I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 266

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 266

Chapter 266

Mira really couldn’t help it, because early this morning, shortly after Linda left the bedroom, Mira received a call from home.

Her father is seriously ill…

In fact, my mother had called Mira before, saying that his father was hospitalized thanks to illness, but the 2 elders were afraid that her studies would be delayed, in order that they always concealed the condition and didn’t truthfully explain things .

What they didn’t even explain was that their home had been hollowed out for this treatment.

This morning, my mother finally told the reality , which made Mira struck by lightning, and therefore the whole person didn’t recover from it for an extended time.

Immediately afterwards, her mother told her that there was really no money within the family, even the house that her parents trusted was now mortgaged to usury.

So Mira’s father is prepared to offer up treatment.

But abandoning treatment means the daddy might not live for 3 months.

After learning of the accident, Mira shut herself within the dormitory for an extended time, only crying helplessly.

After crying for an extended time, she appeared to realize that she should do something.

At the very least, one shouldn’t hand over hope. Father is that the only source of income for the family. If his father collapses, wouldn’t his family collapse too?

Mira’s unwillingness to give in broke out again.

She kept on the phone all morning, from relatives to friends, to grade school , secondary school , highschool classmates, and eventually college classmates. She borrowed them one by one.

It’s just that her classmates are either in bad conditions and can’t afford to pay.

Either it had been just that she was in such an honest face, and when it had been really useful, she would shirk in every possible way for various reasons.

Mira was desperate, and she or he had only raised but five thousand yuan all morning.

The money was almost vainly , Mira sighed and began crying again.

In fact, she had also thought of Linda during the method , but Mira considered it, but still didn’t call her.

Mira also knew about Linda’s condition. She was originally in poor condition, and her mother remains hospitalized within the hospital.

Financially stretched, if she asks her to borrow money at this point , Mira are often sure that Linda will help her, because this is often in line together with her character.

But if you employ Linda’s money, will your conscience be upset?

Use money from other people’s mothers to save lots of your own father?

Even though she and Linda are excellent friends, they can not .

In the end, there was really no way, Mira only thought of Luna.

She knew that Luna’s family was distant and she or he had no financial burden.

Moreover, she often engages in crooked ways to form some money, and she or he has many money available .

At this point , i assume I only have an opportunity if I speak to her.

Although she is for certain , she must be scolded.

But for the cash and for his father’s life-saving money, Mira gritted his teeth and made a call, because compared together with his father’s life, this humiliation isn’t counted.

Mira burst into tears and choked to explain: “No, Luna isn’t like this, it’s really not like this, I…”

“What are you?” Luna yelled angrily, “You are so crazy, does one know what you call it? It’s shameless and shameless!”

Luna scolded Mira again: “What does one think? Yesterday, you flaunted me, and now you pretend to be the third grandson, borrowing money from my old lady? What does one consider me? Is it a relief station? Or is it a bank? how dare to believe it, I don’t skills shameful it is!”

Listening to the verbal abuse, Mira didn’t return a word, she was just expecting Luna to let loose all the grievances in her heart, in order that she could lend herself money.

“Luna, i do know it’s my fault. It’s all my fault. If you’ve got any complaints or unpleasantness, you’ll tell all of them . you’ll beat and scold me, as long as you’ll vent…” said very humblely.

Luna can see that as long as he can borrow money from herself today, Mira are often her grandson.

Then why are you polite to her? in fact , to vent all the unhappiness and unhappiness before?

But about borrowing money, ho ho, Luna still thinks Mira is just too naive.

Don’t say that she had sinned against herself before, just a sin she did not have , and she or he had an honest relationship with herself, and she or he wouldn’t lend Mira a penny.

It’s one thing to borrow money or not, but it’s another thing to stretch out your face and let me fight.

You are so proactive. If i do not fight, wouldn’t it’s too shameful for you?

“It’s okay to hit you?” Luna asked with a sneer.

Mira hesitated for a flash , and eventually gritted her teeth and replied: “Okay, as long as… OK, as long as you wish it, you’ll let your breath go!”

Luna was so happy when she heard the words, she hurriedly smiled and asked, “Okay, tell me, where are you now? I’ll go over!”


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