I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 260

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 260

Chapter 260

Luna was really frightened when she saw the tough eyes of the opposite party.

After all, there’s an enormous company behind them, and here are all other people’s staff, their boss Antoni also warned him before.

Luna knew alright that the opponent’s such an enormous force wanted to wash up himself, it’d really be a matter of moving his fingers.

But what she didn’t understand was that she had said that, how could this guy be indifferent, and he didn’t even dare to inform Ethan to urge out.

Is it possible…

A bold thought flashed through Luna’s mind, and she or he muttered to herself: “Could it’s that this is often so poor and Linda is basically an enormous man?”

It’s just that this concept just appeared in Luna’s mind, and she or he was ruthlessly shot by herself.

She couldn’t help watching Ethan and Linda, but she felt nauseous in her heart.

if they will be such big people, then i assume they need to be the Jade Emperor!” Luna said to herself.

Luna really doesn’t believe that Ethan and Linda are big people. After all, one among them may be a well-known pauper in Buckeye University, and therefore the other may be a roommate who has lived with him for an extended time. He still doesn’t know them?

If Buckeye University holds a contest that compares poorly, it’s estimated that these two people are going to be the champions and runners-up, and therefore the others will don’t have anything to try to to .

But it’s impossible to mention that they’re some big people, with a wealth of cash , please.

And albeit these well-known objective factors are eliminated, in Luna’s heart, she remains unwilling to simply accept Ethan and Linda’s other new identities.

In Luna’s view, these two people can only be worse and poorer than themselves. How could it’s possible that they ought to never be richer and noble than themselves!

This is about Luna’s poor self-esteem.

Luna was messing around in her mind, because she really couldn’t consider the other reasons that would convince herself.

Suddenly Ethan smiled, checked out Luna, and asked jokingly: “Why, didn’t you only want to kick me out? Keep kicking me out? Oh, by the way, didn’t you only invite 200,000 yuan? Okay? How about if you’ll drive me out and that i will offer you a million later?”

Ethan was making fun of himself, and Luna also saw that when he said this, the small head of the staff who slapped him also followed with a smile on his face.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in Luna’s mind. She suddenly pointed to Ethan and therefore the little head of the staff, and said, “I see. you want to be within the same group. You two know one another , so you’re using your own power. the work is convenient, he’s protected everywhere, and he’s let in, right?”

Luna’s accusation really made the small head of staff speechless.

I have to mention that this Luna is just too big, and it’s simply ridiculous.

And then, Luna said again, “I said, this guy has been driven away just , how could he have are available again, and dare to take a seat here? It clothed that it had been because you were during a group and had your permission. Isn’t he dare?”

Ethan couldn’t help scratching his head and checked out Luna speechlessly. After hesitating for a short time , he smiled: “Yes, you’re so smart, and you bought the proper answer again.”

When Luna heard Ethan’s words, she immediately smiled, “Hmph, I knew it had been like this. together with your careful thoughts, does one really think you’ll escape my eyes?”

Ethan smiled, and continued to ask, “Yeah, now you already know what else does one want? What are you able to do to me?”

Now that Ethan has admitted, what else are often said.

Luna smiled presumptuously, and said loudly: “What does one do with you? Huh, await me. I’ll call someone. i do not believe how long you’ll protect this idiot. i will be able to go later. Call you boss, once you see him here, dare you continue to dare to be so presumptuous!”

While speaking, Luna was close to leave to call someone.

She knew that the guy ahead of her could be the small boss responsible of this film, so it’s useless to seek out someone here to report someone.

I have to travel to other places, a bit like his behavior, as long as they report back to their boss, it’s estimated that he will need to cry.

then you’ll go quickly, the concert will begin soon!” the small head of the staff joked.

Luna glared at the opposite party, not knowing what she was brooding about , rotated and left.

It’s just that before she took two steps, she suddenly saw a couple of figures walking within the distance, and Luna was immediately happy.

Because these people that came by weren’t others, they were the safety guards and therefore the security captain she had met at the door before.

Luna couldn’t help feeling excited, saying that the safety captain and them shouldn’t be within the same group, which the guy was irritated by Ethan just , and he was called by himself. it’s estimated that it’s not only Ethan, but the small head of the staff. it’ll be cleaned up together.

And since I helped such a lot this point , it’s estimated that Antoni can take a high check out himself when he looks back!


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