I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 265

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 265

Chapter 265

When Luna felt confused and at a loss, she suddenly remembered Linda.

In fact, she thought of Linda yesterday, but within the end she was stopped by Mira.

And Luna also thinks. Linda is indeed a goal that suits him.

As soon as Linda was simple, it had been estimated that she would be ready to deceive her during a few words, then he would just find an excuse to urge her done.

And she knew better that Linda needed money, which was the foremost important thing.

Linda’s mother was hospitalized and needed tons of cash . this is often something that a lot of people that know Linda know.

And the more at this point , the more he can cash in of the emptiness and obtain Linda down.

At that point , as long as he was bullying and temptation, he wouldn’t believe that Linda wouldn’t be caught.

It’s just that the one thing that creates Luna feel a headache now’s that Ethan is usually with Linda. If you would like to urge Linda down, you want to first get this Ethan done.

“Damn stinky silk, always come to spoil my good things!” Luna muttered, after thinking for a short time , but still didn’t find out , is there any thanks to make Ethan stand back from Linda? .

After all, you cannot take Linda to Kieran Donovan’s place by yourself, and Ethan will follow him?

This kind of thing that I did wasn’t seen within the first place, if this matter was passed on by Ethan, wouldn’t I even have to eat it?

Luna couldn’t help but feel a headache when thinking of this, it seems that things have fallen into a deadlock here again.

“Oh…what am i able to do about this!” Luna was anxious. After all, Kieran Donovan gave her a limited time, but tomorrow night, if he can’t send him someone by himself tomorrow night, then maybe Kieran Donovan can do anything that lunatic can do. Come on.

Just when Luna was at a loss, her telephone suddenly rang again.

Luna couldn’t help but hang up again in a moment , thinking that it had been Kieran Donovan 80% again.

This guy won’t change his mind, he won’t even give himself the deadline tomorrow night, right?

Then she is basically going crazy.

However, Luna glanced at the telephone number of the caller, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Because it had been not Kieran Donovan who was calling, and Luna was a touch surprised by this person, because this person clothed to be Mira.

“Why did she call me? what is the matter?” Luna couldn’t help muttering to herself, filled with questions but no answer.

She answered the phone with some anxiety, and said softly, “Hello?”

“Hey… yes, is it Luna? I’m Mira.” Mira said during a low voice, and this point her tone was a touch tired and hesitant.

Of course Luna isn’t very angry, and she or he directly replied coldly, what does one mean? You call me, and you inquire from me if i’m Luna, does one have a brain cramp?”

Luna could always remember how Mira broke her good deeds last night and favored Linda.

Mira was silent for a short time after hearing this, then slowly said, “Yes…I’m sorry, that…Luna, where are you?”

Mira are some things wrong? Luna couldn’t help being curious.

She also replied in an annoyed manner: “Where i’m , are you doing anything? Just let it out if you’ve got any farts.”

Mira froze for an extended time before humming, “I…I want to require care of you borrowing some money…”

“Borrow money?”

Hearing Mira’s words, Luna appeared to be surprised at what proportion he had eaten, and she or he yelled out of surprise, and her heart was incredible.

She absolutely couldn’t imagine that Mira would at some point borrow money from her.

But Luna are often certain that Mira 80% has encountered some major difficulties, otherwise, together with her staunch temper, how could she offend herself yesterday and lick her face to worry about borrowing money today?

Luna smiled from rock bottom of her heart, saying that you simply are really shameless, okay, then check out how I humiliated you!

Luna said during a calm tone, “Yo-yo-yo, I heard you right? Miss Mira would even care about borrowing money from me? Hey, hey, it’s such an enormous anecdote, hey…”

Immediately after Luna’s conversation turned, she said again during a tricky tone, “What does one think? once you offended my wife before, you were very arrogant and didn’t put my wife in your eyes in the least . what is the matter? , i feel of my old mother again? What does one think I am? A rag? Use it once you consider it, and throw it aside if you do not remember?”

Luna said something, Mira’s face was red and her teeth were gritted.

She felt uncomfortable, but she still endured it.

Because before she made this call to Luna, she had already thought that she would definitely not be ready to escape such humiliation.

But she still fought, and she or he was also mentally prepared, because she appeared to haven’t any choice now.

If it wasn’t for her lack of cash , Mira would never open this to Luna.

She also knew that she had offended others yesterday, and she or he began to borrow money today. this is often simply shameless, but what can she do?


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