I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 241

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 241

Chapter 241

Hearing what Jennifer said, Karen and Roy were both stunned.

They checked out one another , the expressions on their faces changed slightly.

Roy took a peek at Ethan, seeming to be thinking something in his heart, then he said to Jennifer: “You don’t need to mention anything, what are you talking about? Ethan is that the top rich second generation in Buckeye, what quite shit are you talking about? words!”

Obviously Roy was also a touch skeptical, and when he was speaking, he deliberately stated that Ethan was the second generation of the rich. In fact, he wanted to listen to about it. How would Jennifer react after hearing this.

Roy’s goal was soon achieved.

Because he saw that after Jennifer heard what she said, the entire body smiled and fell together.

Jennifer pointed to Ethan and asked with a smile: “What did you say? You said he’s the highest rich second generation? Or Buckeye top rich second generation? Let me ask, are you two natives of Buckeye “

Roy checked out Karen, frowned and nodded: “We… are not…”

Jennifer smiled bitterly: “That’s right. Please don’t mention this type of thing in Buckeye, otherwise you’ll be laughed at to death, just him? Still Buckeye’s top rich second generation? Hoho, yes Did he tell you?”

This time Karen nodded hurriedly, because she discovered that she had been murmured since last night, and it seemed that Jennifer could give herself a real and credible answer.

“Hey…you even believe this type of thing. I said that there’s a pit in your brain?” Jennifer continued with a speechless expression, “Tell you the reality , Buckeye is that the real top rich second generation, that’s all. There are a couple of , there are only a couple of , but if you would like to seek out out if there’s one named Ethan altogether Buckeye? You all dare to believe this type of the lowest-level nonsense of this type of person, let me say something. ?”

Upon hearing Jennifer’s words, Karen and Roy weren’t close, and a touch understood.

Yes, they need been suspicious of Ethan’s identity, so why don’t you ask about it?

If you actually get to the type of top big one that even Joshua nodded and bowed his head and presented a famous wine, it’s estimated that anyone in Buckeye would know it!

Roy patted his forehead, feeling a touch annoyed by his IQ arrears.

And at this point , because the few people here are really arguing, tons of onlookers are scattered around here.

At this moment, cousin Roy and Linda were ready to hear the discussions among those people.

“Puff…what? Buckeye’s top rich second generation? Ethan ‘s top rich second generation, isn’t it just the three young masters referred to as Buckeye’s third youngest? When will there be such an additional one? “

“Hahaha, isn’t it funny, he’s also a top rich second-generation, i do not think he looks alike.”

“I’m afraid it’s a pretense that I didn’t install it properly, so i used to be dismantled on the spot, right? Haha, it’s really embarrassing. If it were me, i’d have ran away way back . How could it’s sort of a okay person? What?”

The discussion of the gang almost clearly passed into the ears of Roy and Karen.

Passers-by cannot lie, and these people are laughing at Ethan without exception.

Even some people even laughed at both of them.

Karen couldn’t help it anymore. She checked out Roy with a flushed face, and said indignantly: “Husband, now you hear that, am I right? This kid…this kid has always been mislead us!”

Karen broke out completely. She suddenly pointed at Ethan and yelled: “It has always been special that he followed us to eat and drink. As a result, people checked out our face and gave us free orders. He But shamelessly said it had been all due to him? which bottle of wine…”

When it came to the 300,000 bottle of wine , Karen’s emotions became even more uncontrollable.

She almost burst into tears of anger.

And Roy felt that he was awakened at this point . He checked out Ethan angrily and said, “This…Ethan, what does one need to say now?”

Seeing the 2 people that had just mentioned Ethan, they turned their heads and began firing at Ethan. Jennifer was as happy as a flower.

She continued to smile happily and said,” you people, you think that you’re older and smarter than others. Now you recognize how ignorant you’re ? does one skills ignorant you are now? you’ll all be fooled by low-level lies, and that i really feel sad for you!”

Now Karen and Roy seem to be wanting to eat Ethan, Jennifer naturally wants to feature more fuel and jealousy, in order that the anger within the two of them will burn more vigorously!

“Asshole, your conscience has been eaten by a dog!” Karen suddenly pointed at Ethan, she even thought of Ethan slapped herself yesterday and kicked herself again.

Now her stomach still hurts!

Karen appeared to be intolerable, she was close to rush towards Ethan, able to pay back yesterday’s revenge!

But at this moment, Linda, who saw the unfavorable situation, hurriedly stood up, lying between his cousin and Ethan, and stretched his arms to dam his cousin’s path.

“Sister, what are you doing? Don’t hear her nonsense!” Linda persuaded, “Would you rather believe what this person said nonsense than Ethan?”

How could Karen hear these words at this time? Besides, she didn’t want to ascertain Linda.

The more she hated someone, the more she stood ahead of her at this point , pleading for an individual she hated more.

How could Karen hear it?

Suddenly, she slapped her hand up and slapped it directly on Linda’s face. She cursed in her mouth: “Go away, you’re all a virtue. Why are you sophistry? What does one sophistry? Everything is so clear. , does one still want to mislead us? does one really treat us as idiots? Get out of me!”

Karen’s slap was very heavy. Although Linda subconsciously reached bent block her, she still stubbornly caught the blow, and she or he was suddenly painful.

And seeing Linda being beaten, Jennifer was so happy, she jumped her feet with a smile, pointed at Karen, and said loudly: “Good fight, this type of scum. you ought to teach it a lesson!”

Jennifer was even better off in her heart. She said that your dog should bite the dog and fight. it is best to fight with a broken head, and if you fight with both ends, you need to be killed!


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