I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 247

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 247

Chapter 247

“What I said isn’t an equivalent thing!” Ethan quickly explained, “My previous ticket was indeed stolen by her, then I asked someone to send me the ticket…”

Before Ethan finished speaking, he saw the safety captain sneer and waved his hand to interrupt his speech.

“Oh, okay, okay, don’t say it anymore, I understand now.” the safety captain smiled and shook his head. What the hell goes on, i counsel you to not engage in unnecessary arguments here anymore, and let’s go. i feel you’re a student, so you won’t be embarrassed!”

After speaking, the safety captain checked out the safety guard again and reprimanded: “And you, just mention things, who allowed you to beat people? If there are such things within the future, i will be able to drive you! If something goes wrong with you, the corporate will follow you to eat melons!”

Then he glanced at the safety guard, waved his hand and said, “Okay, allow them to leave as soon as possible. If something is delayed, neither of you nor I can eat!”

After speaking, the safety captain turned to seem at Ethan, and said with a heartfelt smile: “Young people, to be honest, I even have seen tons of you wish you, and that i understand that they’re all children , with vanity. But in any case , it’s a person , and a person has got to stand upright, don’t believe something crooked, it’s useless.”

Obviously the safety captain didn’t believe Ethan’s words. the sole thing Ethan said was that the tickets were stolen, and he immediately sent him the tickets. This thing was outrageous.

who does one think You Are? Does your house print tickets? If you tell a lie more reasonably, someone may believe you, but if you would like to inform a lie so outrageous, it’ll only become a laughing stock.

It’s just that the safety captain didn’t say this stuff . He features a natural sense of superiority to Ethan. He thinks that he has thoroughly seen Ethan and other children , so any of their actions appear ignorant in his own eyes. And ridiculous.

In his opinion, it might be good to chase away people like Ethan, then waste saliva with him, it might only make him gain an in. .

Besides, he’s not worthy!

Ethan could see that the safety captain didn’t concentrate to himself in the least , and he didn’t even bother to require care of himself.

This attitude of the opposite party made Ethan a touch unhappy. In his opinion, this person was too self-righteous.

Hurrying the opposite party to go away , Ethan hurriedly replied: “You think you’ve got seen me through? does one think you actually see through? does one know me? does one know my origin and background? you only consider yourself A pair of eyes are just judging me, but I can only tell you, sorry, you’ve got seen the incorrect person.”

Ethan said, “I am not the type of person you see, and that i will never be. As for who i’m , sooner or later i will be able to allow you to know!”

The security captain smiled contemptuously, wrinkles within the corner of his eyes.

In his opinion, all this is often nothing quite Ethan’s struggle.

What use are you saying? does one really think you would possibly see me again?

The security captain checked out Ethan, then turned away with a sneer, “Okay, then I’m expecting you!”

The security captain left, and therefore the watchman also hurriedly pushed Ethan and Linda aside: “Hey, hey, don’t you understand people? I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for our captain’s speech today, I promised to not release it. Thank you!”

Ethan didn’t make senseless struggles this point , and took a couple of steps back.

And the watchman also muttered something in his mouth after Ethan retreated a long way , and turned to the door to take care of order.

Not far away, Luna opened her eyes and smiled at this moment, she couldn’t roll in the hay proudly.

She also shook the tickets in her hand specially, then swaggered towards the ticket gate at the doorway of the stadium.

Luna’s victorious gesture is basically disgusting.

Linda bit her lip angrily at this point , wishing to travel up and ask her.

But Ethan stopped.

“Forget it, it’s useless for this type of person to reason together with her .” Linda said, “This quite person will either let her go or teach her directly.”

“But let’s forget it?” Linda said unwillingly, “Too irritating, she stole our tickets, but within the end she still framed us. i can not swallow this tone.”

Ethan checked out Linda’s angrily, a touch amused.

It was the primary time Ethan saw Linda’s appearance, and he still felt a touch cute.

He couldn’t help but patted Linda on the shoulder and said, “What are you anxious for? I’m not anxious if I didn’t check out it? don’t be concerned , Linda, I won’t just leave things like that for today, i will be able to offer you a good deal. .”

After Ethan finished speaking, he looked within the direction of the parking zone shortly away, then closed his gaze back.

At this point , a brand-new black off-road vehicle just drove into the parking zone . Before the car stopped, a young man during a black suit quickly jumped off the co-pilot.

The young man looked around, suddenly set his eyes on Ethan, then rushed towards him like an arrow from the string.

“Master…” The young man rushed to Ethan, panting, “I’m really sorry, the holdup on the road just was too serious, I’m late.

Ethan searched when he heard the words, and was shocked to seek out that he appeared to have seen this young man. He was one among Maggie’s subordinates. He once saw him following Maggie’s side.

“What about the tickets?” Ethan asked.

The young man nodded, quickly took out two tickets from his arms and handed them to Ethan’s hand.

Ethan was stunned when he saw this, “This… why does this ticket seem to be a touch different?”

Ethan checked out the tickets and felt a touch curious, because the tickets were very different from the tickets he had seen before.

The tickets sent by Linda before were all white cardboard, and therefore the paper also wanted to be softer.

But this point the ticket sent by the young man may be a little different. the entire may be a big card with a robust feel, and therefore the design of the ticket looks very high-end.

The most important thing is that the periphery of the ticket. A golden lining is additionally designed, which looks very beautiful.

Seeing Ethan’s doubts, the young man hurriedly smiled and said, Before I came, Miss Maggie had communicated with the organizer and asked them to style a special VIP area for you. the situation is that the best, and therefore the viewing angle is additionally the simplest . Naturally, this ticket is additionally specially made.”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help being a touch surprised, saying that Maggie was indeed thoughtful.

Ethan checked out the Phnom Penh ticket, smiled and said, “Then I can just take this and enter , right?”


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