I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 250

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Chapter 250

Ethan checked out the safety captain and continued calmly, “Didn’t you inquire from me for tickets? I even have brought them now, but I only asked him to scan the tickets. Why was it rejected?”

Ethan pointed to the torn ticket within the hand of the safety guard, and said, “And it had been torn by him. is that this your work attitude?”

Ethan’s attitude really made the safety captain angry, because Ethan didn’t jump and quarrel with them, otherwise he would send someone to blast Ethan out now.

On the contrary, it had been Ethan’s attitude. If he sent someone to blast him out, he would definitely not have the support of popular opinion .

After taking note of Ethan’s words, the safety hurriedly showed the shredded tickets to the safety captain, and sneered: “Captain, check out it for yourself, what quite shit ticket is that this , you said, how am i able to check the ticket for him? ! you see, i will be able to not beat him out…”

After speaking, the safety had to try to to something, but was stopped by the safety captain.

To be honest, he didn’t know the ticket either, because the ticket was actually temporarily printed, and it had been actually for a cutscene, because it had been originally agreed between the 2 parties that Ethan was invited by Antoni to enter.

The security captain smiled when he saw the ticket: “This is it? Are you twiddling with me?”

Ethan has no expression on his face: “I didn’t play with you, and that i want to inform you that this ticket is real. If you do not believe me, you’ll scan it and check out it!”

Ethan has always insisted on letting the opposite party sweep the tickets, and therefore the truth will certainly come to light at that point . At that point , see what people like them need to say.

The security captain couldn’t help sighing. In his opinion, this Ethan may be a lunatic, because as long as you’re a traditional person, you’re the value , and a minimum of you’ve got to urge precisely the same tickets.

But your tickets are nondescript. Are you testing whether the ticket inspectors are mentally retarded?

It seemed that it had been to form Ethan hand over , and for a short time when he let his subordinates coax Ethan away, the safety captain smiled and said, “Okay, don’t you let me check the ticket? Today? I’ll just scan it. If the ticket is successfully scanned, i will be able to allow you to in, but if the result’s not scanned, don’t blame me for being polite!”

The security captain sneered, reached bent pass the scanner from the ticket inspector, and scanned the tickets with a smile.

At this point , although the ticket was torn in half by the safety guard, the Universal Product Code thereon was still intact. the safety captain scanned the Universal Product Code and plugged the scanner into the ticket inspector.

“Do you’ve got anything to mention this time?” Before the results of the scanner came out, the safety captain sneered and questioned Ethan.

In his opinion, the dispute is over, and therefore the screen of the scanner must be red, indicating that this thing is fake, and there’s no suspense in the least .

What surprised him was that the scanner suddenly made a beep, and therefore the screen was filled with green, and it passed.

Seeing the result, Ethan suddenly smiled, “Are you sure?”

The security captain naturally heard the sound, then hurriedly checked out the scanner, and was surprised.

“This… how is that this possible?” the safety captain looked dazed and at a loss.

“Team… Captain, is that the scanner broken?” the safety guard didn’t believe it, pointing to the scanner and said.

“Impossible. If it’s broken, it’s not working. Now that it’s scanned, it can only mean…” The ticket inspector on the side hurriedly said, “It means this ticket is real!”

When the ticket inspector said this, everyone present was shocked!

“Really? This clothed to be a true ticket? But why is it different from ours?”

“What the hell goes on? This ticket… But I acknowledged that his ticket is pretty good-looking. Is it a special ticket?”

The crowd was noisy and noisy, everyone was talking about the ticket.

But nobody could say one reason, all of them looked dumbfounded, and therefore the more they argued, the more confused they became.

At this point , the safety guard and therefore the security captain were the foremost surprised.

The two checked out one another , obviously not knowing what to try to to in the least .

“Team… Captain…” the safety guard frowned and asked with a flushed face.

The captain also scratched his head straight, not knowing what to try to to .

“Now that you simply have verified it, the ticket is real, am i able to go in?” Ethan smiled and asked.

Now there’s really no reason to not let people in.

After all, the tickets are checked, although they’re also at a loss.

“This…Where did you get your ticket?” the safety captain thought for a flash , and said to Ethan, “Your face isn’t right in the least . Where did you get it?”

Ethan sneered and replied, “I said that the ticket was stolen, does one believe it? ..you can enter without the stolen ticket?”

When the safety captain heard this, his face suddenly became extremely ugly. He knew alright that Ethan’s words were clearly mocking himself.

After all, Ethan just said that Luna’s tickets were stolen, but she still went in.


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