I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 244

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 244

Chapter 244

Ethan sighed, he also had to admit. What Linda said is cheap .

And albeit the opposite party didn’t act on him, it had been enough for them to seek out Linda’s troubles from time to time.

“I heard what you said, Mira in your dormitory is pretty good, or let’s invite someone to possess a meal someday,” Ethan suggested.

Linda finally laughed and said, “Yeah, yeah, Mira is extremely good, and you recognize , her family conditions aren’t excellent , but she is extremely motivated. i will be able to discuss time together with her next day. Let’s have an honest time. Ask her to possess an honest meal, Mira usually features a tight life, we should always take her to alleviate her hunger.”

Ethan nodded: “Yes, people usually assist you such a lot , but we’ve to thank them considerably .”

While Ethan was talking, he suddenly saw Linda’s expression stiff, watching the direction of the stadium entrance.

“What’s wrong with Linda?” Ethan suddenly asked incomprehensibly.

Ethan also hurriedly followed Linda’s gaze and looked shortly away, and saw that Linda appeared to be watching an individual , a woman about twenty years old.

“What’s wrong, who is she?” Ethan asked immediately.

At this point the girl was squeezing into the gang , as if preparing to enter the stadium.

Linda recovered and hurriedly returned to Ethan and said, “Ethan, have you ever seen that girl? She is Luna.”

Ethan nodded when he heard the words, and checked out the opposite party from a distance, as if he was thinking something in his heart.

But Ethan soon discovered something was wrong again, because albeit Linda saw one another , albeit the 2 of them had hatred, she didn’t got to have such an expression, right?

It seems that Linda was surprised to ascertain Luna here, but also very curious.

“What’s the matter with Linda?” Ethan couldn’t help but be a touch suspicious, and asked, “Does she have any problems?”

Linda nodded slightly, frowned and said, “I remember clearly that Luna said yesterday that she didn’t grab the ticket. it’s due to this that she would be furious at me, but what did she do here today? ?”

And Linda was very clear. watching Luna’s posture and therefore the smug smile on her face, he was obviously getting to enter stage .

Soon, Linda’s eyes widened suddenly, as if thinking of something, he hurriedly checked out Ethan.

At almost an equivalent time, Ethan checked out Linda as if thinking of something.

The two of them said that sentence almost in unison: “Surely, she stolen the tickets?”

It seems that various signs have shown that Luna is extremely suspicious.

After all, she had said before that she didn’t grab the tickets, but she appeared here again today, which obviously explained the matter .

And the most vital thing is that Linda acknowledged that the ticket was lost after arguing with Luna.

In the morning Linda saw that the zipper of the handbag was pulled, but the tickets were gone, and Luna was the sole one who knew where Linda put the tickets.

Thinking of this, Linda appeared to make certain that Luna had stolen the tickets.

And the more he knew about this, the more angry Linda became.

After all, Luna’s doing such a thing is just disgusting.

Yesterday she obviously wanted to bet with herself, but after losing, not only did she refuse to admit it, she humiliated herself in every possible way, and eventually stole the ticket…

And it had been all because she stole the tickets that also caused Ethan to suffer such a lot humiliation today.

If it’s just embarrassment to herself, Linda might just forget it because everyone was within the dormitory.

But today Ethan suffered such a lot humiliation, and was so misunderstood by others, Linda couldn’t swallow this breath anyway.

“No, i would like to ask if she stole the ticket!” Linda walked towards Luna angrily.

Upon seeing this, Ethan hurriedly followed.

Luna at this point was pleased with the spring breeze.

Just before she came here, she had secretly sold three of the four tickets, that she made a complete of quite 70,000 yuan.

Luna grew up such a lot and didn’t make such a lot money at just one occasion . Naturally, she couldn’t be happier, and she or he burst into laughter.

Moreover, she herself has kept a ticket with the simplest position, and she or he can watch a concert in comfort later, which is even more happier.

Luna was so refreshed in her heart that she couldn’t help thinking in her heart: Ho ho, Linda, that idiot, maybe you ought to have found the ticket lost now? what are you able to do if you discover out, albeit you guess that I stole the ticket, what are you able to do to me?

you are a idiot who deserves to observe Samira’s concert. The tickets also are useless for you. It’s better for grandma and me, and it also can create a touch value on behalf of me …

Luna was thinking, suddenly she was patted on the rear .

Luna turned her head subconsciously and saw Linda watching herself fiercely.

Although Luna isn’t scared of Linda, she still features a guilt in any case , and she or he can not help subconsciously shaking everywhere …

“You… why are you here?” Luna asked in surprise.

Luna obviously didn’t expect that she would meet Linda here. She felt that Linda found that the ticket was lost. Shouldn’t it’s the varsity and therefore the bedroom to search? How could it’s here?

Linda sneered when he heard this, and asked jokingly, “Why, did you are feeling surprised to ascertain me here? Luna, shouldn’t I be surprised once I saw you here? May I ask you here? What are you doing?”

When Linda asked, Luna was at a loss for words, and she or he didn’t know what to mention .

She hesitated, “I…what’s wrong with me here? you’re taking care of me! I…what am i able to do here…”

Linda looked indifferent, and continued to ask, “Yeah, what are you doing here? in fact you’re taking note of a concert, am I right?”

Luna heard Linda’s tone and knew that this matter appeared to are known to her, her face flushed, and she or he became angry and said, “You care about me, who are you!”

Linda checked out the opposite party, ignored the opposite party’s verbal abuse, and continued to ask: “I don’t need to regulate you. Now that I met you, I just ask to know . Didn’t you say that you simply didn’t grab the tickets yesterday? Why are you here?”

“I…” Luna didn’t skills to affect it for a short time , and said during a panic, “I just came to hitch within the fun, are you able to manage it? you’ll manage it quite broadly, is that this your house? Give me aside, don’t bother I!”

Linda sneered when she heard the words, pointing to the concert ticket that Luna held in her palm, and said, “Oh? Are you sure you didn’t come to the concert? Hoho, if i assume right, what you’ve got in your hand is First row tickets, right?”

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