I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 251

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 251

Chapter 251

“You…” the safety captain pointed at Ethan viciously, a touch frustrated.

He knew that Ethan was avenging himself maliciously.

But you recognize , in his opinion, he had been very kind to Ethan just , and had given him tons of face, but Ethan didn’t want it, and came to impress him.

Don’t blame me then!

The security captain gave a chilly snort and directly held the ticket, and said, “Do you would like to travel in? Sorry, but not for the nonce , because we’ve to work out the origin of your ticket. you would like to travel in unless we wait until we figure it out. Your tickets will do.”

The captain of the safety picks you up and said: “And the ticket sort of your ticket is totally different from the tickets we sold. We suspect that you simply are forging the ticket. you’ve got to return with us first. If this matter is verified, then you only await the lawsuit!”

The security captain’s tone was harsh, not as gentle as before.

In his opinion, if Ethan dared to impress him, then he must teach him a lesson, otherwise, how would he become involved here within the future!

And the security captain also reacted at this point . it’s estimated that folks like Ethan have some means, maybe some means are wont to make the barcode scanner scan the barcode on the ticket.

And this ticket, it’s estimated that Ethan deliberately made it like this, just to disgust himself.

The tickets aren’t an equivalent , but they will be scanned. What does this mean? It only means the work of their gang isn’t in situ and there are big loopholes.

This is tantamount to taunting their entire undertaking party. If this matter is understood to his boss Antoni, then he could be scolded at himself!

The security captain gritted his teeth at Ethan, saying that you simply , a kid, really can. you’ll use this method to retaliate against me, so don’t blame me for being rude.

Only when he was close to let his watchman take Ethan away, his men were pushed away by Ethan.

Ethan was a touch angry, because the safety captain was too indiscriminate.

“Why are you taking me away? My ticket is real. If you do not realize it , you only tell me if you do not realize it . Why does one say it’s fake?” Ethan sneered and said, “Since you do not know this ticket, then Just call your manager Antoni, he must know him!”

Ethan knew that Antoni had already arrived nearby at this point . He deliberately said loudly, just to let Antoni hear it.

Want to call your manager over? the safety captain sneered when he heard the words, and said in his heart that you simply don’t think i can not tell you ways many things are. you only want to form things bigger in order that you’ll get some popular opinion .

What’s more, if this type of thing has alarmed your manager, then you’ll wait until you get scolded, or maybe get fired.

After all, this tiny thing cannot be handled well, so what does one got to do.

“Stop talking nonsense, take it away for me!” the safety captain stopped drinking and waved to let the 2 nearby security guards deduct Ethan and Linda.

Take them away during a while, and fall under your own hands, let’s examine the way to lookout of you! the safety captain thought…

The two security guards rushed to Ethan and Linda like wolves. the 2 were strong in stature. They controlled Ethan and Linda, as if they were holding two chickens.

“It’s over, it’s over now, this kid probably will inevitably be read through…” Suddenly someone within the crowd talked.

, that’s needless to say , but i feel it deserves to be beaten. Who made him fake the tickets? Everyone spent money to urge in, but he wanted to travel with a crooked door. Who wouldn’t beat him?”

The onlookers nearby began to chatter again. At this point , everyone almost reached a consensus that Ethan was dead.

The two security guards held Ethan and Linda, and were close to leave, but were suddenly stopped by a voice.

“What are you doing? Let me go quickly!”

The sound came from outside the gang , and therefore the crowd turned their heads to seem over there, and even flashed out a good passage for one person.

Then, Antoni hurriedly squeezed in from outside.

He had just reached the periphery of the gang , but there have been too many crowds. regardless of how hard he tried, he tried twice, but within the end he didn’t squeeze in, and he shouted a couple of times, and his voice disappeared within the noisy crowd.

It wasn’t until he saw that the matter had reached an unmanageable situation, Antoni exhausted all his strength and let loose a shout.

Antoni rushed into the gang , and hurriedly ran to Ethan and Linda, who were being delayed by the strong man, and violently pushed away the safety guards beside them, shouting angrily: “What are you getting to do? Are you getting to die? Quickly let me loose open!”

Seeing this, the 2 security guards suddenly looked dazed, quickly abandoning of Ethan and Linda, and hid away.

At this point , seeing Antoni appearing, the safety captain rushed over and said with a worried face: “Mr Antoni, why are you here? Please enter quickly. this is often just alittle matter. i will be able to affect it here. Okay, please are available …”

While speaking, the latter asked Antoni to travel in, but Antoni gave him a stern look.

Then Antoni roared, “A bit of a matter? Will you handle it?”


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