I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 264

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 264

Chapter 264

Seeing the amount of the decision , Luna’s expression suddenly changed.

She seemed a touch nervous, and even completely forgot that she just wanted to seek out two more things for revenge.

Luna hesitated for a short time , then gritted his teeth and connected the phone.

“Hey, Kieran.” Luna responded with a robust smile, “Hello, i have never called me for an extended time, how are you doing recently?”

“Okay, your uncle!” Kieran Donovan on the opposite end of the phone had a really bad attitude. He yelled at the microphone directly, “Why don’t you call you, why don’t you give me a point? You promised me this month? But you haven’t done anything about it yet, you’re silent, does one want to rest on this matter? , then you think that too much!”

Luna was scolded in dog blood, and she or he felt uncomfortable in her heart, but she didn’t dare to point out it, even her expression was trembling.

She hurriedly said: “Kieran, do not be angry, don’t you think that , how could I not do anything for you, but you furthermore may know that recently the varsity saw me more closely, and therefore the class isn’t so good… “

Luna sighed and fell into bitterness, and said, “You know, because i used to be trying to find a woman for you before, I even have already been punished by the varsity . If i’m not careful now, i will be able to be directly opened. Except, at that point , don’t you say that I’m more unlikely to assist you discover it? So, Kieran, don’t worry, I…”

“I’m getting to fuk you!” Kieran Donovan on the opposite end of the phone was very angry, and directly cursed, “Do you actually threaten me? does one want to mention it again, believe it or not, i will be able to kll you, huh?”

Kieran Donovan went on to curse, “Damn, once you spent i supplying you with money, why didn’t I see you having numerous difficulties?, give me nonsense, i will be able to ask you whether you’ll do anything on behalf of me . If you don’t do anything, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Luna knew that Kieran Donovan was angry, and if he was angry, he could really do anything.

Luna couldn’t help his heart tighten, and have become uneasy.

She trembled and said: “I know Kieran, don’t worry, i will be able to definitely assist you do that , but don’t worry, if I’m easy to try to to , wouldn’t it’s finished you? I’m really it isn’t easy to handle, so I ask Kieran you to be considerate of me…”

“I understand your mother!” Kieran Donovan said violently, “, i will be able to tell you that at the newest tomorrow night, if i can not see anyone, then i will be able to take your previous scandals in your Buckeye University It all shakes out, don’t forget, you didn’t take photos less at the start , what would you are doing once I saw you, don’t shame you!”

Once Kieran Donovan finished speaking, he decisively ended the decision .

The moment the decision was ended, tears welled up in Luna’s eyes.

At this moment, where did she still have the mind to seek out Ethan for revenge, it had been true that she could keep herself now.

Luna was anxious in her heart. She knew Kieran Donovan’s methods and his character alright . If she really didn’t do things consistent with his will, then he would do what he just said.

That is what Luna fears most.

Luna didn’t wipe the tears, but just raised her hand violently and slapped herself.

She never thought that her own impulse would eventually cause such a consequence.

Luna was in need of money for a short time , so she followed Kieran Donovan’s Daoer Daoer, stayed with him all night, and took a sum of cash .

It’s just that Luna didn’t expect that it had been her own impulse at the time, but within the end it became Kieran Donovan’s handle.

At that point , Kieran Donovan not only secretly recorded images, but also secretly took many photos of Luna.

After that, Kieran Donovan asked Luna to seek out him a woman in Buckeye University. At first, Luna certainly disagreed.

But when she objected, Kieran Donovan directly took out the bunch of handles for the shooting, and threatened confidently: “If you do not do what I ask, then I promise you that you simply aren’t honest second. God, let these videos and photos all appear in Buckeye University!”

Luna was completely desperate when she saw the items in Kieran Donovan’s hands for the primary time.

She naturally didn’t want to let everyone realize this stuff . therein case, how could she occupy Buckeye University? She even had a heart to die.

If you cannot resist, you’ll only agree.

From then on, Luna also developed more and more, she fell deeper and deeper, and within the end it became a drag even to extricate herself.

Even now Luna desperately wants to withdraw from Kieran Donovan’s filial piety, it’s absolutely impossible.

Luna was desperate, she really didn’t know what to try to to .

If he couldn’t retreat, he could only still help Kieran Donovan to try to to this detrimental thing.

But the thing that creates Luna the foremost troublesome now’s that albeit she wants to try to to it, nobody believes her anymore, she can’t deceive others!


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