I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 254

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 254

Chapter 254

Thinking of this, the safety captain patted the shoulders of several of his men and ordered: “You guys accompany me…”

Then several crowds walked directly into the stadium.

Although the concert has quite an hour to start out , the stadium is crowded by this point .

Antoni walked ahead, followed by Ethan and Linda.

Soon, the three people came on to the viewing platform on the highest of the stadium.

This platform was originally an expensive VIP box prepared for those Buckeye local bosses to observe the sport . The facilities inside are extremely luxurious, and therefore the various high-tech furnishings are refreshing.

In front of the large French windows ahead of the platform, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the whole stadium.

This location is basically great, and therefore the sights are the foremost shocking.

Seeing Ethan staring outside during a daze, Antoni was very proud, and asked with a smile, “Master, are you satisfied with this preparation? If you’ve got any requirements, you say, i will be able to proceed immediately.”

Ethan nodded, glanced at Linda, and asked during a low voice, “Do you wish it?”

Linda hesitated, but finally nodded: “Well, it’s good…”

Ethan could hear the reluctance in Linda’s tone, smiled slightly, and turned to Antoni, “, forget it, i do not want to observe the concert here.”

Antoni couldn’t help being stunned when he heard the words. He said that he had prepared such a carefully prepared place. Is Ethan still not satisfied?

“Young Master Ethan, just tell me if you’ve got a drag , but…” Antoni said reluctantly, “but this is often already the simplest place here!”

Ethan smiled, shook his head and said, “No, no, you misunderstood, I’m not saying it isn’t good here, but i do not love it considerably , and my girlfriend doesn’t love it either.”

In Ethan’s view, seeing the concert with Linda was just to ascertain the atmosphere of the scene. If he and Linda were moved to a superior position like Antoni, there would be no atmosphere, but Ethan would also Feel uncomfortable.

Ethan could tell that Linda felt an equivalent way.

Maybe Ethan didn’t value this concert the maximum amount as Linda, or her enthusiasm for music, but a minimum of they felt an equivalent about the concert.

That is to blend into the environment, instead of being above the highest and isolating yourself from everyone.

In that way, regardless of what high-level or moving concert, it becomes extremely boring.

“Is there anywhere within the front row? Let’s arrange two positions over there.” Ethan said suddenly. He then glanced at Linda again and asked during a low voice, “Do you think that we will go down there?”

Upon hearing this, Linda finally showed a hearty smile and nodded heavily: “Okay, I also wish to watch it below.”

Ethan gave a hum, and said to Antoni, “Then Mr. Antoni, that’s it, you’ll arrange it.”

I don’t want to possess such a spacious and opulent place, but I even have to travel to the crowded people below. Ethan’s request, anyway, Antoni may be a bit incomprehensible.

He sighed in his heart, and without saying anything, he said directly: “That’s it, Master, wait a flash , I’ll start to try to to it now.”

After speaking, He walked out of the box by the way.

This made him a touch bit embarrassed. the 2 masters appeared to be really not good at serving them.

But Antoni naturally knew that albeit Ethan and therefore the others went down, they couldn’t just vacate two seats.

The same seats within the front row must make people see that Ethan is different, so on highlight Ethan’s uniqueness. Maybe this may make him happy.

Soon, Antoni personally came to the primary row below the stage of the concert. there have been already tons of audiences here, and that i wanted to feature two people in. Although it had been ok, it might obviously be crowded.

Antoni directly called a couple of staff members, pointed to a couple of positions within the front row, and said, “Take these six seats apart on behalf of me , and therefore the audience are going to be scattered to the second row behind. Move them here on behalf of me . A sofa, a cocktail table , fruit plate, and drinks are all ready on behalf of me quickly, and a special waiter will come…”

The arrangement of Antoni’s one pass really made the staff present a touch dumbfounded. After all, the audience had already sat down, and therefore the tickets were bought within the front row. Now it’s very easy to drive people away.

And this is often sure to be an offensive job, and these staff members don’t need to try to to it in the least .

But seeing a couple of people delayed in responding, Antoni was a touch displeased, he scolded: “What does one want, give me a hand! you only said, if they comply with change positions, the ticket money are going to be refunded to them, if If you don’t want to maneuver , if the ticket becomes invalid, please ask him out!

Several people were stunned . Seeing that there was no thanks to go, that they had to bite the bullet and walked ahead of a couple of audiences to elucidate things .

At this point , a young male staffer walked up to Luna and said during a low voice: “Hello beauty, are you able to please attend the second row behind, because there’ll be an enormous person coming, so you’re during this area. Area, we’ll make some changes…”


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