I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 238

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 238

Chapter 238

“What about the tickets? Take them out? i can not find them. This excuse is basically bad enough. does one really think that everybody is like you? you’re a fool!” Jennifer pointed at Linda and Ethan triumphantly. Began to scold.

In fact, Jennifer had long thought that this is able to be the result, and she or he was even more pleased with her ability to be a prophet.

It’s just that she can’t find out what Ethan is doing. She knows whether he’s capable of bullshit. it’s estimated that he hasn’t even seen the ticket, so he dare to face up and pretend to be forced.

Is it possible that there’s a pit in his mind? Or is he just ill in the least and a bit like being abused?

And that Linda stood there stupidly to assist Ethan bragging, these two people really made people speechless.

Their brains might not be normal, in order that they make such low-level mistakes again and again.

Jennifer triumphantly continued Ethan and said, “Well, don’t tell me any excuses like losing the ticket, does one find it interesting? A bunch of poor people, just I even have already given you all the steps. You, like silly dogs, don’t know life or death, and need to bet with me, how about it? Now that you simply have lost, isn’t it so happy?

Jennifer sneered ho ho, and continued: “Now it’s an excessive amount of trouble. Didn’t it are agreed just now? Hurry up and fulfill the promise!”

Jennifer folded her arms with a pretentious look.

Ethan’s expression was a touch ugly, how could he admit to someone like Jennifer.

Although Ethan didn’t know why the ticket was lost inexplicably overnight, Ethan wasn’t scared of anything.

It’s not just a couple of tickets. As long as you would like , just give Maggie a call, not as many as you would like .

Ethan said immediately, “Wait, who told you that you simply won? It’s just a couple of tickets. Just wait. I’ll let someone send some more.”

After speaking, Ethan took out his mobile and ready to call Maggie.

If Jennifer isn’t convinced today, Ethan seems like he’s pitying himself.

I have made you ridicule and humiliate you for therefore long for no reason, you ought to return all this justice!

But before Ethan dialed the amount , he heard Jennifer sneer and said, “, blow it up, i would like to ascertain , how long are you able to play the show? Asking people to send you tickets, why don’t you tell me that this concert was held by you? Hahaha, it’s so funny…”

Ethan checked out Jennifer. He was really not curious about this type of nutritious argument, because as soon as Linda had someone send a ticket, he would naturally make Jennifer shut up.

Of course, there’s also Linda’s cousin and his wife. Ethan can see from the start to the top that the 2 of them didn’t believe himself.

At this moment, the phone dialed, and Maggie quickly connected.

Ethan said, “Sister Maggie, are you working?”

Maggie replied, “What, is there anything ? Didn’t you attend the concert today? Have fun?”

Ethan sighed for an extended time and said, “Hey, don’t mention it, there’s a nasty message. We just came today and located that the ticket was lost. How embarrassing you said this is often .”

“Ah?” Maggie gave a rather surprised cry, then said, “Then…where are you now? Is Buckeye Stadium?”

Ethan said, “Just outside the door, and… forget it, Sister Maggie, does one still have tickets over there? are you able to send me four more?”

“And what?” Maggie frowned slightly and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll let someone send you the ticket. don’t be concerned about the ticket in the least . what proportion does one want, what proportion I even have here.”

Ethan was a touch surprised when he heard this, because it had been too big, right?

After all, the tickets for this concert are limited. How could Maggie do the maximum amount as possible?

“Really?” Ethan gave a wry smile, his tone a touch hard to believe.

Maggie also smiled, but the laughter was indifferent. She said: “It’s very simple, because Samira’s concert is sponsored by us. this is often a sort of investment. we’ll invest in her concert, tickets and peripherals. The derived income also will be included within the pocket.”

Maggie paused, and continued: “I just forgot to inform you about this before. this is often also to market our new company.”

“So that’s it!” Ethan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard Maggie’s words.

Since this concert is hosted by my very own company, i’m scared of ticket issues.

“Well, Sister Maggie, I’ll just wait here. once you come , just call me.” Ethan finished and ended the decision .

Then Ethan checked out Jennifer with a sure smile and said, “Okay, the tickets are going to be sent during a while, then the reality are going to be revealed who wins and who loses.”

Ethan turned his head and comforted Linda, then checked out Jennifer playfully, and continued: “Oh, right, you only asked me, did I hold this concert?, sorry, so did I I just learned that this concert was indeed my one. How about it, a surprise? An accident?”

When Jennifer heard this, she didn’t react considerably , but Linda was surprised when she heard the words.

“Ethan, what you said is true? You held this concert?” Linda asked in surprise.

Ethan smiled and nodded, and said, “Yes, Linda, I even have asked Sister Maggie just . This concert was co-hosted by her company and Samira. Remember I told you that it’ll be established within the future. Is it a replacement company? this will be considered a pre-warming up for the new company.”

Ethan then patted Linda’s shoulder again, and continued to comfort him: “So Linda, don’t be concerned , you’ve got lost a couple of tickets. Don’t blame yourself an excessive amount of . Tickets are something we have!”

Of course Linda believed in Ethan 100%, especially after hearing these words, her self-blame was finally lightened.

“I see…” Linda said with a smile.

And Karen and Roy on the side, after taking note of Ethan’s words, couldn’t help but become suspicious again.

Because just they need almost begun to question Ethan’s identity.

But now that they heard Ethan’s words, they were a touch hesitant.

“Is what this guy said is true?” Karen frowned and asked softly in her husband’s ear.


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