I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 228

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 228

Chapter 228

Ethan nodded when he heard the words, and said, “Well then, you’ll go up, I’ll call you later.

Linda smiled, took the ticket and went upstairs, Ethan quickly returned to the bedroom.

Linda sighed, brooding about expecting a short time to require out the tickets by herself, to ascertain what Luna had to mention .

In fact, Linda didn’t want to form everyone’s relationship so stalemate. After all, all of them sleep in an equivalent dormitory.

But today Luna was really an excessive amount of . Not only did she humiliate herself such a lot for no reason, she also insulted Ethan from the bottom , which she couldn’t stand anyway.

Linda checked out the four concert tickets in his hand, and thought that he would don’t have anything to try to to today, so he would give Luna a lesson.

Linda’s bedroom.

When Linda ran downstairs, Luna and Mira also hurried to the window to require a glance .

Although they share an equivalent bedroom with Linda, Linda usually conceals her private affairs alright , in order that they have only heard that Linda features a boyfriend, but they do not know who this person is and what he seems like .

So taking this chance , the 2 also wanted to ascertain what quite boyfriend Linda had found.

It’s just that Luna and Mira looked down, and their expressions instantly froze.

“Well, why is that this him?” Mira called out a touch surprised.

Even Luna was stunned for an extended time before recollecting it. But she was smiling sort of a flower, and her face was filled with mockery.

“Hahaha, I acknowledged , Linda is so interesting, i assumed she found what quite boyfriend, after an extended time, it clothed to be him?” Luna smiled from ear to ear, and continued, ” Whoops, who really is trying to find someone? A brain-dead trying to find a pauper , haha, an ideal match…”

Ethan was very famous at Buckeye University before. Of course, he was poorly known.

So Luna and Mira knew Ethan as an individual an extended time ago.

Originally, Ethan was the thing of mockery in their eyes, but they never thought that this guy became Linda’s boyfriend!

“Linda’s little face isn’t bad in any case . Why does one like such a brief , frustrated, poor woman who has no money?” Luna smiled, “I really don’t understand what she thinks, the purpose This stupid guy actually trusts him. This guy is legendary at Buckeye University. He bought her the first-row tickets for Samira’s concert? Is there a hole in Linda’s head!”

Not only Luna, even Mira was surprised and surprised at this point .

Indeed, she didn’t understand why Linda fell crazy with Ethan?

This guy doesn’t want anything, and his appearance conditions aren’t in the least advantageous.

Compared to Linda, although her family conditions aren’t good, a minimum of Linda features a look and figure. With Linda’s advantage, as long as she is dressed well, her popularity will never be inferior to the foremost famous ones in Buckeye University. School flowers.

And Mira could also tell that Linda appeared to believe Ethan.

It’s not responsible Luna for saying that sort of words. Obviously, with Ethan’s financial ability, to mention what first-row concert tickets he can purchase for Linda is tantamount to a dream.

But what left Mira speechless the foremost was that Linda believed Ethan so deeply.

Mira is additionally very helpless, and now that she will only take one step at a time, I wish Linda good luck.

Luna checked out Mira, who was extremely frustrated, and sneered: “Mira, i do not think you’ve got anything to mention this time? Linda must not be ready to get the tickets. Then you’ve got to satisfy your promise and promise me before. , Oh, it is time to cash it out!”

Mira lowered her head, feeling very unhappy in her heart.

She was close to speak when she heard footsteps coming from outside the bedroom door, then Linda walked in.

“Yeah, you’re back!” Luna sneered, “Yes, Linda, I didn’t expect that the boyfriend you were trying to find was still an enormous man, hahahaha…”

Linda knew what Luna’s words meant when she heard her, and her face instantly became cold.

No matter what, Luna continued, “Hey? Tell me, did you discover it together with your eyes closed? Otherwise, there are thousands of boys in Buckeye University, why did you select him? Isn’t this kid special in any way? Amazing?”

After Luna finished speaking, she burst into laughter again. In her opinion, she had more reasons to tease Linda this point .

She was already poor, but now she found a boyfriend who was even poorer than herself. Linda thought it might be difficult to not get angry within the girls’ bedroom.

Linda was very angry, and immediately said displeased: “Thank you, please concentrate once you speak. i select Ethan because i prefer him, and do not be too happy too early. Please don’t think that you simply are as high as you’re today. I look down on Ethan, maybe tomorrow, you cannot afford it!”

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