I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 232

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 232

Chapter 232

Luna thought for a short time , suddenly opened her eyes and smiled, and said a touch bit at Linda’s attitude: “But but , after all, we are friends with Linda. Actually, i do not want to try to to things too extreme…”

Luna sighed pretendingly: “Hey, sometimes, I feel pitying you. You said that the conditions in your house aren’t excellent , and you study so hard. You leave to sing in the dark and leave to try to to part-time jobs on weekends. Are you tired?”

Linda was a touch unclear, so she couldn’t find out what Luna was getting to do.

I was condescending to myself just , but now it looks like nothing happened?

“You…if you’ve got anything to mention , just say it straight.” Linda asked bluntly.

Luna chuckled and said, “Actually, it’s nothing. I just think you’ve got worked so hard. most are a sister. i really like you too… But Linda, I even have an honest job here. Then you’ll take outing . Once or twice, you’ll make a net income of several thousand a month, and you’re guaranteed to not be tired. How about it, does one want to undertake it?”

Luna’s words immediately made Linda frown, because she didn’t quite believe Luna would have such kindness.

Usually Luna can’t wait to knock her bones and suck the marrow, she suddenly wants to introduce herself to figure , there must be a drag .

“Forget it.” Linda flatly rebuffed, “I think it’s pretty good now.”

Luna felt a touch displeased when she touched her nose.

Her face suddenly changed, and she or he pointed at Linda and shouted: “It’s so shameless to face, i feel you’re too hard, kindly introduce you to your work, and you said that once you look back? does one have a conscience!”

“Damn, you’re deserve being an inferior person for the remainder of your life, eating chaff!” Luna finished speaking, watching Linda fiercely, then fell down.

In fact, she also accidentally remembered that the goal for this month set by her strong brother, she seems to possess not yet completed it.

It happened that today she noticed that Linda appeared to be pretty good, and if she pushed her out, she would be very satisfied.

It’s a pity that Linda can’t roll in the hay , which makes Luna both angry and frustrated.

Linda smiled, and whispered during a low voice, “Who said that eating chafing vegetables is bad? As long because the money isn’t unaware of conscience, i’m happy!”

Linda also understood in her heart that there’ll be no pie within the sky. What Luna said is that as long as she goes out a couple of times, she will easily earn thousands of yuan a month. she will already consider what quite work it’s .

Linda only found it ridiculous. albeit she starved to death on the road , she definitely wouldn’t do this quite thing.

This is a matter of dignity. If an individual loses his dignity, how is it different from the walking dead?

Linda turned his head and visited the laundry room again, never lecture Luna again.

Luna sighed inwardly when she saw Linda gone.

But having said that, this month has passed halfway, not completed the task assigned to her.

In fact, the backer behind Luna is Kieran Donovan, the son of the Donovan Group.

The two met accidentally . After Kieran Donovan learned that Luna was a student of Buckeye University, he moved her to seek out a lady for herself.

Kieran Donovan stipulated that Luna should get him a minimum of one girl monthly . Whether it is a coaxing or pocket money to shop for it, it must be obtained, and it must be a lass .

And every time Luna gets one for herself, Kieran Donovan will give her several thousand yuan as reward.

It is precisely due to meeting Kieran Donovan that Luna’s recent life has become more nourished.

Maybe it’s dark under the lights, she really didn’t concentrate to Linda within the past.

However, this month she was a touch bit memorable. She was tentatively found for a couple of girls and that they were rejected. Some people directly reported her to the varsity leader.

Immediately afterwards, a couple of more girls who had been coaxed by Luna before also filed a complaint, and Luna’s black case was dug out.

Luna was so dumbfounded at that point , she felt that she must be dead this point .

But fortunately, Kieran Donovan really moved the connection to guard her. including Luna’s own miserable play ahead of the varsity leaders, perhaps the varsity leaders were scared of getting things out of the way, which also affected the school’s reputation.

In the end Luna made a decision: remembering the most important punishment for being over-stayed.

Moreover, the varsity leaders had spoken face to face . If Luna dared to form a touch mistake, he would be expelled directly so as to imitate .

On the one hand, the school’s punishment, and on the opposite hand, Kieran Donovan’s urging, Luna felt that she was also super difficult to handle.

I thought I discovered Linda, who was so poor, and even coaxed and deceived her, regardless of what she could do.

But I didn’t want to, Linda clothed to be stinky and hard, so he ignored her problem in the least .

“Huh, dog stuff, shameless, then don’t blame me for being polite!” Luna said to herself.

She knew alright , if she couldn’t get a woman for Kieran Donovan, how would that ugly person punish herself.

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