I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 246

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 246

Chapter 246

“What are you getting to do?” Ethan faced the safety guard, neither humble nor overbearing, “She beat my girlfriend and that i paid it back. It seems to possess nothing to try to to with you, right?”

The security guard glanced at Ethan with disdain, and sneered: “I’ll lookout of you. If there’s a drag , let me attend another place to unravel it. Here, just be honest with me, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”

The security guard opened Ethan’s hand and pointed at him, “If you come to ascertain the audience at the concert, then give me peace of mind to travel in and watch the concert. If not, get out of here!”

The security guard finished speaking, stared at Ethan, and turned to go away .

But at this moment, Luna grabbed the safety guard and placed on a grieving expression, saying, “You…you can’t go. These two people aren’t the audience who came to the concert. they’re here to form trouble, so hurry up and obtain obviate them!”

The duty of this watchman is to take care of public order at the concert. He naturally became alert when he heard that somebody was making trouble.

The security guard looked back at Ethan and asked, “Are you here to form trouble? i feel you’re living enough, right?”

After speaking, the sleeves of the safety uniforms were rolled up, and he walked ahead of Ethan together with his lips curled. He continued to question, “What am I asking you, are you making trouble?”

Before Ethan could answer, Luna on the side hurriedly interjected: “Yes, yes, they can not afford the tickets because they’re poor, in order that they decided to return here to form trouble. i would like you to allow them to in. check out me, but I even have a ticket, how could I talk nonsense to them…”

Luna said this with red mouth and white teeth, and therefore the watchman believed it a touch bit. He turned his head and asked Ethan: “What he said is true? What are you talking about!”

The security guard’s attitude was very unfriendly, and Ethan didn’t bother to concentrate to him, so he said casually, “You don’t need to know this, walk off on behalf of me .”

From Ethan’s point of view, the organizer of this concert seems to be too utterly unspecified. Maggie spent money, did she find such an individual to try to to the work?

Luna blamed herself indiscriminately, but did he question herself first? and therefore the attitude is so bad.

“What are you talking about?” When the safety guard heard Ethan’s words, he was furious and pushed Ethan fiercely. He scolded, “You really have enough life, right? Dare to speak to me like this, believe it or not, i will be able to smoke you! “

“You can give me a try!” Ethan raised his head and glanced at him coldly, “I promise to form you regret it forever!”

Ethan’s murderous expression was on the verge of anger.

But the safety guard sneered, still pointing at Ethan, and said, “How does one scare anyone? people that wish to pretend to be forced. I even have seen too many of us . Please ask, how old are you?”

“I…” Ethan was reluctant to quarrel with this indifferent watchman , and said directly, “I am too lazy to speak nonsense to you, go away, we also are spectators, we’ll enter the venue soon!”

After Ethan had finished speaking, he led Linda to steer to the side, but the 2 of them were stopped by the safety guard as soon as they moved.

“Stop on behalf of me , where does one want to go? What quite shit viewers, does one have tickets? the small beauty just said that you simply two do not have tickets. you would like to sneak in, so you do not want to form trouble, just give me Five hundred meters faraway from this stadium, it’s best to not let me see you again, otherwise you’ll suffer!”


The other party was specialized at it, so he restricted the liberty of himself and Linda. He even believed Luna’s words and framed the 2 of them as little thieves who wanted to sneak in!

The most annoying thing is to allow them to get out of here five hundred meters!

Hey, this is often the Buckeye. this is often a public place. Don’t say if you’re here to ascertain the concert, albeit it’s just two ordinary citizens passing by, you recognize that the safety guard has no reason or right to expel himself, right?

“Why!” Ethan stubbornly stared at the safety guard, “What right does one need to let me leave!”

The security guard didn’t care such a lot . He dared to speak back when he heard Ethan. He was immediately annoyed and raised his hand to fight.

But he was stopped before his fist fell.

“What are you doing, noisy!”

Upon hearing this, the safety guard immediately became more obedient, looked behind him, and immediately lowered his eyebrows and said, “Captain, you’re here…”

The visitor is 1.7 meters tall and really fat. He glanced at the safety guard and checked out Ethan sternly, and said, “What’s the situation? What are you doing, you, numerous people, don’t you maintain order on the scene?”

Upon hearing this, the safety guard lowered his head and pointed to Ethan, and explained, “Captain, it’s not my fault that they’re all. they’re making trouble and need to sneak in. Am I getting to affect them? you’re here… …”

The security captain nodded, set his sight on Ethan’s head again, and continued to ask the safety guard, “Did you work it out? do not be the audience.”

The security captain still has some worries. If the people ahead of him are really spectators, then it’ll be quite worthwhile to urge complaints later.

The security guard nodded his head: “I figured it out, they’re not spectators, don’t you think that I even have witnesses here!”

Then the safety guard pointed to Luna who was aside.

The security captain checked out Luna and asked, “Really?”

Luna hurriedly said: “Really, in fact it’s true. These two people are famous for being poor at Buckeye University. How could they are available over to concentrate to the concert? They were also famous before, just want responsible . Go in, if you cannot get in now, you begin to splash!”

The security captain frowned upon hearing this, checked out Ethan with a solemn expression, and questioned: “What else are you able to say now? If you’re really not spectators, but like they said, you would like to urge in. Yes, then I ask you to go away . If you can’t get in, you’ll be punished!”

The security captain was obviously polite. Compared to the safety guard who raised his hand to hit someone, he simply didn’t skills repeatedly stronger.

Ethan shook his head, still insisting: “I just said that we are spectators, and that i can tell you responsibly that the tickets she has in her hand were stolen from us. We weren’t spoiling in the least , just asking revisit your own things.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, the safety captain couldn’t help shook his head. In fact, he had no interest in who was right or who was wrong. All he cared about was that there have been no mistakes within the scope of his duties.

So Ethan’s remarks, he just smiled indifferently, and asked,, does one have evidence? You said you’re an audience, does one have tickets?”

“I…” Ethan was speechless for a short time , and it took him an extended time to reply, “My ticket remains not delivered on the way, I…”

, why are you talking logically? I just accused someone of stealing your ticket. Why does one say that the ticket is on the road now? Which statement is true?”


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