I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 257

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 257

Chapter 257

After a short time , Antoni knocked on the door of the platform box where Ethan was.

“Master Ethan, Miss Linda, the subsequent is nearly ready, you two can go down.” Antoni said with a smile.

Ethan nodded: “Then trouble Mr. Antoni.”

“Hey, what you said, Master Ethan, aren’t these all our obligations.” Antoni smiled and stretched his hand, “You two accompany me, i will be able to take you there.”

Soon, Antoni took Ethan and Linda to the front row carefully prepared for them.

When Ethan saw that location, he couldn’t help being stunned: “This… why is there a sofa?”

Ethan couldn’t help but be a touch surprised when he saw that everybody else was in fixed seats, only he and Linda were during a two-seater sofa.

Antoni hurriedly laughed: “Hey, isn’t this all for you and Miss Linda? Are you satisfied?”

To be honest, Ethan felt a touch uncomfortable.

He didn’t like publicity, and Linda didn’t love it either. He wanted Antoni to rearrange two seats within the first row for them, but now he’s so independent.

Even sitting here in such an edge , Ethan felt uncomfortable.

Ethan checked out Linda and located that he also curled his lips. Obviously the 2 of them thought of going together.

But Ethan doesn’t want to toss anymore. After all, people kindly arranged for you the highest position above. If you don’t roll in the hay , you would like to return to rock bottom . Now they need given you such an edge . If you continue to Dissatisfied, then a touch shameless.

Although Ethan knew that Antoni was afraid to mention anything, as long as he said he wasn’t satisfied, he would definitely change it immediately, but Ethan felt pitying him.

To put it bluntly, regardless of what they are doing , they’re within the end kind. you’ll dismiss others’ kindness once, and if you dismiss others’ kindness a second time, then it’s really unreasonable.

Ethan smiled, and whispered to Linda: “Or just sit here.”

Linda heard the words and nodded with a smile: “Okay, you’ll just say yes.”

Ethan gave a hum, then turned to Antoni and said, “Okay, Mr. Antoni, this is often good, many thanks considerably .”

When Antoni heard this, he was relieved in his heart, and hurriedly said: “Master Ethan, you’re too polite to mention this, you’re satisfied.”

At this moment, Antoni’s phone rang. He connected and said a couple of words, then quickly turned to Ethan and said, “Oh, really sorry. I even have to travel to the backstage. i want to affect something urgent. Sit, i will be able to return .”

“No problem, Mr. Antoni, roll in the hay as soon as you’ve got things. We are fine here.” Ethan smiled.

After speaking, Antoni left by the way. Before leaving, he checked out the seat of Luna just , frowned, and asked the people around him: “What about the woman? Why is it gone?”

The staff also glanced at Luna’s location and said, “It should be to the toilet , what is wrong with Mr. Antoni?”

Antoni let loose a sigh of relief and exhorted: “You must show me that woman for a short time . She may be a thorn. Don’t let her interrupt Master and Miss Linda’s concert. If she dares If you create trouble, let the safety guard drive her out!”

The staffer nodded his head: “Good Mr. Antoni, don’t be concerned , i will be able to make arrangements…”

After a short time , Luna slowly walked back from the toilet shortly away, muttering something that seemed a touch unhappy inside.

She searched at her seat and was stunned .

Because she suddenly saw that Ethan and Linda were sitting within the position where she was cleared before.

“Wh… what is the situation? How did they get in?” Luna frowned, with a fantastic look.

Seeing Ethan and Linda, she was so angry that she walked over quickly.

“Hey, why did you are available , rise up quickly!”

Luna pointed at Ethan and Linda indiscriminately.

Originally, Ethan and Linda were still talking and laughing, once they suddenly saw Luna, both of them couldn’t help being stunned .

“Why are you here?” Ethan frowned and asked.

Luna sneered and said triumphantly: “Why am I here? Did you forget how I came before? Hey, after all, I still need to many thanks . If it wasn’t for your tickets, i would not be ready to get in. , i can not sit in such an honest position!”

Luna rotated , checked out Ethan and Linda, and suddenly questioned: “But I’m curious, how did you get in? Didn’t you actually are available secretly before others?”

Ethan glanced at the opposite person. He originally planned to mention that he had entered the door by ticket, but since Luna said that, Ethan simply smirked in his heart, so he will see what else Luna can bring a short time .

“Yes, you’re right, I just sneaked in!” Ethan smiled, “Why, doesn’t it feel surprised?”

Luna checked out Ethan’s hippie smile, and therefore the roots of her teeth were itchy.


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