I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 249

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 249

Chapter 249

Antoni searched for reputation, and his whole body was close to be scared.

Because he found that it had been not somebody else who was arguing, but it had been Ethan.

And what made Antoni feel most horrified was the one that was arguing with Ethan, who was a gaggle of his own security guards.

“This…this is so special that it keeps me from living!” Antoni’s teeth trembled, as if a catastrophe was imminent, and he rushed to the doorway .

At this point , at the ticket gate at the doorway of the stadium, Ethan and Linda encountered the safety guard again, and it had been the three of them who had quarreled at this point .

“I said, do not be so unreasonable here, get out of here quickly, take care I’m not polite to you!” the safety guard pointed Ethan murderously together with his fingers.

Ethan seemed very calm at this point , because he already had a bottom in his heart and knew that the safety guard wouldn’t be ready to jump for long.

It’s just that Ethan was a touch upset that he just did not have the ticket and he didn’t let him in. Now that he took out the ticket, the safety guard still didn’t let him in, even the ticket check.

“I am not within the mood to quarrel with you!” Ethan said indifferently, “I just want to enter the venue to observe the concert. Please check the tickets on behalf of me and obtain out of the way!”

When the safety guard heard the words, he couldn’t help but sneered: “Check the ticket? Why does one check the ticket? Why does one enter , just believe this?”

The security guard pointed to the ticket in Ethan’s hand and laughed aloud .

“The reason?” Ethan asked calmly, “I did not have a ticket just and you didn’t let me in. I can know it , but now I even have a ticket, why don’t you let me in?”

Ethan subconsciously turned his head and glanced at Antoni’s direction, the event guy was already rushing here.

Ethan smiled and said, “I advise you to elucidate things to me clearly today, otherwise you’ll suffer a bit!”

Ethan’s words were completely ignored by the safety guard, and even sneered with extreme disdain, “Terrorize me? Who does one think you are? He said that you simply aren’t allowed to enter with tickets, so I just asked. does one have such a lot eyes? Take an honest check out what quite shit ticket you’re . Open your dog eyes and take an honest check out what the ticket seems like . check out yours again!”

The security guard felt that Ethan had come to form trouble again, so his attitude was extremely bad.

Ethan checked out the ticket in his hand, and naturally knew that this ticket was different from others.

And the watchman doesn’t seem to understand why the tickets are different. Maybe it is the ticket. the safety doesn’t know yet.

As soon because the watchman spoke out, a gaggle of individuals around who were holding tickets able to enter the venue also checked out the Phnom Penh ticket in Ethan’s hand, and a few of them laughed directly.

“Puff…what quite shit tickets, haha, the value isn’t a touch like that, is that this the one that checks the ticket as a fool?”

“Haha, I laughed to death. If I were the safety guard, i might worry . You brought such a thing over, who would allow you to in? It’s really interesting…”

“Is this person sick? If you do not enter , hurry up and conceal , and delay others from entering stage . It’s really annoying for such people…”

There was a sound of crusade against Ethan, and a few even shouted to let Ethan get away .

The security guard saw that everybody was excited, and smiled proudly. He pulled the ticket in Ethan’s hand and tore it in half.

“Hey, did you hear that? Did you hear what everyone said? escape very close, it’s really an eye-catcher here!” the safety guard pushed Ethan away with disdain, cursing and trying to push him out.

But at this moment, a voice came.

“What’s the matter, it’s messed up!” At this point , the safety captain appeared again and walked over quickly, looking impatient, “I tell you, i feel Mr. antoni has just begin . I don’t know where i’m going. If you let Mr. Antoni see such a scene, nobody should believe it!”

The security guard heard the words and hurriedly pulled over the captain, pointed at Ethan and Linda and said, “Captain, you see, it is the two of them again. this is often to not blame me, they’re a bit like ghosts…”

The security guard immediately took his responsibilities completely and pushed all his brains to Ethan’s head.

But from the start to the top , Ethan’s attitude was excellent . He didn’t even quarrel. He just kept asking the opposite party to scan the QR code of the ticket in his hand.

And as long because the other party flashes the ticket lightly, it’ll be clear at a look whether it’s true or not.

But not only did the opposite party reject his request, he even spoke rudely.

It’s just that this stuff are submerged within the security’s side words.

When the safety captain saw Ethan, his face instantly darkened, not unhappy, but very unhappy.

“What the hell goes on with you, you, didn’t I just tell you to leave? does one need to let me kick you out? an enormous man, are you continue to shameless?” Captain Security Pointing to Ethan and said.

Ethan was still very indifferent. He didn’t fight back. He just pointed to the 2 tickets torn to pieces by the safety guards and said, “I have tickets, i would like to enter the venue!”


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