I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 256

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 256

Chapter 256

Upon hearing this, the staff hurriedly walked back to Luna and said during a low voice: “Miss, our manager Antoni has already agreed to your request. does one think you’ll move your position now?”

Luna nodded in satisfaction, she was extremely excited.

She was simply agitated by her own ingenuity. Seeing that there have been no requirements in the least , she obediently moved to subsequent few people. She felt that she had a touch of an IQ.

Fifty thousand yuan, it takes no effort.

Luna got up triumphantly and walked to a seat within the back. She couldn’t help but checked out the people round her triumphantly. A proud look appeared on her face. It felt like she was saying: I see it, this is often me and you. difference.

Luna even proudly said to a woman next to her:, you see it, 50k yuan is in hand, does one regret it now?”

When the girl heard this, she couldn’t help frowning deeply, her expression a touch surprised.

Upon seeing this, Luna thought that the opposite party was really regretful, and have become even more proud. She turned her head arrogantly to the side, saying that it had been too late to regret. Who made you so brainless.

It’s just that Luna didn’t skills unbearable her performance was within the eyes of the people round her .

She didn’t even believe the people that could spend tens of thousands of dollars on a ticket to observe the concert.

Do people really care about the tens of thousands of dollars?

You are tantamount to blackmailing Anthoni’s 50,000 yuan. this type of thing is nearly disgusting, but you’re still embarrassed and forgetful?

When several people around Luna saw her appearance, all of them showed their contemptuous expressions.

With this type of dignity, they’re not ashamed to take a seat together with her .

I saw that the lass who was questioned by Luna suddenly beckoned to the feminine staffer and asked, “Hey, are you able to change our seats?”

The staffer hurried over: “Beauty, is there a drag with this seat?”

The girl sneered: “There is nothing wrong with the seat. I just don’t need to be next to some people. it is a bit disgusting.”

After speaking, the girl picked up her belongings, got up and left.

Luna heard that there was something within the other party’s words, and it had been clear that she was thinking of herself, and she or he was immediately unhappy. She leaped forward and pointed at the girl and yelled: “What does one mean, idiot, you’re just watching me take extra 50,000 yuan you’re jealous for a dollar. If you’ve got the power , you’ll also invite it? you think that it’s strange if someone gives it to you…”

As soon as they saw the 2 men fighting at one another , as if they were close to ignite, the staff hurriedly stopped the 2 parties and comforted the girl away.

Luna still murmured over there reluctantly, causing the opposite people beside her to be unhappy.

At this moment, Antoni came to visit .

He heard Luna’s cursing everywhere the place, and he naturally knew that subsequent woman had blackmailed him 50,000 yuan, so his hatred of Luna became even stronger.

Antoni glanced at Luna, but ignored him, just rotated to go away , because this side would be ready soon, and he was getting to call Ethan.

But at this moment, Luna suddenly stopped him.

“Hey, are you the boss? When will the cash tend to me?”

Luna spoke fortissimo , and lots of people nearby could hear her clearly.

Antoni stopped, his face suddenly blue, lowered his eyebrows and glanced at Luna, his tone was cold: “Are you lecture me?”

Luna smiled disdainfully: “Otherwise? Are you not their leader? When will you give me fifty thousand yuan?”

Originally, Antoni was so angry that Luna even dared to impress herself like this without knowing it. Antoni was really angry.

But it is the boss, Antoni knows that if he really puts alittle role like Luna in his eyes, that might be a shame.

So he just replied coldly: “First, this matter isn’t in my control, you’ll find them. Second, take care once you ask me, don’t kill yourself, i will be able to offer you the 50,000 yuan. , But it’s best if you don’t kill yourself and obtain it!”

After speaking, Antoni left angrily by the way.

The staffer who had been busy all the time also glanced at Luna with a smile, his eyes filled with contempt.

He felt that Luna was ridiculous, even a touch unaware of life and death.

Who is Antoni? they’re bigwigs with assets of tens of millions, including that they do not care about the 50,000 yuan.

It’s just that you simply Luna dared to mention that to Antoni. If it weren’t for this occasion, if Antoni didn’t want to entertain an enormous person for a short time , i assume you’d are thrown out an extended time ago, and you’ll still roll in the hay here. ?

The staffer sneered at Luna, and said casually: “I advise you to not go too far, and roll in the hay for yourself. Our manager Antoni never talks casually. you’ve got to require it seriously. Don’t really lose money!”

The words of this staff really made Luna’s heart tight.

She didn’t think anything before, but the words Antoni said to herself just really made her feel cold.


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