I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 230

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 230

Chapter 230

Linda’s words completely ignited Luna.

She was very angry, slammed Linda violently, and yelled: “Fair shit, what are you, why should I apologize to you? Who are you? You, shameless, dare to speak to me. fair!”

Luna’s actions really surprised Linda and Mira.

They never expected that Luna would skip the wall up a rush and refused to admit it.

And also what quite tyrannical attitude you’ll handle me.

Mira checked out the opposite party with shame and excitedly pointed at him: “Luna, I didn’t think you were such an individual , don’t you’ve got a trace of conscience? Why don’t you admit it? Ethan just teased me once I said that I didn’t bring the ticket, was it you? You were close to press my head on the bottom , and now it’s yourself, but you don’t admit it? have you ever got your conscience eaten by dogs!”

This is the primary time Linda fought against others, because she felt unfair, and it seemed that after being with Ethan, she gradually understood what’s unfair!

But Luna is decided to not admit it, and it doesn’t matter what you say.

She was obviously even more angry when she heard Linda’s words, and quickly walked to Linda’s, and she or he couldn’t help but slap her hands up.


Linda suddenly felt hot on his face, hot as if being poured over a pot of predicament .

“You must take care once you speak, bitch. If you dare to talk to me like that, i will be able to kill you!” Luna threatened Linda together with her fingertips.

In Luna’s view, regardless of what I do or do! Those are all of your own business, and you Linda has no right to regulate or mention it.

I said you’ll scold you, but if you dare to retort, or scold me, then you’re trying to find death!

At this moment, Linda finally couldn’t help it anymore, tears streaming down.

Mira on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, she rushed over, pushed Luna away, and said loudly, , why are you hitting someone? Is Linda wrong? Obviously it’s yourself. If you lose, you not only refuse to admit it, but also beat people? What are you getting to do? Are you a bully?”

Luna smiled disapprovingly upon hearing this, and said during a low voice, “You are right, i’m a bully. I just didn’t admit it if I lost. I even beat people. What are you able to do to me?”

Luna sneered and didn’t put Mira and Linda in his eyes in the least , and continued: “Mira, do not be too nosy, or take care that i will be able to tidy with you! Hmph, what happened to me? regardless of what proportion you nosy, I still smoke her!”

While talking, Luna walked up to Linda, raised her hand abruptly, and began to tug it down again.

“Stop it!” Mira suddenly yelled, and stopped Luna’s palm, and said, “I tell you, if you are feeling better today with Linda’s finger, i will be able to immediately call the trainer . , i think that as long as you arrive tomorrow morning, the varsity leader will certainly call you to the office, and it’ll see what you are doing then!”

Luna was very angry when he came to frighten herself with this trick again, and even wished to slap Mira.

This woman is so hateful that she threatens herself with this thing whenever .

However, Luna must also admit that Mira really grasped her lifeline, and this threat was right in her arms.

Luna’s raised hand trembled a couple of times due to her anger, and eventually put it down in anguish.

Luna was close to die of anger, watching Mira fiercely, and said angrily: “Okay, okay, Mira, you’ll await me, today i will be able to bear it, but you’ll commit it to memory on behalf of me , expecting you to use this thing to threaten once I was, you want to be dead!”

After speaking, Luna turned to travel to bed.

But Mira called her proudly: “Hold on, come down for me!”

Luna was stunned for a moment: “What else does one want to do?”

Mira smiled and said, “Don’t do anything, you continue to have something forgotten to do? Now please apologize to Linda and immediately, otherwise, you’ll be at your own risk!”

Luna is close to explode!

Mira dare to threaten herself like this, is she a human?

“I warn you, do not be too much!” Luna said through gritted teeth.

Mira raised her head and replied, “You are the one who is just too much. Why, is there anything you would like to say? If you do not have one, then please apologize obediently!”

Luna took a couple of breaths and stood there for a short time , seeming to hesitate.

But soon, she visited bed angrily, with an expression of stubbornness, and said viciously at Linda and Mira below: “F*ck you, let me apologize to her? Please do your brains? Be you attend my daydream, my wife goes to sleep, you’ve got a sort of complaint immediately to the trainer , i’m getting to fight it out! But you, who is Mira will remember on behalf of me , what is going to happen to me today? Why am I twiddling with you!”

After speaking, Luna pulled the quilt over and covered her head, looking sort of a dead pig isn’t scared of boiling water.

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