I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 240

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 240

Chapter 240

Hearing what the young man said, Ethan was suddenly stunned.

“You…you are not Sister Maggie…”

Before Ethan finished speaking, he was interrupted by the young man. the opposite party said impatiently, “What does Sister Maggie need to do with me? Are you sick? If you recognize the person, then you cannot say hello? I’m really sick…”

After speaking, the young man pushed Ethan away and walked to the side.

At this moment, Ethan was completely confused and his face flushed.

It was too embarrassing to admit that i used to be wrong.

But at this moment, behind Ethan, Jennifer’s presumptuous laughter came again.

“Hahahaha… i actually didn’t come here for nothing today. I can meet any jokes. it is so laughable…” Jennifer pointed at Ethan and laughed, “I just did it just like the truth. , I almost believed you only now, but you’re too disappointed, don’t you recognize the way to find a trustee in advance? Or did you discover a trustee and admit your mistake? Haha, does one feel funny?”

Jennifer glanced at Ethan contemptuously, then quickly glanced at the watch on her wrist, and sneered: “Hey, it’s ten minutes now. What about the ticket you mentioned?”

Ethan also hurriedly glanced at the time, his face suddenly turned red, and his heart also became irritable.

It is true that the time is nearly up, but why hasn’t that person come yet?

“Uh… maybe… maybe there’s a holdup on the road?” Ethan explained embarrassingly, “You can wait two more minutes…”

At this moment, even Karen and Roy, who had just hesitated, began to question Ethan.

, what’s your situation? Didn’t you only vowed that ten minutes is enough? But not only the one that gave the ticket has not come, but you’ve got just made such an enormous ugly, you even admitted the incorrect person.

“Damn… that’s enough, he is not too shameful, I feel a touch bit overwhelmed now!” Karen said angrily in Roy’s ear. “Husband, isn’t this guy really guessed by us, right?”

Roy let loose a sigh and shook his head slightly: “This…I don’t know, let’s take a glance again and see what he will do next. Hey, I feel very embarrassed…”

“That’s right, he’s ashamed. Now we’ve lost all our faces and pissed me off. If you let me know that he’s really lying to us, let me fix him!”

Roy also gritted his teeth and continued to whisper in his wife’s ear: “It’s okay, wait a short time , if you do not come for a short time , i will be able to let him attend the door to prove his identity, and if he can’t prove it, then i do not need you to try to to anything, i will be able to clean him up!”

After speaking, the 2 nodded to every other, seeming to possess made up their minds.

And Ethan, who was on the side, was anxious at this point , and he couldn’t roll in the hay .

He quickly took out his telephone and called Maggie again.

After the decision was connected, Ethan had no good attitude, and said, “Sister Maggie, what is the situation? Why haven’t the people you sent here yet?”

Maggie was also a touch surprised when she heard the words, then said, “Well, well, I know, don’t be concerned , i will be able to ask what’s happening directly .”

After speaking, Maggie was silent for a short time , then there was another voice of Maggie talking, and she or he severely scolded the opposite party.

After a short time , Maggie picked up the phone again and said, “Sorry, , I just called and asked. The ticket delivery person is stuck on the road…Because I even have to travel to the gym to observe the concert, so now there’s an important holdup near the stadium, I even have already called to tell , and therefore the tickets are going to be sent soon. I’m so sorry…”

Hearing Maggie’s words, Ethan had no choice but to sigh.

After all, it had been not delivered due to the holdup , and it had been not Maggie who deliberately dismantled herself.

What’s more, I even have already troubled Maggie enough, and she or he is additionally conscientious in doing things.

Ethan shook his head: “Hey, well, Sister Maggie, just…I had a nasty attitude just , I’m sorry.”

“No, no, it’s all our work mistakes, Ethan, why does one apologize, don’t be concerned , i will be able to urge you again, it’ll definitely arrive soon.”

Ethan said, “I know Sister Maggie…”

After finishing the decision , Ethan’s original heavy heart was slightly relieved.

He looked back at Jennifer, and said, “I’m during a holdup now. I even have to attend a short time .”

Jennifer didn’t hear Ethan in the least . She had never believed Ethan from the start to the top . Now she said to attend a short time , how could she believe it.

“Don’t be so nonsense with me, does one think that everybody is such as you , an idiot and mentally retarded? Why should I await you!” Jennifer checked out Ethan contemptuously, then checked out Karen and his wife. Said, “Tell you the reality , just your rubbish, albeit you actually kneel to me, i will be able to only feel sick, hum, I just played together with your rubbish, but I didn’t expect your group The people at rock bottom are really unbelievable, so albeit they are available bent pretend to be a lie, they accidentally meet me!”

Jennifer sneered and checked out Linda’s cousin, Roy, and continued: “I see, 80% of you’re all the same!”

After speaking, Jennifer rotated and was close to leave.

“Hey, stop for me! Who are you scolding!” Karen stopped doing it immediately, and she or he went forward to ask Jennifer to reason, “You scold me again!”

Jennifer didn’t put the opposite person within the eyes in the least , she sneered, and continued: “Why, did I say something wrong? You people are a bunch of rubbish, and you’re so clanging that you simply wish to begin and pretend to be coercive. you’re his relatives, i feel you’re all an equivalent , right?”

Jennifer’s words stung Karen’s self-esteem again, and she or he couldn’t wait to rush to slap her.

“You are so poor, you’re rubbish!” Karen pointed at Jennifer and cursed.

Roy wasn’t to be outdone, and walked on to the opposite person and scolded: “You speak carefully, I tell you, people don’t need to be conversant in you, you’re really self-righteous! does one know who we are?”

Roy glanced at Ethan. Although Ethan’s identity remains unsure , he has the proper to be Ethan as a top rich second generation.

He didn’t believe it, could it’s that Ethan, a top rich second-generation, isn’t nearly as good as an unabashed stinky girl!

But to Roy’s surprise, Jennifer was ridiculed when she heard the words. She pointed at Ethan contemptuously, and said, “Identity?, what status? you’re his relatives. i feel you ought to know better than me. Much? This rubbish is at Buckeye University, but it’s famously poor! What status does one think he is?”


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