I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 261

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 261

Chapter 261

Antoni is so rich, just in case he’s happy, additionally to the 50,000 yuan, he might give himself extra money .

Thinking of this, Luna became proud again, and Ethan and therefore the little head of the staff were scornfully blanked, and said, “Hmph, await me, I’ll see what else you’ll say for a while!”

After speaking, Luna hurriedly greeted him within the direction of the safety captain.

“Hey, hey, does one want to form a contribution?” Luna progressed and said within the first sentence.

In fact, seeing Luna all the way, the safety captain was already angry. After all, he was scolded before and was almost cleaned up by Antoni. an outsized a part of the rationale was Luna.

So this point , the safety captain came with someone, and he was getting to find Luna to settle the accounts, and by the way, he would pay Ethan again.

It’s just that he didn’t arrive, and before he could find him, Luna had found it by himself, and he had a hippy smile.

Why, haven’t you realized that you simply are dying?

The security captain sneered, eager to see what other moth Luna was close to brush out, then smiled and asked, “Oh? Do meritorious service? What merit? in fact I did!”

Even though the safety captain said so, he almost had Luna’s thoughts in his heart.

Still meritorious? Today I understand you, that’s an excellent achievement. you’re still happily here. What a brain-dead!

Luna didn’t even realize that there was something within the other party’s words, and smiled stupidly, and turned to point at Ethan and therefore the little staff boss.

Luna said: “Did you see that person? Didn’t he just want to urge through with you? But you exposed it later, but this idiot came in again. does one skills he got in?”

The security captain jokingly laughed at his subordinates, and shook his head pretending that he didn’t know anything: “I do not know , why, you know?”

Luna nodded triumphantly: “Of course i do know , otherwise, why did I just ask you if you would like to try to to meritorious service? Did you see the person next thereto idiot? it is the person from your company!”

The security captain nodded: “What happened to him?”

“What’s the matter? Let me tell you, that guy which fool Ethan are within the same group, which fool sneaked in through your rape!” Luna appeared to be very proud, and continued, “You said it yourself , If this type of eating inside and out was known to your boss, how would he affect it?”

When the safety captain heard this, he couldn’t help but smile.

He certainly understood how Ethan came , but consistent with Luna’s statement, it had been really ridiculous.

What did she believe it?

Ethan is within the same company with the small boss of that company? Ethan came in through others.

This Luna’s brain hole is basically big.

“Oh, so…haha…” the safety captain addressed Luna, but couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah, yes, look, if you poke this interest your boss, will it’s an excellent achievement? Maybe your boss will offer you a promotion and a salary increase!” Luna jumped.

The security captain nodded: “Yes, you’re too right, then you say, what should I do?”

“What else? How did you become the captain? Pig brain?” Luna checked out Ethan and Linda contemptuously, and said, “You, you’ll just re-evaluate and hold those two poor ones, then Hold your inner ghost, then call your boss over directly. At that point , will you be promoted or get a raise. Isn’t it a matter of your boss?”

The security captain thought a touch bit, and suddenly laughed: “Yes, you said you, this tiny girl, how are you able to be so smart? Yes, just do what you said, go, you accompany me, let’s take it stick with them, and return to ask our Chief Antoni for credit!”

While talking, the safety captain asked Luna to steer ahead of her head, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He really thought this Luna was a touch ridiculous, what quite head did she have, how could she consider this way?

However, the safety captain didn’t say anything. He knew alright that since Ethan hadn’t done anything to her before, he obviously wanted to ascertain when she could jump as a clown?

In that case, I simply played together with her to ascertain what an enormous joke Luna could make.

And for a short time , I can just punish Luna ahead of Ethan, in order that I also can restore some impressions ahead of Ethan.

After all, I had offended Ethan such a lot before. If people didn’t hold me accountable, it didn’t mean that i might do nothing.

If you actually want to let others forgive yourself, you want to first make some facts and show your sincerity with practical actions.

Thinking of this, the safety captain smiled and hurriedly followed Luna’s footsteps.


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