I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 262

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 262

Chapter 262

This time, Luna finally had confidence, and walked proudly.

She wanted to ascertain what else you’ll say this point , and just await it to be cleaned up.

Luna walked up to Ethan, pointed to Ethan and said to the safety captain, “You see, i used to be right, this guy was just driven away by you, and now he sneaks in again?”

When the safety captain saw Ethan, his eyebrows became pleasing, and he nodded to Ethan with a smile on his face.

And Ethan smiled, pointing to the safety captain and said, “Why, this is often the helper you found? Are you taking me away now?”

Ethan stretched his hands and made the looks of letting the opposite party torture him, but his face didn’t mean anything serious.

Ethan’s expression really made Luna’s angry teeth itch.

She pointed at Ethan, and said angrily: “Don’t be so proud, await a short time to ascertain how people pack up you! you are still crazy here, really thinking you’ve got an accomplice, nobody can do anything to you? Ridiculous ,who does one think You Are!”

After Luna finished speaking, pointing at Ethan, she turned her head and said to the safety captain: “You see, how arrogant this bastard is. i feel you ought to interrupt his legs immediately, otherwise he will certainly pay back next time. No memory!”

After speaking, Luna pinched her waist with both hands, waiting to ascertain how the safety captain and therefore the others would ravage Ethan.

She even had a smug smile at the corner of her mouth, just waiting to ascertain the joke.

But she waited for an extended time, but the safety captain behind herself didn’t move.

Luna couldn’t help feeling a touch surprised, frowned, then asked the safety captain: “You…what are you doing during a daze? roll in the hay now? you do not want to form a contribution?”

After Luna finished speaking, she found that the safety captain was still poking there sort of a wooden stake, but his face gradually showed a joking smirk.

This smile couldn’t help making Luna a touch hairy. She asked nervously, “You…what are you laughing at? Hurry up?”

However, after she finished speaking, the safety captain remained indifferent, and a number of other of his security guards were also poking in situ .

Luna was even more blinded this point , she didn’t know, so she thought to herself, didn’t this guy just promised her promise very well? Why is there no response once I get here?

She turned her head and checked out Ethan again, she couldn’t help being a touch surprised, because she unexpectedly discovered that Ethan was also watching herself with a smile.

Everyone was smiling at themselves, which really made Luna a touch hairy.

“You…you all laugh such a lot , are you funny?” Luna said.

“Yeah, it’s ridiculous.” Ethan laughed aloud and said, “It’s really ridiculous.”

Luna was so embarrassed and angry that she waved her hand and drew it at Ethan, “Funny, your mother…”

However, this point Luna hadn’t waited to end her words, and before the slap that was swung out hadn’t waited far, she felt a greater force and took care of her directly.

” There was a transparent and loud sound.

Then Luna cried bitterly again.

“You need to provides it a try, bitch!”

It was the captain of the safety guard who appeared to be more civilized and polite at ordinary times, and checked out Luna with a grim look.

It was also him who had just slapped Luna.

The security captain just saw Luna close to do his hands, with quick eyesight and quick hands, he slapped Luna and slapped Luna directly.

This slap was so heavy that Luna couldn’t recover from it for an extended time.

When she gradually gained a way of consciousness, she was shocked to seek out that she had been framed by two security guards.

The security captain was still watching him savagely, and appeared to be cursing at the very bottom, but Luna’s ears buzzed and he couldn’t hear clearly.

“Master Ethan, I’m really pitying making you frightened.” the safety captain lowered his head and said respectfully to Ethan, “What does one consider this person?”


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