I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 229

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 229

Chapter 229

“Puff……” Luna sneered for a short time , then sneered and shook his head, “Yes, I wish you and your wishful prince, you’ll get older soon…”

Luna glanced at Linda and asked, “Hurry up, let me see, your poor, dying boyfriend is using something to deceive you!”

Naturally, Luna didn’t believe it. She had gone thus far on not even get a standard ticket. With Ethan’s strength, what quite front row ticket could he get?

After Luna finished speaking, she stretched her hand ahead of Linda.

Linda didn’t panic, and was close to pass the tickets…

But at this moment, Mira suddenly stretched his hand and stopped Linda.

Mira frowned and checked out Linda and shook her head again and again: “Linda, or… or forget it, i feel you ought to apologize to Luna, anyway, most are good sisters, no…”

Mira hadn’t finished speaking, but was interrupted by Linda.

“Forget it? Why forget it!” Linda said with a significant face, “Mira, i do not want to be like that for today, but I got the tickets. Why do I even have to forget it? Since Luna doesn’t believe it, then Just show her, I see what else she will say!”

In Mira view, Linda’s remarks were nothing quite anger, and this type of anger had no effect, and therefore the outcome could only be that she was even more disconcerted.

“Hey, why don’t you hear persuasion! Okay, regardless of what you’re , do whatever you like!” Mira said angrily.

Linda glanced at Mira . in fact she understood that she, an honest friend, didn’t believe Ethan in the least .

Don’t believe it, do not believe it, after all, you’ll soon believe it!

Without saying a word, Linda directly took the four concert tickets on Luna’s hand.

“I hope you do not break your promise!” Linda said.

Luna didn’t care in the least initially , but after she carefully checked out the tickets in her hand, she was instantly dumbfounded!

“This…this is fake!” Luna said with a glance of disbelief.

She repeatedly checked out the ticket in her hand several times, but she herself had to admit that the ticket didn’t seem to be fake.

Linda even said on the side: “Tickets have independent code. you’ll check it. After checking, you’ll know if it’s true or not.”

Of course Luna has got to check it out. After all, this is often a matter of dignity. If you do not figure it out, what if you’re deceived by Linda.

Luna took out her phone and scanned the QR code on the ticket…

This time, Luna was completely desperate, her face was pale, she rubbed her eyes and scratched her head again.

“This… how is that this true?” Luna said in surprise.

Linda smiled upon hearing the words, “Is it true? you’ve got verified it yourself. Is there anything you’ll say?”

Mira on the side thought that Linda was dead this point .

But when she heard Luna’s words, she was also shocked, and hurriedly came to visit , then she saw Luna’s dead fish face.

“This…Is this ticket real?” Mira didn’t know whether she was asking Linda or Luna, anyway, she was also surprised and felt that each one this was a touch unbelievable.

“Mira, this ticket is in fact true. I even have told you that Ethan won’t deceive me!” Linda smiled slightly.

This time Mira was finally relieved.

Originally, she was still worried about whether Linda would be in peril this point . After all, Luna was close to punish her then soon, Linda was in peril of escape.

But now, Linda seems to possess gone from danger to danger.

“That’s good, that’s good!” Mira checked out Linda and smiled, then questioned Luna slightly proudly.

“Luna, you’ve got verified the authenticity of the tickets now, you ought to give Linda an explanation!”

Mira had already seen Luna a touch uncomfortable. This time, she also wanted to require advantage of the chance to repair Luna. She would dare not be arrogant again within the future.

Luna was called into a violent turn, and she or he was slightly taken aback: “What…what’s the saying?”

However, Luna quickly reacted, and his face flushed.

Although she looks rude and unreasonable, she features a face in any case .

When she thought of the items she had agreed with Linda triumphantly before, she felt her heart churn.

“Damn, i used to be fooled by Linda, damn it, I didn’t expect it to seem honest, and there are numerous ghost ideas in my heart!”

Luna scolded Linda in her heart, but she couldn’t change anything. After all, she had already taken out the important tickets. What else are you able to do.

Luna was a touch unwilling, and her anger became even more intense.

At this moment, Linda also spoke.

“Luna, now please give me an apology to Ethan!” Linda said, “My request isn’t excessive. i’m not such as you . Let me kneel for you. I only need you to mention sorry, because You humiliated me first, so I ask you to apologize, it’s fair!”

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