I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 263

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 263

Chapter 263

“Yes, yes, I didn’t think it well.” the safety captain grinned when he heard the words, and said, “It’s still Master Ethan, you two are kindhearted, we actually don’t have anything but admiration…”

The security captain gave a compliment, then finished speaking, waved his hand and motioned to his men to require Luna away.

This time it had been completely quiet, and Ethan and Linda were ready to watch the whole concert with peace of mind.

What they do not know is that the noise here just has actually attracted the eye of the audience.

After all, the concert has not yet started, therefore the debate here is sort of a magnet, attracting the eye of the many people.

And during a corner distant from Ethan and Linda’s position, Jennifer also stood up, tilted her feet and looked up here , wondering what happened.

It’s just that the space is just too far, she will only see the blurred figure, and even what happened, she didn’t even know.

“What’s wrong over there?” Jennifer asked a woman next to her.

The girl said truthfully: “I do not know , it seems that an enormous man has arrived. a woman over there seems to possess some conflicts thereupon big man, and was finally thrown out by the safety guard…”

“Tsk tusk tusk…” Jennifer was speechless, thinking that the large man is that the big man, and indeed the rich can really do whatever they need .

When there was a conflict, the primary people that were thrown out were ordinary people.

Jennifer tilted her feet to seem at it again, but she could only shook her head sadly, then asked the girl in her body: “Beauty, does one know who that boss is?”

Jennifer is only gossip. She knows that it’ll not be long before this matter will become a hot topic within the streets of Buckeye, and if she will master more information, she is going to be the main target at that point .

The girl shook her head: “I don’t know, but I just heard someone say that this is often an upscale second-generation, and he seems to be from Buckeye University. it’s said that when he came, the boss of the corporate went bent greet him. What…”

“From Buckeye University?” Jennifer couldn’t help looking surprised when she heard the words. In her heart, she checked all the blokes in Buckeye University who might be considered the rich second generation, but she didn’t find one who could match today. The master of the match.

After all, albeit those rich second generations are so powerful, it’s impossible for the concert organizer to clear a venue for you, and therefore the boss personally greeted it?

In Buckeye, if there are such rich second generations, there are indeed two, but they’re definitely not in Buckeye University. If they’re , they’re also within the Buckeye branch University of Commerce.

Although the varsity isn’t as well-known as Buckeye University, University of Commerce may be a well-known “aristocratic school” within the province. None of the people that can study there are from ordinary families. it’s almost abruptly rich within the second generation.

So in Jennifer’s opinion, it’s going to be that the girl got it wrong.

Jennifer hurriedly lifted her feet and checked out it again. this point she worked very hard and exhausted her milk-feeding energy. Finally she could see the primary row, but all she saw were only two figures.

But Jennifer was stunned , because she was surprised to seek out that the 2 figures sitting on the sofa were so familiar…

“This…no, absolutely impossible, i need to have read it wrong!” Jennifer said to herself…

The concert started quickly, and Luna, who was thrown out of the stadium gate, took quite ten minutes to completely regain consciousness, then she felt the overwhelming pain in her head.

“Damn…” Luna made a fist and hammered the bottom fiercely, feeling resentful in her heart.

It’s just that she still can’t figure it out now, did the safety captain have a head puncture? He was obviously helping him, he was crazy or 2 hundred and five, why did he slap himself backhand?

And Luna still remembered that after he slapped himself within the face, the safety captain appeared to have said something to Ethan.

Luna couldn’t help falling into a pan of doubts, and muttered to herself: “Damn, is it possible that they’re also within the same group? That’s an enormous deal. It seems that i will be able to really need to find their boss by then, which guy promised to offer me fifty thousand dollars, but he hasn’t given me yet!”

And I haven’t watched the concert yet. Luna thought to herself, she must ask the opposite party to offer her a press release for a short time , then add fuel and jealousy to elucidate the connection between Ethan and therefore the refore the staff and the security captain. Time to ascertain how these people explain.

“Damn, albeit I don’t need fifty thousand dollars today, I even have to inform you all about it!”

After mumbling to herself, Luna patted the dust on her body, got up from the bottom , and walked on to the ticket gate at the gate of the stadium.

It’s just that the concert has already started at this point , and therefore the staff at the ticket gate has been evacuated, leaving only a couple of security guards on duty there.

Just as Luna was close to beat , suddenly her mobile rang…


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