I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 243

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 243

Chapter 243

Hearing Roy finished speaking, Karen appeared to be more satisfied with what he said, then nodded.

“What you said is sensible , even this idiot can’t afford our bottle of wine , so we will only do this!”

Karen narrowed her eyes and checked out Ethan insidiously. She also smiled insidiously, and whispered during a low voice, “As*h0le, since you dare to try to to things so unrelentingly, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Then she said loudly to Ethan: “Fool, you still be embarrassed here, grandma won’t play with you anymore, but you’ll rest assured, this matter today will certainly not be so good, you dare to fall Don’t blame me for turning my face ruthless thereon wine!”

After speaking, Karen turned and left.

Roy also checked out Ethan with a contemptuous smile, and said during a low tone: “Boy, don’t you think that you’re very smart. What you probably did today, we’ll definitely repay you ten times 100 times!”

Ethan didn’t panic when he heard what the opposite party said.

This is Buckeye, his own territory.

Does the opposite party really think he can make an enormous wave? He kept saying that he would retaliate against himself, ho ho, does one really treat yourself as a wrist?

And compared to those two dispensables, Ethan was more concerned about Linda at this point .

Her cousin’s slap just wasn’t light, and now Linda’s face can clearly see a transparent slap print.

“Does it still hurt?” Ethan checked out Linda distressedly, then glanced at the direction where Karen was leaving, gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry, Linda, i will be able to definitely make them pay!”

“I can see that they need certainly bullied you within the past, but now you’ll rest assured that with me, i will be able to pay them back sooner or later, even with interest!”

Linda was moved by Ethan’s words, but she shook her head and said helplessly: “Forget it Ethan, they… after all, they’re my relatives. Let’s ditch this today. we cannot Just get in-tuned with them, let’s stand back from people like this…but you…”

Linda said guiltily, “I’m sorry, due to me today, you’ve got suffered such an excellent grievance. Hey, I blame me. you should not have allow you to follow me to select them up, otherwise all this would possibly not happen. ,Blame me……”

“What are you talking about, Linda, how are you able to be blamed for this!” Ethan hurriedly comforted, “This is all due to them, you cannot take the incorrect things done by others to yourself, right?”

Ethan smiled at Linda and said, “Okay, okay, don’t believe numerous unhappy things. It’s better for them to travel . The concert will begin soon. Let’s enter . The tickets will soon be lost. It’s here.”

Linda nodded when she heard the words, as if she was close to say something, but suddenly heard Jennifer laughed beside them.

“Haha, are you continue to acting? People are gone, what quite drama are you playing? For whom? Me? does one really think that together with your poor acting skills, i will be able to believe it?”

After Jennifer had finished speaking, she smiled contemptuously at Ethan, then walked towards the gate of the gymnasium.

At this point , there was but an hour left before the concert began, and lots of people had already started checking in.

Jennifer quickly disappeared into the gang at the door.

Ethan sighed, he was still angry when he recalled the scenes that had happened just .

But what he was even more interested by was how could Linda’s ticket disappear?

Ethan hurriedly asked, “By the way, Linda, where did you set your tickets yesterday? Also, why did you inquire from me to offer you tickets so late yesterday?”

In fact, Ethan was very interested by this matter yesterday. After all, Linda’s behavior was too abnormal. The concert will start tomorrow, and it’s been said that the tickets are going to be delivered subsequent morning. Why is Linda so unable to wait?

And the most vital thing is how did the tickets pass then they were lost?

Ethan certainly wouldn’t doubt Linda, but he still felt that there must be something in it.

Linda couldn’t help but hesitate when he heard Ethan’s words.

“I…I put things in my bag yesterday, but…but…”

“Then you didn’t enforce letting me send the tickets last night?” Ethan frowned and asked.

“I…” Linda hesitated, she didn’t want to mention something, she didn’t want Ethan to understand that she was often bullied within the dormitory, so Ethan would definitely worry about herself even more.

“What’s the matter?” Ethan hurriedly asked, he had already heard a touch little bit of an issue from Linda’s eloquent words.

Originally, all the signs of Linda were abnormal yesterday, but now that he’s not answering his questions directly, something must have happened.

“Are you being bullied again?” Ethan asked suddenly, “What happened? Linda, why did you hide it from me? i do know you do not want to inform me that i’m worried about you. this manner i will be able to only worry about you more!”

Upon hearing this, Linda raised his head and checked out Ethan affectionately, with a sophisticated expression on his face.

She felt that what Ethan said seemed reasonable. She didn’t say anything like this, just let Ethan think and suspicion, and he would only worry more.

Rather than that, it’s better to form it clear.

Linda sighed and said, “Okay Ethan, i will be able to tell you everything, but…but I ask you to not get angry after listening…”

Linda quickly told Ethan about what happened yesterday, and eventually sighed: “As a result…I acknowledged that the ticket was lost.”

When Linda said about the items that happened yesterday, of course, she avoided the importance and said lightly. She was afraid that Ethan would be angry and do something impulsive.

But however , when Ethan heard that Linda was being bullied like this within the dormitory, he clenched his fists angrily and hammered himself severely.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Ethan said angrily, “That Luna is just an excessive amount of . If she dares to try to to this to you, i will be able to definitely not spare her!”

Linda frowned and said worriedly: “Oh, forget it, that Luna has something to try to to with people outside the varsity . you ought to not be impulsive. I just don’t provoke her once I reminisce . i do know you’re not afraid, but it’s easy to cover . Secret arrows are hard to protect , and that we cannot be wary of that sort of individuals everywhere, right?”

Linda was really worried about this. Although Ethan features a strong background, but because the saying goes, it’s difficult for a robust dragon to crush a snake. just in case these people stumble behind, Ethan must be the one who suffers!


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