I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 235

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Chapter 235

Linda’s grievances on her face, she really didn’t lie.

She hurriedly stretched the phone to point out her cousin, and explained, “If you do not believe me, see for yourself, I just called you, but you came here before I did.”

It’s just that Karen didn’t even check out it in the least , she turned her head to the side and looked unhappy.

He also muttered to himself. “It’s really interesting, you think that of me as a three-year-old kid? you actually thought I believed your nonsense.”

Linda was very anxious. She checked out Ethan and quickly said, “What I said is true. I didn’t mislead you or believe me. Ask Ethan.”

Ethan quickly helped explain, “Linda really didn’t mislead you, I can testify.”

But Karen ignored Ethan in the least . She curled her lips and said, “Huh! you’re not within the same group? How do i do know that what you said is true or false? If you suffer, i will be able to treat you as relatives….”

The other party was really unreasonable, Ethan really didn’t bother to elucidate it to him.

Suddenly, Ethan remembered, aren’t the concert tickets in Linda’s bag? As long because the tickets are taken out, he will naturally know that he has not lied to him.

After all, when asked Maggie for tickets yesterday, Ethan asked for four tickets. He and Linda were both watching the concert. They couldn’t use four tickets.

Thinking of this, Ethan quickly gave Linda a wink and whispered: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense with them, just show them the tickets.”

And Ethan knows more clearly that with Karen’s careful brooding about what quite love will cash in , it’s estimated that after seeing the tickets, she is going to forget everything.

Besides, what are she and Roy doing here? Don’t you propose to travel to the concert? But with their abilities, it’s harder to urge a ticket than to urge to the sky.

If he gave them two tickets vainly and that they were still the first-row tickets, then they could feel more fun.

Linda nodded when she heard the words, and hurriedly reached bent flip through the bag.

When Linda lowered his head without flickering, beside them, a well-known voice came again.

“Oh, what a coincidence, how am i able to meet you everywhere?”

As soon as these words fell, Ethan and therefore the others followed their voices and saw Jennifer approaching sadly.

When he met Jennifer again, Ethan suddenly remembered what happened before at the gate of Empire Hotel.

Ethan suddenly stopped hitting the hearth , and he was angry and a touch sick.

“Where are we, do I still got to report it to you?” Ethan snorted coldly, and returned angrily.

Jennifer was very happy initially . As soon as Ethan said this, her face instantly became gloomy, and she or he said angrily: “And, where does one want to die? What does it need to do with me.”

Jennifer checked out the doorway of the stadium. At this point , tons of fans had gathered. She said proudly: “I’m actually just curious, what are you doing here? Is it possible that you simply still want to sneak in in troubled waters? It’s ridiculous, why are you guys? believe it, does one really think the safety guards are all vegetarian!”

Jennifer continued with a smile: “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, you guys, if you would like to sneak in and be discovered by others, you’ll definitely find yourself miserably!”

After speaking, Jennifer also checked out the Roys who were poking beside Ethan and Linda.

She was still a touch interested by who these two people were and why they might follow Ethan.

But what Jennifer said just was too awkward. Karen didn’t know why, including who Jennifer was. She was so abruptly accused of being so uncontrollable, and she or he rushed up again.

“Who are you talking about you!” Karen said tit-for-tatly, “Girls, please concentrate to what you say, it is a bit ignorant!”

Karen glared at Jennifer fiercely, really furious.

She could also tell that Jennifer must have had a feast with Ethan and Linda.

But it is your business if you’ve got holidays, it’s my shit, you mean bring my old mother, that will not work!

Roy on the side was also a touch unhappy. He checked out Jennifer with a face and couldn’t help but sneered.

In his opinion, the girl ahead of him, who is additionally a student, may have a far better family background, but you want to know that it’s definitely not an enormous money.

What quite world is that this , such people dare to return out and pretend?

Had it not been for the backing of a family, she wouldn’t dare to be so crazy!

When Jennifer heard what Linda said, she hurriedly checked out the couple and squinted her eyes, “Who are you, you, did I just name you by name? Are you sick?”

“Ho ho, are you here with these two?”

“Put your mouth clean. take care . I’m not polite to you!” Roy progressed , pointed at Jennifer, and warned, “We are Linda’s cousin and cousin’s husband. If you do not speak cleanly, you think that about the consequences!”

Being so frightened by Roy, Jennifer really restrained tons .

After all, there are four people. she is going to come to observe the concert by herself today. If there’s a conflict with them, then she is going to definitely suffer within the end.

But within the face of Ethan and Linda, she didn’t want to point out her timidity. These two are the people she hates most. If they see that she is afraid, how will she bully them within the future!

After brooding about it, Jennifer raised her head and said to Roy, “What are you so fierce? i’m scared of you if you think that you’re too crowded… Who are you scaring you, this is often a public place, what if you dare to treat me? Believe it or not, as long as I yell, you guys will all be arrested!”

To say that Jennifer is indeed very smart, after she finished speaking, she pointed to the cruiser on duty, showing a proud expression.

Indeed, as long as there’s a dispute on their side, the patrol will certainly come to intervene. Anyway, Jennifer feels that she can’t suffer.

Jennifer’s remarks really frightened Roy.

He considered it, he came here today to play, there’s really no got to cause any unpleasant troubles.

So within the end, he just sighed in his heart, and his attitude towards Jennifer softened tons in a moment .

“Then…then you cannot just humiliate people! we do not know you, so why does one say that to us!” Roy said unwillingly.

Jennifer sneered, and said disdainfully: “And, are you able to blame me? Who made you their relatives. Puff……”

Jennifer appeared to have thought of something, she suddenly laughed aloud , then pointed at Ethan, and ridiculed: “Haha… , why are you bringing Linda’s poor relatives here today? Is it possible? Want to travel in to the concert?”

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