I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 234

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 234

Chapter 234

Early subsequent morning, Linda awakened a touch late, and when she awakened to see the time, she realized that she was on the brink of the large time she had agreed with Ethan.

Linda quickly got up and cleaned up.

At this moment, Mira also awakened . Linda frowned and asked, “Mira, have you ever seen Luna? Why did people disappear early within the morning?”

Mira stretched her head and searched to the bed, and indeed saw that Luna’s bed had no personal image, and therefore the bed was piled on the bed sort of a pig’s nest as before.

“The ghost knows what she’s doing, i assume he’s going crazy with which man again, let her go!”

Mira stretched and checked out Linda: “Hey, why does one seem to be anxious?”

Linda curled his lips and said hurriedly: “Oh, I even have agreed with Ethan to satisfy at the door at 8:30, I just got up…”

Linda simply drew light makeup, changed clothes and went out: “Okay, Mira, I’m leaving now!”

Mira gave a hum, then lay down on the bed. She glanced at Linda, who hurried out of the bedroom, and shook her head. She sighed, Ethan was specialized to Linda, unlike her own bullshit. My friend, i could not even see a private image for each day , and only appeared ahead of me once I had no money.

“Hey…” Mira sighed, but at this moment, Linda ran back during a hurry.

“Huh? Why are you back again?” Mira asked in surprise.

Linda smiled, returned to his bedside, and stuffed the tiny leather bag with the tickets into his carry-on bag, and smiled, “Look at my brain, the tickets almost forgot!”

Mira was speechless for a short time , and hurriedly stopped Linda, “Hey wait a minute!”

Linda was taken aback: “What’s wrong?”

Mira smiled, “Don’t forget to bring your brain!”

Linda snorted, “Okay, I’m leaving. Call me if something happens!”

Leaving the dormitory, Linda ran on to the varsity gate.

At this point Ethan was already there waiting, Linda ran all the way: “Sorry, I got up a touch late.”

Ethan smiled and said, “It’s okay. It’s noon for the concert. we’ve enough time, Linda, have you ever brought your tickets?”

Linda nodded, and took out the tiny leather bag from his carrying bag: “Take it, here it’s .”

“That’s good, let’s go.” After Ethan finished speaking, he stopped a taxi casually.

On the way, Ethan and Linda chatted for a short time , then they found an area to possess breakfast before they were getting to Buckeye Gymnasium.

By the time the 2 received the gym, it had been already ten o’clock within the morning. After getting out of the car, Ethan asked Linda to call her cousin and Roy.

Linda nodded, hurriedly took out his mobile , able to make a call.

But at this moment, shortly behind the 2 , there was a sudden shout.

“Linda? Why are you here?”

When Linda and Ethan heard the sound, they both looked back and saw two figures walking towards them.

And these two aren’t others, but Karen and Roy.

“Cousin? Why are you here too?” Linda asked in surprise.

Karen and Roy checked out one another , and slightly of discomfort suddenly appeared on their faces.

, why am I here, Linda, cousin, I still want to ask, why are you here?”

Karen was agitated when she saw Linda here.

Because she never thought that she would meet Linda and Ethan here.

But at this point , I can only explain one thing, that is, Linda and Ethan, carrying them on their backs, are getting to come and watch the concert!

Karen couldn’t help but sneered. She felt that she was still a touch naive.

She also discussed with Roy last night. When the 2 of them received the concert this morning, they might call Ethan and Linda. That way, it might be impossible for them to refuse.

But they met Linda here, which just illustrates one point. Linda and Ethan had already negotiated to ascertain the concert, and that they planned to call them.

So how could she not be angry.

Linda didn’t realize these problems. She frowned and asked her cousin, “We? let’s examine the concert, cousin, it is a coincidence, haha, originally…”

Linda originally wanted to form it clear that she just wanted to call them, but her cousin interrupted him abruptly:, Linda, does one think you’re doing this yourself? We are guests, you only So put us within the place where the birds don’t shit and ran to observe the concert by yourself?”

When Linda heard the meaning of those words, he knew that he must have misunderstood his defense.

She hurriedly explained, “No, no cousin, cousin-in-law, we’ve just arrived here. I even have discussed with Ethan, and that i will call you once we get here.”

“Come on, you’ve got improved tons in your ability to form nonsense!” Karen didn’t hear that in the least , and said displeasedly, “Do you treat us as relatives? Just to us?”

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