I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 236

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 236

Chapter 236

Jennifer was filled with sarcasm, and Ethan knew that she was asking this, so she must haven’t any good purpose.

“Does it have anything to try to to with you?” Ethan asked indifferently, and said, “Please get out of the way, you’re not welcome here!”

Jennifer smiled disdainfully when she heard the words, “I’m not welcome? Let me leave? You deserve it too? it is so funny, stinky, who does one think you’re , does one think this is often your home?”

Jennifer immediately glanced at Karen and Roy without waiting to ascertain , and said within the same dismissive tone: “Ho ho, it’s ridiculous, I said Samira’s concerts have reached this level now? What? Are you alright if you would like to travel in and see? Are you taking yourself too seriously?”

Jennifer’s tone was pleased with her self-esteem, and she or he didn’t concentrate to Ethan et al. in the least .

“What does one mean by this? It’s just a concert, what is the matter, you’ve got to inform who can enter and who can’t? Look down on who? Who does one think you are!”

Karen, who had long been uncomfortable with Jennifer, spoke again.

Although she also hates Ethan and Linda, a minimum of they’re now on an equivalent front.

Moreover, Karen really hates the self-arrogance that Jennifer seeps from the bones of contempt for everybody .

Hearing the quarrel between these two men, Ethan was really annoying, so he planned to require Linda and therefore the others away.

But before he could take a step, Jennifer over there began to choke again.

, you’re right, does one really think anyone can watch this concert?” Jennifer sneered, “It’s not good to mention that you simply guys, i assume you cannot even buy a ticket. you only want to travel in and watch the concert. Are you afraid that you simply haven’t woken up? A bunch of poor people, does one skills much the concert ticket is now?”

When Jennifer was talking, she took out a ticket from her bag and said proudly: “You see, my position may be a normal position, it’s the type of place where you’ll barely see the people on the stage. There are quite 8,000 tickets for this location now, you guys? Hoho, does one have that much money?”

Jennifer’s words really surprised Roy and Karen.

“Wh…what? The tickets for this position are quite eight thousand?” Roy muttered in disbelief.

He originally thought that such a standard ticket would be worth three or two thousand yuan at the most , but he didn’t expect that the worth of the ticket had reached such an outrageous position.

Karen was also very surprised. She even grinned subconsciously, saying that this ticket isn’t made from gold, right? These quite eight thousand have topped internet income of my small restaurant for half a month.

Seeing the expressions of the 2 of them, Jennifer was relieved, because she already knew that the 2 relatives of Linda were mostly buns. She had little knowledge, so she was so frightened for eight thousand yuan.

“, is that this surprise like this?” Jennifer chuckled, “I dare you to mention that I came to the concert? Come on, please head home and sleep, do not be ashamed here Alright?”

Karen couldn’t help gritting her teeth when she heard Jennifer’s words, her face was unwilling.

“You…who does one mean? You, I…we came to ascertain the concert today!” Karen said, “It’s only 8,000 yuan, which may be a fart, don’t you recognize , yesterday my wife was at Empire Hotel. But I ate tens of thousands for a meal, you female child , have you ever eaten it?”

Roy also hurriedly said: “Yes, we expect you’re a touch girl and do not want to be conversant in you. does one know who he is? does one still dare to speak to him like this? Believe it or not, if you talk nonsense, he After a call , you won’t have time to cry!”

Roy pointed to Ethan, of course.

In fact, Roy was also a touch curious at this point . Why does Jennifer and Ethan seem to understand one another , but she doesn’t concentrate to Ethan at all?

This is indeed the case, and Jennifer has never put Ethan in his eyes.

When she heard Roy’s words, she just smiled: “Who is he?, don’t you recognize better than me?”

Jennifer checked out Karen again, and continued: “I’ll mention you initially . If i do not embarrass you a touch bit today, i feel you’re still stubborn, right? Okay, don’t you say that you simply are watching Is it for the concert? That’s OK, remove the tickets now and have a glance .”

Jennifer expected that the opposite party wouldn’t be ready to show the tickets in the least , so she said with a smile, “How about we make a bet? If you’ll get the tickets today, i will be able to leave here immediately, and that i will give this ticket to you. you’re not paying it!”

“But if you cannot bring out the tickets, hum…” Jennifer said with a sneer, “Then you all kneel on the bottom , and everybody learns three dog barks on behalf of me , how about it?”

Jennifer’s playful gaze swept across everyone.

When their eyes fell on Roy and Linda’s cousin, they couldn’t help but feel a touch more nervous.

After all, they do not know whether Ethan has tickets in his hand.

If it does, that’s okay, but if there’s no ticket, and that i bet with others, then the face is lost to the sky.

The two of them hesitated and checked out Ethan and Linda.

“This… does one have any tickets?” Karen hurriedly got next to Linda and asked within the lowest voice, “If you do not have one, otherwise you can’t catch on , then finally say it now, lest I be embarrassed for a while! “

“Yeah, yeah, this cannot be a joke, this is often a matter of face, if you enforce pretending garlic without you, then we will eat melon with you within the end!”

Hearing this, Ethan smiled bitterly and checked out these nervous two people, and said, “You still do not believe us yet? I’ll say it again. Everything that Linda said just is true. The tickets are now available. In Linda’s bag.”

Ethan turned his head and glanced at Jennifer with an equivalent playful look, and couldn’t help but suddenly all his things about Jennifer jumped out of his mind.

This woman is just too arrogant and shameless.

Ethan smiled straight in his heart, saying that each one of this was mentioned by you Jennifer, so don’t blame me for being impolite!

“Okay, I’ll bet with you!” Ethan smiled faintly, and said, “But i would like to remind you that if you regret it now, it’s still too late! Otherwise, don’t blame me, because you asked for all this!”

After speaking, Ethan always gestured to Linda.

“And you, why, are you able to trust me now?” Ethan sneered.


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