I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 248

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 248

Chapter 248

“Of course.” The young man said respectfully, “You are the sponsor of this concert, and you need to be treated with high standards. Sister Maggie also said that she was negligent before and didn’t expect this, so once I first came here, Urgently communicated with the organizer, and therefore the other party was flattered once they learned that you simply were getting to are available person, so he hurriedly set about it.”

The young man glanced at the time, then looked faraway from the space , and continued: please wait a flash , the person responsible of their contractor will come to greet you face to face .”

Ethan nodded silently when he heard the young man’s words. It seemed that each one the unfairness he experienced before would be compensated within the next time.

Sure enough, after a brief period of your time , after the black-clothed young man called and urged, a tall and tall man during a hidden blue suit walked out of the stadium.

He looked around, he immediately found this side, and hurried over all the way.

“Mr. is basically sorry, I just had something wrong, maybe it had been a touch delayed…” The man walked up to him and hurriedly followed the black-clothed youth with an apology with a coffee eyebrow.

This man is that the head of the concert organizer, and his name is Antoni.

Although the opposite party is that the general person responsible of the organizer, and therefore the black-clothed youth here is simply an assistant to Maggie’s, the opposite party’s attitude remains respectful.

Then Antoni glanced at Ethan and Linda beside the black-clothed youth, and immediately bowed respectfully, and said with an enormous smile: “You are Master Eathan .”

“Yeah.” Ethan replied casually. In fact, Ethan couldn’t help feeling a touch ridiculous at this point .

The person ahead of him is that the person responsible of the organizer of the whole event. He must be respectful to himself, but the safety guard and therefore the security captain are so arrogant and bad!

“Oh, hello, Master, hello, I even have long heard that you simply are young and promising, and your name is even more thrilling. I saw you today. I found that Master is even more handsome than the rumors…”

Immediately afterwards, Antoni checked out Linda beside Ethan, and his eyes lit up.

He just said Ethan’s remarks, it had been completely flattering, but I even have to admit that Ethan’s girlfriend is basically good, and she or he is certainly a top beauty.

Antoni hurriedly said, “Oh, check out Master Ethan, this must be your girlfriend. You see that your girlfriend is even more beautiful and delightful . You two are just an ideal match. …”

Ethan could hardly hear Antoni’s words.

Can you be a touch bit better for your flattering skills?

Real flattering is comfortable, but Antoni’s flattering made Ethan feel a touch embarrassed.

Ethan couldn’t help but glanced at the time, and hurriedly interrupted Antoni’s words: “It’s alright, alright, manager Antoni, we all know our conditions, please ask, can we enter now?”

Antoni was interrupted a touch embarrassed, and quickly smiled awkwardly, waved, and pointed to the doorway of the stadium: “Of course, Master, please, we’ve reserved the simplest place for you…”

Ethan nodded, took the Phnom Penh ticket in his hand, and walked towards the doorway of the stadium.

And as soon as Ethan left, Antoni hurriedly approached the black-clothed youth and asked during a low voice,, why… why don’t, Young Master Ethan, wish to hear this?”

The black-clothed youth smiled upon hearing this: “The next time you shoot, you’ll be more or less practical,, your flattering words, i’m a touch speechless.”

The young man in black checked out his watch and patted Antoni’s shoulder: “Okay, I’m going back and returning to Sister Maggie. Just now, the holdup has delayed me, so I can tell how Sister Maggie will count me for a short time . I’ll leave it to you. Remember to treat Him well. If something goes wrong, don’t believe any cooperation projects Sister Maggie will offer you next time!”

Antoni heard the words and immediately nodded and bowed: “Understood, I understand Mr., please don’t be concerned , Miss Maggie, Ethan is here. i will be able to definitely treat him well. there’ll be no difference. you’ll rest assured.”

“That’s good.” The black-clothed youth nodded, glanced at Ethan who had already reached the doorway , and turned and left.

Antoni hurriedly shouted, “Please say hello to Miss Maggie on my behalf!”

After speaking, Antoni was excited by the way. He rubbed his hands and looked very excited.

In the past, he had always wanted to travel to Maggie’s relationship, but he did not have an opportunity for an extended time.

After expecting numerous years, there’s finally such a chance as Samira’s concert, how could he miss it.

And what surprised him most was that Ethan, the large benefactor behind him, actually came to observe the concert face to face . This was really a very unexpected surprise.

Although Antoni didn’t know truth identity of Ethan, he also heard the rumors of individuals around Maggie that Ethan had a unprecedented background, and might even have a better identity than ordinary overseas Norman Family children.

If I had taken care of Ethan, wouldn’t it’s possible on behalf of me to succeed in the sky in one step within the future?

Antoni was brooding about it, and suddenly heard a quarrel from the doorway shortly away.


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