I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 233

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 233

Chapter 233

Luna appeared to be asleep when Linda returned to the bedroom after washing the garments .

Mira sat on the bed, as if brooding about something.

Linda put things down, sat down, and whispered, “Mira, many thanks such a lot today, but you’ve got to vow me to not be so reckless within the future. Luna’s background is extremely complicated, so let’s not provoke her.”

Mira pursed her lips and smiled: “It’s okay, Linda, don’t be concerned , if she dares to bother you again next time, I’ll offer you some help. I’ve long seen her not pleasing to my eyes.”

Linda sighed inwardly, thinking that Mira was still as stubborn as ever, and sooner or later she would suffer from this straight-forward temper.

Linda checked out Mira, seemingly worried, and said, “Mira, if you encounter any trouble within the future, just call me. don’t be concerned , i will be able to not let others hurt you!”

Linda said this stuff from rock bottom of his heart. She did not have many friends, and Mira was one among them. She didn’t want to cause Mira to suffer any unreasonable disaster for her own reasons.

And now that I even have Ethan, I can calculate counting on it, and a minimum of I can believe this relationship to guard my good friends.

Mira wont to protect herself everywhere, this time, let herself protect her once.

Linda stretched her hand, hugged Mira tightly, and said earnestly, “If you’ve got something within the future, you want to tell me!”

Mira agreed with a smile, and she or he even found that Linda today seemed a touch abnormal.

She usually accepts it, but today she dared to resist Luna, and even said this to herself.

Although Mira knew alright , Linda’s words were just comforting herself. After all, Linda had no money and no strength, how could he really help him.

But albeit Linda said these words, Mira was very moved. a minimum of Linda regarded herself as an honest friend. At least, she had that intention.

“Okay, okay, I know!” Mira smiled, patted Linda on the rear , and said, “Go to sleep, won’t you attend the concert tomorrow?”

Having said that, Mira suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly reminded: “By the way, Linda, where are your tickets? Don’t break down .”

Linda pointed to alittle leather bag on his bedside table and said with a smile: “It’s there, don’t be concerned , it’s okay.”

Linda curled his lips and said, “Mira, or… or i will be able to let Ethan get a ticket for you.”

Hearing this, Mira’s heart throbbed for a short time , but immediately fell cold.

She knew alright that the 2 of Linda and Ethan could just attend compare poorer. Ethan knew what proportion effort he had spent for these two tickets.

Even if Ethan can do an honest job, how embarrassed to invite it.

This is tantamount to bother others.

Mira smiled: “No, no, you do not need Linda, I… albeit I even have a ticket, I won’t be ready to go tomorrow. I even have something urgent to affect tomorrow.”

Mira made up a not-so-smart excuse, and continued smilingly: “Just go, you’ll take more pictures and show me more when that happens.”

Linda frowned, “Okay, but Mira, if you would like to travel , you’ll really tell me that Ethan can get tickets!”

Mira smiled, and eventually said, “Really no, you see if you do not believe me!”

Linda shook his head silently, then was pushed out of the bed by Mira: “It’s alright, you return to sleep, if you do not sleep, I’ll attend bed now. I even have something to try to to tomorrow.”

Upon hearing this, Linda could only return to his bed in an anguish.

Soon, Linda heard heavy breathing, apparently asleep.

At this moment, Luna, who was on the upper bunk of Linda, poked her head out of the bed slightly. She checked out Linda then at Mira. After confirming that both of them were indeed asleep, the corners of her mouth showed a smirk. .

Immediately afterwards, she cast her gaze on Linda’s bedside, on the purse with the tickets.

Luna waited for a short time , and when she was sure that both of them were indeed asleep, she crawled out of the bed slowly.

She cautiously came to the top of Linda’s bed, tiptoedly opened the purse and took out the tickets.

In the dark, Luna smiled and thought: allow you to go against me, so as to punish you for these four f*cking tickets, it’s grandma now!

Luna was simply not happy, but it had been not all because she stole the tickets and will punish Linda.

More importantly, now she got the tickets for Samira’s concert without much effort.

And she only needs one ticket, and now she has four in her hand.

Luna naturally knows that now within the hands of the scalpers, the primary row of tickets has been fetched for 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

“I keep one for myself, and sell all the remaining three, one for 30,000 yuan, and three for alittle 100 thousand yuan, hahaha…”

Luna appeared to be brooding about what the scene would be when he got 100 thousand yuan!

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