I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 267

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 267

Chapter 267

Mira said that he was within the dormitory, then Luna ended the decision , left the stadium directly, took a taxi and returned to Buckeye University.

As soon as she returned to high school , she went straight to the bedroom, Luna was so anxious, as if she ran away for fear that Mira would regret it.

But what surprised Luna was that when she walked into the bedroom, she was shocked to seek out that Mira hadn’t left. She was sitting on her bed with no expression on her face. In fact, she decided to let herself have a fight.

“You…you are back.” Mira said, seemingly holding back tears.

Luna couldn’t help feeling ridiculous. She checked out Mira and asked jokingly, “Mira, aren’t you convulsive? You…you really let me hit you?”

Mira hesitated slightly, raised her head and checked out Luna with a smile, and replied, “As long as you’re happy…”

Mira naturally didn’t say the remainder . She thought to herself, as long as you’re happy, you’ll lend me money, whatever you wish .

Anyway, today Mira is willing to travel out, for the cash , she does everything.

Luna only felt ridiculous for a short time , she tentatively pushed Mira, and when she saw that the opposite party didn’t respond, and didn’t fight back, she smiled happily: “Hahaha…This is really interesting. Fight back? what is wrong with you Mira, is your mind caught within the door?”

While speaking, Luna became more courageous, and she or he slapped Mira’s face.

She isn’t too powerful, she is additionally tentative.

The slap fell on Mira’s face and crackled, making it even more painful, but Mira still didn’t respond and put it all down.

But when Luna was close to roll in the hay , Mira stopped her abruptly.


“Huh, what? You regret it? i do know , you’ve got no sincerity at all!” Luna said contemptuously, “Don’t you say, how am i able to be happy?”

Mira squeezed a really stiff smile and asked, “No, it isn’t Luna, I just want to understand , are you able to lend me money once you finish playing and your anger is finished later?”

Mira is never stupid, she now wants Luna to offer herself an accurate answer.

Luna was stunned by these words.

She originally came back after beating Mira vainly , but she didn’t want to. This guy gave herself a touch of sweetness, then she began to reveal her real purpose.

But this is often the top of the matter, and that i just tasted a touch little bit of sweetness, how could Luna just let it go.

But she would never borrow money anyway.

Luna smiled, expressing Mira’s innocence in her heart, but she said: “Yes, it’s okay. Anyhow, we are good sisters who have lived together for such an extended time. does one think I’m like that Unbelievers?”

you are!

Mira really wanted to mention these two words.

But she couldn’t. albeit she knew that Luna may need actually beaten herself and didn’t admit it, she also admitted it. a minimum of this is able to make herself feel that there was still a glimmer of hope.

And if there’s no Luna, there’s really nothing left of him.

Mira finally smiled reluctantly, pondered for an extended time, then said: “Well, Luna, I hope you’ll believe it!”

The anger was a touch weird. the 2 appeared to be talking and laughing, but actually each side were filled with anger suppressed in their hearts.

While the 2 sides seem to be happy, they’re talking about one party beating the opposite .

Luna appeared to be a touch impatient. Before Mira could finish speaking, she suddenly slapped her over, but this point , her power was used extremely.

This slap overturned Mira on the bunk, then Luna suppressed Depression in her heart for an extended time, and every one the anger of the mountains and seas vented…

After an extended time, Luna got down from Mira’s bed, she was a touch tired, and she or he was a touch unstable.

She trembled and smiled: “Damn, it is so resistant!”

At this point , Mira had blood from the beaten nostrils, and therefore the entire face and body were covered with blood.

And all her clothes were now torn into a pile of rags by Luna, and she or he looked unkempt and embarrassed.

Mira felt dizzy in her head, a way of exhaustion that she wanted to nod off for a short time .

But she still resisted, checked out Luna, smiled a touch awkwardly, and asked, “Luna, are you getting angry now?”

Luna slumped on the chair, and she or he felt as if she was out of strength: “It’s so cool! Haha, Mira, Mira, don’t you recognize , I actually wanted to wash you up like this. Oh, you actually hate you, does one know?”

Mira touched her stinging cheek, changed her clothes that were already messy, and easily tidyed her disheveled hair, checked out Luna again blankly, and asked, “Luna, are you able to lend me money then?”


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