well, i will be fine. it is so late, so you’ll return to sleep, the ticket… let me put it here first, and that we will attend the concert tomorrow.”

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