I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 258

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 258

Chapter 258

“You really dare to admit it!” Luna said angrily, “Believe it or not, as long as i’m going there and call, someone will come and beat you right away? Damn, I even have never seen such a shameless brazen The people that sneak in, dare to swagger so much!”

Luna paused, and continued: “And you’re too presumptuous. does one know where you’re sitting? Don’t open your dog’s eyes and take an honest look. Didn’t you discover this? is that the location different from other locations?”

Ethan sneered in his heart, saying that Luna really had no brains. When she said it casually, she actually believed it.

Ethan smiled, thinking that if that is the case, he would simply lookout of it and celebrate .

Anyway, i have never settled the accounts between myself and Luna before, so I simply took advantage of this chance to settle the new accounts and old accounts together with her .

Ethan laughed loudly, his face was indifferent, and said to Luna: “Okay, you go call, don’t be concerned , we’ll not move, just await you to call someone.”

Ethan’s expression of what you’ll do with me really made Luna angry. She gritted her teeth and pointed at Ethan and shouted: “Okay, it’s okay to force you to be so poor, you’ll await me. I’ll cause you to proud for a short time , so I see if you’ll laugh for a while! Don’t leave if there’s a sort , you await me!”

After speaking, Luna turned and walked towards a staffer shortly away.

Seeing Luna left, Ethan smiled and glanced at Linda, and couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing bitterly.

This Luna is so stupid, she has already entered, and is already sitting here, she has not yet reacted?

She herself said that this position is for 2 big men. If she sits here without authorization, then the staff under Antoni’s may need exploded way back , right? it is your address get Luna?

But since the opposite party is stupid, that page can’t blame himself.

Ethan smiled in his heart. By now, in fact Ethan isn’t afraid that things will worsen , but the larger the facts, the happier Ethan are going to be , because within the end, there’ll be people that want to punish. Luna’s.

Luna walked up to the staff over there, pulled the opposite person rudely, and said disdainfully, “Hey, are you blind? what is the matter?”

This staffer wasn’t somebody else , it had been the small head that Antoni had just told him to seem at Luna before he left.

The staff was already busy with other tasks, but was suddenly pulled by Luna, and was scolded again, and his heart suddenly became angry.

And when he saw that the person calling him blind clothed to be Luna, he became even more angry.

“What did you say?” the small head of the staff said with a stern face, “Dare you say another thing?”

When Luna saw that the opposite party appeared to be angry, she suddenly restrained and felt embarrassed.

“You…what are you fierce? I’m here to report back to you, don’t you recognize what’s good or bad!” Luna said.

The little head of the staff smiled upon hearing the words, “You? report back to me? do not be funny, okay?”

From this person’s point of view, as long as Luna is such a thorny head, as long as she doesn’t cause any trouble, she is going to burn the incense and report things . She doesn’t seem to be such a sort person.

“What does one mean!” Luna’s face was unhappy, “What I said is true, does one really have a drag together with your eyes? The position you ready for the boss has been occupied by someone, does one know? ?”

As soon as he heard this, the small head of the staff suddenly sank and have become nervous.

He just had something urgent to affect , and he really didn’t check out Ethan for a short time .

Wouldn’t it really be that inch, something happened in such a brief while, right?

This guy’s heart suddenly became suspended, because he knew alright that if something happened to Ethan, Antoni would need to kill himself when he rotated .

Seeing the unnaturally nervous expression on the other’s face, Luna immediately became proud.

, how about it, are you scared? The dog looks down on people, but the wife came to inform you kindly, and she or he treated me that way…”

Luna smugly scolded, but the small head of the staff didn’t even listen. He hurriedly pushed everything he had at hand to others, and rushed to Ethan on his own.

When Luna saw this, she couldn’t help being happier. She even muttered to herself: a pair of poor men, this point i feel you’re still not crying, pretending to be forced with me, this point you’re dead. Up!”

After speaking, Luna also hurriedly followed the staff leader, and ran directly towards Ethan.

Soon, the 2 of them arrived.

Luna didn’t care about being out of breath, and hurriedly pointed at Ethan and said, “You can see it, the 2 of them have occupied this place. Let me tell you, i do know both of them, and these two people are a pair. Rogue, hard to beat!”


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