I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 255

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 255

Chapter 255

Luna couldn’t help but stunned when she heard the words, and quickly said, “Why? I bought tickets for the front row, so why would you let me go back?”

Luna didn’t take the opposite party too seriously, so when he replied, she started twiddling with her mobile .

“Beauty, I’m so sorry, we will not help it. there’ll be an enormous person watching the concert here, but the space isn’t enough, so I can trouble you a number of you to maneuver back a row…” The male staff smiled and said, “Of course , so as to form up for your loss, we’ll refund you the complete amount later…”

Upon hearing of the refund, several spectators who were planned to be within the second row along side Luna suddenly took an interest and asked the staff whether or not they were true or false.

The male staff hurriedly said it had been true, and also said another discounts.

After all, the difference between the primary row and therefore the second row isn’t an excessive amount of .

And the most vital person will refund you the ticket.

That means you only changed your position a touch , but watched a concert for free of charge .

This was too affordable, and a number of other other guests responded and walked obediently to the rear row of seats.

In fact, Luna was very excited after hearing what the staff said.

After all, she didn’t spend any money on the tickets, they were stolen, but now she simply moved a touch back, and it didn’t affect the viewing experience.

And you’ll get a refund, which may be a great benefit.

Luna thought for a short time , her heart couldn’t help but feel greedy. She wanted to urge up, but within the end she sat down again, her face stern, as if she was unhappy.

“I won’t go there, why should I go!” Luna said to the staff in an unreasonable manner, “I bought the first-row tickets, so I even have to take a seat here. No, I just No change, what are you able to do to me!”

Luna made the staff a touch embarrassed with a slapped face.

After all, they’re also discussing it. If it really comes hard, it’ll eventually cause a conflict, then they’re going to suffer from a popular opinion incident.

But Antoni just gave a dead order.

Several people couldn’t help but made a difficult situation. After a stalemate for an extended time, a talented person came to Luna’s ear and whispered during a low voice: “Beauty, please be flexible, but an enormous person will come later, whether it’s you or us, won’t be guilty. That’s it!”

Luna couldn’t help feeling a touch nervous when she heard what the staff said.

After all, I’m a fart, it’s really ants ahead of the highest big guys.

If you actually don’t move away and offend others, you’ll definitely suffer an enormous loss.

But Luna knew better in her heart that since it had been getting to be an enormous man, and within the end, they didn’t entertain them well, it had been them who suffered an enormous loss within the end.

So if this is often the case, they need to be more nervous than themselves.

Luna checked out the tangled male staffer , suddenly smiled, and whispered, “Okay, it’s okay to let me hand over my seat. How about this number?”

Luna suddenly stretched five fingers and placed them ahead of the male staffer .

“Five…thousands?” actually , this staffer was pretending to be confused. He knew Luna meant fifty thousand, but don’t say fifty thousand. Even for five thousand yuan, he doesn’t have that right.

Luna’s face suddenly became gloomy when she heard this, and she or he said with an impatient look: “Fifty thousand, a penny isn’t worth talking about, and you should not be jerky with me here. Go and tell your manager, if I don’t agree. I’m sorry I won’t change it. If you would like to try to to other tricks, my classmate is studying media and can allow you to on TV every minute subsequent day!”

This is very true when he encountered a diehard nail household. The male staff looked bad and wanted to debate with Luna, but the opposite party turned his head directly aside.

Obviously there was no more talk, he had no choice but to steer towards Antoni shortly away.

The male staffer briefly talked to Antoni about things , and eventually frowned and asked, “Mr. Antoni, what can we do? The key point is that she knows the media, if something goes out. it’ll affect us. Very bad!”

When Luna heard that Luna was posing for 50,000 yuan, Antoni was getting to get on fire.

It’s just taking advantage of the hearth , isn’t it, and Antoni’s reputation in Buckeye is taken into account small. Even those well-known bigwigs don’t dare to require advantage of the hearth . Today he was given the proper by a female student. it is so strange.

But he quickly considered what his subordinate said, and he couldn’t help but feel that it made sense.

If Luna really knows the media, then this incident are going to be stabbed out, and after tons of tossing and vinegar, she might not know what the plot are going to be when it’s finally broadcast.

It is estimated that when the time comes, he won’t even recognize his old mother.

In the past, Antoni had suffered a loss from the media, and it had been still an enormous loss, so when he heard about the media, he naturally became a touch jealous.

Antoni gritted his teeth and said, “Forget it, it’s better to try to to quite to try to to less. Give her 50,000 yuan and let her make space for me!”


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