I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 253

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 253

Chapter 253

The decision-making power during this matter has never been in Antoni’s hands.

Moreover, Antoni didn’t even check out his subordinates in the least . At this moment, he was still afraid that Ethan would blame these people for his or her faults.

At this point , everyone’s eyes fell on Ethan.

Ethan checked out the safety guards and therefore the security captain, and sighed.

“Forget it, i do not got to hold you in charge of this matter, but I hope you’d better concentrate to your words and deeds within the future!” Ethan said indifferently, “Don’t judge people by their appearance, and not most are as easy to speak as i’m . “

Hearing Ethan’s words, these people were immediately amnesty and hurriedly thanked Ethan.

“Thank you, Master, many thanks Master…”

“Young Master Ethan, how could you only allow them to go!” Hearing that Ethan was close to abandoning of those people, Antoni couldn’t help but said, “They just treated you that way, and expelling them is that the lightest punishment. But you…”

Antoni was obviously a touch surprised by Ethan’s decision.

Naturally, Antoni has seen tons of rich second generations, especially a number of Buckeye’s local elder brothers, who aren’t domineering, and if anyone provokes them, they can not wait to allow you to resist.

And this is often why Antoni insists on letting Ethan affect these people.

He has been in touch with those second generation ancestors, knowing that if these people don’t release the anger in their hearts, it must be himself that suffers within the end.

So Antoni abandoned the safety captains, actually trying to save lots of himself.

But Ethan said that he wouldn’t be held accountable, but he was a touch confused.

He even faintly doubted whether Ethan had a much bigger conspiracy.

“Why, what is wrong with what I said, otherwise you don’t understand Mr. Antoni?” Ethan turned his head and glanced at Antoni. in fact Ethan could see that Antoni was abandoning his pawn and protecting his car, and wanted to require responsibility. Push them to those few people in order that they will pick themselves up.

But Ethan really doesn’t like this type of individuals who fall under trouble and kill donkeys.

No matter what, these people are with you for therefore a few years . once you encounter something, you do not want to stay them, but push them out. This shows that you simply have a drag with this person.

If you’ll push them today, you’ll betray us if you do not know.

At this point , within the bottom of Ethan’s heart, he already faintly wanted to debate with Maggie, and stop cooperating with people like Antoni within the future.

Ethan sighed, checked out the safety captains, and said, “If I check out you people, i will be able to never allow you to go today, but thinking that you simply still have your parents, wives and youngsters , if you punished you today, it might be an equivalent . Punished them together with your mistakes, so i made a decision to allow you to go.”

Ethan paused, and continued: “But I hope you’ll correct your own problems within the future, eat a bite and grow your wisdom, nobody will offer you an opportunity every time!”

After Ethan finished speaking, he glanced at Antoni and asked directly, “Mr. Antoni, am i able to enter now?”

Antoni was questioned for a flash , and nodded quickly: “Yes, you can, of course, you’ll rest assured, you’ll never have anything …”

Before Antoni finished speaking, he saw that Ethan had pulled Linda in.

Antoni let loose an extended sigh of relief, pointing at the safety captains underground, and said viciously: “Look at what you’re doing well, shit, I’m a touch busy today, you’ll await me to ascertain how I can pack up you later!”

After speaking, Antoni hurriedly followed Ethan.

The security captain wiped the bean-sized beads of sweat on his forehead, his legs were soft, and he struggled for an extended time before he stood firm.

He knew that he was really too unhappy today. What he met was a master like Ethan. If he meets him today, it’s not Ethan, any rich second generation of you, for the nonce , he might not make certain where he’s now.

It seems that i actually need to concentrate to words and deeds within the future. After all, nobody can always encounter good luck.

The security captain also sighed in his heart, he never expected that a seemingly ordinary young man would have such an enormous background.

While Ethan’s identity, the safety captain suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help frowning.

He remembers that Ethan said before that Luna stole his tickets.

It’s just that he felt Ethan was talking nonsense at the time, so he didn’t take it seriously.

But now he suddenly thought of this matter, and he couldn’t help but feel nervous, thinking that Ethan’s words at the time were definitely true!

Luna’s tickets are probably stealing from Ethan…

Thinking of this, the safety captain slapped himself suddenly, sighing in his heart, what the hell he was doing!

But he sighed, brooding about it, suddenly thought of something, showing a long-lost smile.

He knew alright that albeit Ethan said that he had let him go, he still hated him in his heart.

And it’s estimated that as long as you commit a touch little bit of something that creates others uncomfortable, you’ll be found fault.

Instead of that, why didn’t you are doing something that would structure for it, so on dispel a number of Ethan’s hatred of him?


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