I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 242

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 242

Chapter 242

Jennifer had long wanted to ascertain Ethan and Linda being cleaned up, and therefore the one that cleaned them up today was actually their relatives, which made Jennifer feel even more refreshed.

When Ethan saw that Linda had been beaten, he was immediately furious. He rushed to assist Linda and shouted at his cousin, “You lunatic!”

Ethan didn’t say a word, he just raised his hand and slapped it back…

Only this point Ethan just raised his hand. Before the hand fell, he was suddenly caught by a hand.

“What does one want to do? Do you? Who gives you the courage!”

Ethan searched and saw that it had been Roy who was holding his wrist.

At this point , Roy was also angry, watching Ethan fiercely, and said, “You really make me sick. i do not think you’re so hypocritical. does one know that due to you, I’m so embarrassed? It’s gone. what is the matter, now I even have been exposed to my true colors, and that i still want to beat people? you’ll try it!”

Roy is tall and broad, and when facing Ethan, he features a natural suppressive force.

Not to mention, with Ethan’s small body, Roy has no problems playing two or three by himself.

Ethan’s arm was caught to death, regardless of how hard he struggled, it had been useless.

Ethan became even more angry, and he said loudly: “You let me go, you people are simply idiots, don’t you think that it if she says a word or two? Don’t you think that you simply are going to be laughed at?”

Ethan let loose a chilly snort, and suddenly exhausted all his energy, and violently withdrew his arm from Roy’s hand.

Then Ethan hurried to support Linda, and asked worriedly, are you okay?”

Linda shook his head slightly, but kept covering his face with the opposite hand.

Her cousin slapped her face so hard, saying that it had been impossible to not hurt her.

But she had no choice but to feel angry in her heart.

And she knew that within the eyes of her narrow-minded cousin, she slapped herself and therefore the page was only the start .

Soon, when she saw that Karen, who had the advantage on her side, had blown up her hair again, she pointed to Ethan and said to her husband: “Husband, anyway, we all know the identity of this idiot now. do not be afraid, provides it today. I cleaned him up, but don’t forget, he slapped me yesterday and kicked me again!”

Karen appeared crammed with indignation, then said: “Also, since this is often the case today, let’s just start everything and say it well. The wine given to us at the Empire Hotel yesterday must be returned today! “

Karen appeared to have something flashing in her mind, she immediately became nervous and pointed to Ethan and asked: “Damn, you will not open the bottle of wine, right? I warn you, if you dare to open it. Bottle of wine, my mother, i attempted to fight with you, you’re so poor, does one skills much the bottle of wine is, 300,000 yuan, that wine is extremely expensive than your rubbish, if you dare to hit his idea, if If you dare to wreck the bottle of wine, just wait to pay my old lady’s 300,000 yuan!”

When Karen was speaking, she gritted her teeth with hatred. She was really afraid that Ethan would be curious, so she took the wine apart.

This wine was worth 300,000 yuan before it had been opened, but if it had been opened, the worth would definitely drop instantly. At that point , I lost it, but I don’t skills much money!

Karen was very anxious. Seeing that Ethan hadn’t answered her question, she quickly asked: “What am I getting to ask you? Where is my old lady’s wine? Did you’re taking it apart? provides it to me quickly. come out!”

Ethan stared at one another fiercely. With Karen’s clumsy, double-faced character, his teeth tickled with hatred.

In fact, Ethan went back to the bedroom yesterday and put the bottle of wine directly within the closet of his bedroom at Buckeye University.

But Karen’s attitude towards herself was really bad, and this guy was so stupid that he chose to concentrate to others and acted on Linda. He was really angry.

Ethan suddenly raised his head and said indifferently, “Is that bottle of wine? Sorry, I even have already opened it. I drank a glass and it had been difficult to drink. I dumped the remainder . What are you able to do with me?”

Ethan just wanted to impress the opponent and see what he can do with himself!

Ethan really didn’t know if he even returned the wine to you. What did Linda’s cousin think?

You hit my woman, and now you continue to want to be good with me, who does one really think you are? Dream it!

As soon as Ethan said this, Karen’s whole body was boiling.

She let loose a scream from her throat, and said loudly, “You…what did you say? You drank it? Did you dump the rest?”

Karen was dumbfounded, and her heart said that these two are crazy?

Three hundred thousand one bottle of wine , i have never even covered the warmth yet, so it had been ruined by Ethan.

Karen felt like being bitten by 10,000 ants.

She stared at Ethan fiercely, and yelled angrily: “Why did you pour my wine? does one skills valuable it is? you’re such a prodigal!”

Ethan sneered and checked out one another , with a glance of indifferent expression, and said, “I just fell. i’m the prodigal son. What are you able to do about me? Didn’t you say that i used to be exempted yesterday due to your relationship? you’re right. Oh, but what are you able to do to me? Ho Ho…”

Ethan is deliberately angering one another , don’t you think me? Then I simply followed your words and made you even more angry.

But regardless of how angry, what are you able to do to me?

This just made Ethan see more clearly truth face of Karen and Roy.

“You.. Karen trembled and said to Roy, “husband, did you hear that? This…he admits this bastard, he admits it, no, i will be able to definitely not let it go today. check out the one who passed him, i will be able to definitely make him look good today…”

While talking, Karen urged Roy to travel up and fight Ethan desperately.

But compared to Linda’s cousin, Roy still retains a trace of reason.

Even though he can’t wait to kill Ethan on to relieve his anger.

But in any case , here in broad daylight, and there’s a cruiser on the side, don’t say what to try to to with Ethan, albeit he hit Ethan a couple of times, he would probably be staying within the prison this afternoon.

However, Roy didn’t want to only let it go. He considered it and said to his wife: “This quite person, albeit we beat him, it’s dirty hands, or let’s do that …”

While talking, Roy attached to his wife’s ear and muttered softly.


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