I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 237

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 237

Chapter 237

At now , Karen and Roy seem to possess no other choice.

And Ethan said with certainty that he has tickets, then this eight achievement is true.

After all, this is often a bet with people. If Ethan doesn’t have any bullshit in his hands, would he really dare to bet with others so arrogantly? Isn’t that even you recognize you’ll die, but you continue to encounter it?

Either fools or lunatics can do that .

Although Karen didn’t wait to ascertain Ethan, she knew that Ethan hadn’t reached that level.

, brother-in-law, my cousin will believe you once today!” Karen made up her mind and said, “This female child really doesn’t know the heights of the sky, so you’ll teach her a lesson today!”

Ethan smiled. Naturally, Karen didn’t got to mention this. He knew better than anyone else the way to roll in the hay .

Ethan hurriedly glanced at Linda, and said with a smile: “Okay, Linda, take things out, don’t you wish to be questioned? we cannot need to be questioned anymore. From now on, we’ll all Be an upright person!”

Linda was a touch excited by Ethan’s words, nodded heavily, and hurriedly took out the tiny purse with the tickets from his backpack.

At this moment, Ethan showed a long-lost smile.

He had long wanted to form Jennifer embarrassed, but he never had an opportunity . This time, he must be ready to …

Just when Ethan thought that everything would calm down soon, when Ethan put his gaze on the tiny black leather bag Linda took out, he was stunned.

“What about… tickets?” Linda, who turned the bag, opened the tiny black leather bag, and therefore the whole person was during a panic, because she was surprised to seek out that the bag was empty and there was nothing left.

“Linda, this is often not the time to form a joke!” Ethan deliberately squeezed out a smile and asked Linda.

In fact, everyone in Ethan’s heart knows Linda’s character. How could Linda be joking about this type of thing?

But what about the tickets?

At that moment, Ethan’s whole person was a touch bad.

And the one who panicked most at this point was actually Linda.

She was dumbfounded and blindfolded.

“No…impossible, I put it during this bag yesterday…” Linda kept lecture herself, and she or he kept rummaging for you together with her hand within the backpack.

However, Linda also knew that the ticket couldn’t fall under the backpack in the least . His handbag had a zipper, and therefore the zipper was intact, so how could it fall out.

But she still turned her backpack carefully over and over again!

After checking out it 3 times , Linda was completely desperate. She checked out Ethan sadly, and tears came out instantly.

“Ethan, I put it here yesterday, but the zipper is ok , i do not know why it disappeared…”

Linda felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart, because she knew that this point it had been due to herself again that Ethan was in a particularly embarrassing situation.

“Ethan…I’m sorry…” Linda apologized helplessly.

When Linda was just trying to find it, Ethan also read it together with his own eyes. Even the last time, he followed Linda to look for it, but within the end he found nothing.

Ethan was dumbfounded, his heart was mixed, and he checked out Linda with complicated eyes.

If somebody else caused the results like today, it’s estimated that Ethan would have exploded way back .

But when he saw Linda’s pitiful expression, Ethan was helpless.

Of course he knew that the ticket couldn’t find this thing, and it had been not what Linda wanted to ascertain , and it had already happened. it’s estimated that Linda should blame himself quite anyone else.

Ethan took a deep breath. He walked to Linda’s side, gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said softly: “Okay, Linda, i do know you didn’t mean it, don’t be concerned , i will be able to lookout of subsequent thing. …”

After Ethan finished speaking, he immediately raised his head and looked within the direction of Karen and Roy.

“This… the ticket may are lost by Linda accidentally, I’m so sorry…” Ethan said slightly embarrassed.

At this moment, Karen and Roy were stunned!

What exactly is that this operation? First, you vowed to allow us to trust you, and also said that you simply have tickets for the primary row of the concert.

But within the end, the ultimate result was that the tickets couldn’t be found. Linda cried, causing Karen to be filled with suspicion now, and a few will doubt Ethan’s words.

After all, how could all this be so coincidental?

There are tens of thousands of tickets for the primary row of the concert now on the black market. If Linda said that he lost it, did he lose?

This credibility is just too low, right?

Karen couldn’t help but glanced at one another with Roy. the 2 of them almost simultaneously remembered what they discussed last night.

“If Ethan can get tickets for the concert, then he might really be an upscale second-generation rich. But if he can’t even get two tickets, then he’s a fart rich second-generation? i assume he’s . con man……”

The things that were well studied yesterday are still lingering within the ears of the 2 .

Reminiscing about what happened just , Karen couldn’t help but exclaimed: Could it’s that she and Roy were really deceived by Ethan? he’s not an upscale second generation at all? What a bet? within the end, Linda lost the ticket again. In fact, everything is for show!

Karen checked out Roy, her brows couldn’t help but be a touch angry.

Of course Roy had an excellent understanding, and now he’s almost certain that Ethan has been lying to himself.

But yesterday’s meal exemption, also because the bottle of wine presented by Joshua , appeared to don’t have anything to try to to with Ethan’s dime, they were all given to him!

Karen apparently also thought of the bottle of wine in a moment . Yesterday she watched the wine removed by Ethan, and she or he felt as uncomfortable as if her own meat had been cut away.

At that point , she just felt that Ethan was an upscale second-generation, which the wine was given to him by others, albeit he took it away, it had been justified.

But now it’s different, things don’t seem to be that straightforward , so Karen soon wanted to return her bottle of wine.

But she still didn’t dare to talk directly, and now she wasn’t sure whether all of this was an equivalent as she had guessed.

After all, what they said was lost, but not without it. regardless of how impatient you’re , you’ve got to attend until the matter is basically clear.

At this moment, seeing Ethan and Linda’s embarrassed Jennifer, she suddenly burst into a particularly presumptuous laughter. She was almost laughing crazy. While laughing, she pointed to Ethan and Linda and said, “Hahaha, What a shame to be thrown home!”


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