I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 252

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 252

Chapter 252

“Yes, they forged the ticket. don’t be concerned , Mr. Antoni, i will be able to finish it soon!” the safety captain responded with a smile.

But his words made Antoni’s face even more ugly.

Antoni exclaimed in surprise, “You repeat, what’s it? Forged tickets?”

Antoni was shocked by the words of his own men.

Especially the tickets are issued by others, you tell me now, people forged tickets?

It’s like telling the bank’s money printer that you simply are ignorant and ridiculous like fake money.

But seeing Antoni’s emotions so excited, the safety captain thought that this matter had offended Antoni’s inverse scales, and therefore the other party was close to have an attack, so Ethan was addressed severely.

And rather than doing this, it’s better to try to to it yourself, then you’ll alleviate some sins ahead of Antoni.

The security captain hurriedly said, “It’s Mr. Antoni. i do know this is often unforgivable. don’t be concerned , i will be able to lookout of them today. within the future, they dare not do such disgusting things on our site!”

While talking, the safety captain rotated to require Ethan away himself.

But before he met Ethan, he saw Antoni suddenly raise his hand, then waved his hand, thinking that he drew it.

“Oh…” the safety captain couldn’t help but let loose a scream, astoni shed.

Mr. Antoni, you…” the safety captain was surprised. He couldn’t figure it out. He clearly wanted to assist Antoni. But what happened to the present guy when he was crazy, he even beat himself?

But soon, the safety captain discovered that Antoni’s move just was just the start .

Because Antoni immediately drew it at himself, and therefore the attack was extremely vicious.

“Oh… Mr. Antoni, Mr. Antoni, don’t fight… Please don’t fight, why are you hitting me…”

In a moment , even slapped fists, the safety captain’s head was hit for dozens of times, and therefore the whole head was buzzed.

Antoni appeared to be tired too. He took a couple of breaths and pointed at the safety captain and shouted, “You bastard, does one know what you were talking about? Believe it or not, it’s your words. It’s all special enough to form you die ten times!”

The security captain was stunned when he heard the words, checked out Antoni blankly, then at Ethan.

Antoni continued, “Hurry up and apologize to me, does one know who this is? You dare to fiddle , believe it or not, do not know how you died!”

Antoni’s words instantly awakened the dreamer.

The security captain wasn’t stupid either. He immediately understood something, and there was no pain in his head at that moment. Then he hurried up to Ethan and said during a bewilderment, “Mr. Antoni… i do not know, this is…”

Antoni didn’t fight, looked around, and said during a low voice, “This is Young Master Eathan, does one know who the organizer of this concert is? It’s Young Master , how dare you treat him like this? Rude, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Hearing Antoni’s words, the safety captain was agitated, and was instantly dumbfounded.

He checked out Ethan not sharper than before, but was a touch confused and even scared.

With a “puff,” the safety captain knelt down, trembling everywhere , and said: “Young Master, I…I, I, i’m wrong, you adults don’t remember the villain’s past, please don’t be like me. consider me as a fart, I beg you…”

This time, the safety captain was completely afraid to form a half-point. Of course, he had heard of the origin of the sponsor and investor of this concert.

The height of others may be a height that i can not even search to. the results of treating others like that just are really hard to imagine.

It’s a bit like what Antoni said before, it isn’t a pity that he died ten times.

“Young Master, how does one affect this dog stuff!” Antoni checked out the safety guards next to a couple of people, and continued, “I have friends on my side, or simply get them right away!”

Hearing Antoni’s words, the safety captain, and therefore the few security guards who had been involved in embarrassing Ethan, collapsed instantly.

Of course they knew what Antoni’s words meant just , and that they all knelt down and commenced to plead bitterly.

“Mr. Antoni…Ethan, i used to be wrong, and that we were all wrong. you’ve got been working for you for therefore a few years , let us go, we’ll definitely change within the future, and that we must not dare to try to to this again. Please…”

“Yes, I even have parents at the highest and wives and youngsters at rock bottom . If something happens to me, they will just…”

Several people pleaded, but Antoni didn’t even check out them, his eyes were always fixed on Ethan.

He knew alright that regardless of how you affect this matter today, you’ve got to concentrate to Ethan. People say that severe punishment will only admit their fate. After all, this is often their own misfortune and that they need to bear the results .

And if Ethan allow them to follow speaking, it might be a matter of 1 sentence.


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