I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 239

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 239

Chapter 239

Roy frowned at this moment, his eyes confused.

However, he considered it, and felt that when someone sent the tickets, the reality would come to light.

Roy kept an eye fixed on him, walked up to Ethan, and asked, “Ethan, how long will the tickets be delivered? You see that the time is fast, let’s not miss the concert by then!”

Roy thought for a short time , and suddenly grinned, and said, “By the way, Ethan, since you said that this concert was held by you, or else, you’ll discuss it with the people at the doorway of their venue in order that we don’t need tickets. are you able to enter directly?”

Roy looked just a touch worried, but actually his heart was filled with ghosts.

He urged Ethan to require them in, just to verify whether Ethan’s flower was real.

If this concert was really hosted by Ethan or his subordinates who purchased it, then he would be ready to go unimpeded, so why bother here?

But if Ethan had just lied and deceived everyone, then when he reached the gate and said he wanted to travel in, he would probably be beaten to death by other security guards.

Ethan glanced at Roy and said, “I’ll be here soon, about ten minutes.”

Ethan knew that Maggie’s office location was near this stadium, so if someone sent the tickets, it might be soon.

As for what Roy said later, let him tell the staff by himself and allow them to in directly, Ethan ignored it.

First of all, Ethan didn’t know that he had participated in hosting this concert before, therefore the staff here probably wouldn’t know him, including let himself in.

Another reason is that Ethan doesn’t want to interrupt the principles due to his identity.

Maybe he wont to tell the opposite party clearly about his identity, and therefore the other party was ready to comply with enter , but that was unruly, Ethan didn’t love it .

Because he felt that if he was like this, wouldn’t it really be no different from those dudes?

Ethan then continued: “Well, wait, I’ve already said that this concert was hosted by my people, so you’ll rest assured, regardless of what, you’ll all enter today.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Roy grinned, but he felt a touch uncomfortable in his heart.

Because he felt that this matter was a touch unreliable.

After all, as Ethan said, he purchased this concert, but he actually knew about it just now? How is that this possible?

Another point is that when he urged Ethan to travel in directly, he didn’t say a word. Obviously there was a drag .

If you actually purchased the hosting, what are you afraid of? It’s like renting a house by yourself, why don’t you even dare to travel in?

When Roy felt suspicious, Jennifer on the side suddenly spoke.

She appeared to have just realized what Ethan had just said, then smiled from ear to ear.

“Hey, hey, what did you only say? You said you held the concert?” Jennifer said in disbelief, “Is your brain convulsed? Or did you not take medicine today? are you able to speak it out? Haha, you’re not scared of being laughed at!”

“Why don’t you say that each one Buckeye is yours? What are you brooding about every day?” Jennifer was extremely disgusted, and said, “Why are you continue to poking here? Linda, you quickly take this Crazy attend the hospital and take a look!”

“Please concentrate to what you say!” Ethan immediately replied, “The one that sent the tickets has already arrived. It only takes ten minutes. Then I see if you’ll be as happy as you’re now!”

Jennifer didn’t care, she chuckled, “Ten minutes? Okay, I’ll offer you fifteen minutes, and you’ll offer you at some point . Today, I’m getting to see if you’ll send your tickets, people such as you , I just don’t see the coffin without weeping. I see you, ten minutes later, how does one stupid end this scene!”

Ethan glanced at his watch and suppressed his anger for the nonce .

Ethan is now on the verge of exploding, but the rationale why he still hasn’t twitched to Jennifer.

The first is that Ethan doesn’t wish to work with women, especially women like Jennifer, who hit her will only dirty her hands.

Secondly, Ethan still has an obsession in her heart. Isn’t Jennifer self-righteous thinking that her family is so awesome? Haven’t you been questioning my identity?

Well, i will be able to show you today, and compare it to me, your background may be a fart, and therefore the person you’ve got been questioning is what quite person you do not have the qualifications to seem up to.

Ethan couldn’t help but glanced at his watch. Now the time has just passed ten o’clock, ten minutes later, which is ten ten.

At that point , the tickets were sent, and he wanted to ascertain what Jennifer had to mention .

Time gone by every minute.

For the primary jiffy , Ethan remained calm and calm.

However, he still checked out the phone from time to time. Although he wasn’t nervous, he was a touch urgent.

Sure enough, after a brief while, a young man during a black suit walked up here .

Although this young man Ethan didn’t know him, Ethan had seen too many Maggie’s subordinates within the past, most of them were uniformly dressed, so he felt that it should be fine.

Ethan couldn’t help feeling excited, and quickly walked toward that person.

“Here, I see what else you’ll say this point .” Ethan smiled at Jennifer faintly.

Hearing Ethan’s words, Karen and Roy on the side suddenly raised their hearts, a touch excited.

“Is it possible…Is it possible that what he said just remains true?” Karen couldn’t help but said in surprise.

And Jennifer couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw Ethan’s behavior. She frowned, watching Ethan and therefore the young man in a fantastic way.

This… how is that this possible?

Jennifer was astonished in her heart, and she or he was confused and confused.

Immediately afterwards, she saw Ethan walking ahead of the young man.

The young man was stopped by Ethan and checked out Ethan with a blank expression.

Ethan smiled and asked, “Where is that the ticket?”

The young man couldn’t help but stunned: “Wh… what ticket?”

Ethan was also taken aback: “Tickets? Didn’t Sister Maggie ask you to send the tickets?”

The young man frowned tightly and glanced at Ethan with a glance of disgust, and wondered: “What are you talking about? Are you sure you didn’t recognize the incorrect person? What Sister Maggie? What gave you the ticket, the ticket was given to you. How do i buy in? Who are you, are you sick?”

The young man curled his mouth, pushed Ethan away, and said, “Hurry up and obtain me aside!”


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