I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 259

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 259

Chapter 259

Luna checked out the small head of the staff and continued: “I told you that they were at the door just . the 2 of them did not have tickets in the least . within the end, they got two fake ones and wanted to urge through the customs. Fortunately, the safety guards here. Smart enough to dismantle them. But I don’t know if you continue to have loopholes here. the 2 of them can even sneak in. Damn, these two people are annoying to death in our college , you Get them out as soon as possible, so as to not disturb the mood of others watching the concert!”

Luna immediately said, “Didn’t you say that this position is reserved for a few big people? if someone finds out that the position is occupied by these two stinky silk doves, you’ll wait to be Punish!”

After Luna finished speaking, she folded her hands and checked out Ethan and Linda eagerly, brooding about what they will do now.

It is estimated that after this point , the 2 of them will certainly be beaten severely then thrown out.

What Luna didn’t expect was that she had said such a lot , and when she checked out Ethan’s face, she still had a relaxed expression.

She even saw clearly that Ethan was still smiling, as if she didn’t realize what quite bad luck he would cause.

“What are you laughing at? does one know that you simply will die during a while? It’s ugly!”

Luna was very angry when she saw that Ethan didn’t care about it. She couldn’t figure it out. How could you be so calm and calm? Are you actually scared of death? Still do not know how big a criminal offense you’ve got committed?

Hearing this, Ethan smiled again, and asked softly, “Oh? Really. Then i actually do not know . Didn’t you go and ask someone to drive us out? Then please let him roll in the hay , or the concert are going to be fast. Let’s start, there’s no time.”

“You…” Luna was furious, turned to seem at the small head of the staff, and asked loudly, “Hey, are you deaf or blind? What does he tell you, and you continue to can’t rise up from this position, you Can’t you see? Don’t hurry up, are you actually not scared of death?”

Luna was a touch puzzled at this point , thinking that the staffer saw Ethan and Linda sitting during this position, why didn’t they react at all?

And she turned to seem at the staffer , only to seek out that the opposite party didn’t even seem to possess the courage to seem up at Ethan.

But the opposite party’s attitude towards Luna herself suddenly became very bad.

“Shut up on behalf of me , you, there’s nothing for you here, so quickly walk away!” the small head of the staff scolded.

Luna frowned, suffocating tons of anger in her heart.

“Is your brain pierced? I’m helping you kindly, you scold me? Are you actually a human?” Luna cursed, “I told you, these two people They came in secretly, so you hurry up and call the safety guards to chase them out? Why are you so stunned here, you’re really annoying, you need to be expelled at that time!”

After Luna finished speaking, she glanced contemptuously at the staffer , but she just turned her gaze to the person, but she saw a dark shadow flashing ahead of her, then a slap within the face that wasn’t merciless and greeted her face.

“Oh…” Luna was beaten and fell directly onto a seat on the side.

“Why can’t you talk nonsense, use you to be more nosy? Just sit down for me!” the small head of the staff scolded with an angry expression.

If it wasn’t really unbearable, he wouldn’t easily slap this slap. After all, this is able to not have an honest impact on his company. After all, numerous people were watching.

Secondly, Ethan remains here. If Ethan feels uncomfortable, then he won’t be dead also .

But he still fought, if Luna just humiliated herself, whoever asked him to call Ethan during a stubborn bite.

Not to mention him, it’s estimated that Antoni is here, and he will suddenly be angry.

Such a crucial person has been insulted ahead of him, and he hasn’t reacted to anything, so what’s it?

So this guy shot Luna. Firstly, it had been Luna’s vicious words that made him unable in touch it. Secondly, it had been also made for Ethan.

Luna felt hot on her face, as if she had been poured hot chili oil.

She broke out immediately, pointing at the person and cursing, “Are you fucking crazy? Why are you hitting me? Anyway, i do not skills to beat me? does one know if your boss pays 50,000 yuan? Didn’t you provides it to me?”

Luna yelled out of reluctance, “I’m telling you, today i do not want to pay 50,000 yuan for my wife . Today you’ve got to offer me 200,000 yuan, otherwise don’t be concerned about it!”

Hearing Luna’s words, the small head of the staff couldn’t help but smiled disdainfully, and said, “200,000? believe it or not, if you’re here again nonsense, how am i able to let your parents go on to receive the pension? Up!”


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