I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 268

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 268

Chapter 268

Luna couldn’t help being asked for a flash . She didn’t expect Mira to be beaten to death by herself. She opened her mouth and was still asking herself to borrow money.

This can not help but make her a touch uncomfortable. If it weren’t already exhausted, she really wanted to travel up and beat her hard.

Luna looked around angrily, suddenly grabbed the water glass on the side, and slammed Mira over.

It’s just that she was already overstretched at this point , and therefore the force of throwing the water glass out was very small and limp.

The cup was thrown on Mira’s body, and Mira screamed without pain.

“You can really talk nonsense, are you within the eye of money?” Luna pointed at Mira and shouted, “Just let me borrow money? why are you so funny, why should I lend you? Who are you? !”

Hearing Luna’s words, Mira knew that what she worried most had happened.

Luna didn’t want to admit it in the least .

you said it just now!” Mira didn’t even have a touch of irritation. Instead, she sneered and said, “You said that as long as I offer you a meal, you’ll lend me money. Why, don’t you would like to admit it? What are you, white prostitute?
Listening to Mira’s sneer, Luna actually felt a trace of hair in her heart.

But she still relied on courage, and said, “Why don’t I admit it, what are you able to do to me? you’re naive. If you think that you actually let me fight, i will be able to lend you money? does one skills ridiculous is your own logic?”

Mira sneered again when he heard this, but it had been obviously a sneer on the sting of despair.

Since he’s almost desperate, then this person must be ready to do everything.

Mira walked slowly towards Luna, walking slowly, but with cold eyes.

Suddenly, Mira drew a fruit knife from behind her, checked out Luna with a chilly look, and said coldly, “Luna, does one think i actually can’t do anything with you?”

This action by Mira really frightened Luna. She leaned back during a hurry, but she couldn’t sit still. She thumped the chair and fell to the bottom .

“You… what are you getting to do?” Luna panicked, she didn’t expect that Mira would have a back-up, and it had been still such an extreme method.

It seems that she was prepared an extended time ago. If she beat her, she would just stop borrowing money, but if she didn’t borrow money, was she getting to have a fish-and-death with herself?

“You… do not be impulsive, Mira, everyone has something to mention …” Luna was a touch frightened. When she first beat Mira, she had exhausted her energy. She knew alright that she wanted to run now. Can’t run away.

It seems that there are only two choices today, either to lend Mira the cash , or to actually come to a dead fish and break internet .

Although Luna loves money, she is even more scared of death.

Seeing Mira approaching step by step, she was panicked to the acute .

Suddenly, Mira saw that he was close to reach Luna’s eyes, but suddenly stopped, and eventually said coldly: “Luna, you’ve got one last chance now. you’ll choose by yourself. Anyway, if i can not raise money today, I there’s no point in life , everyone…”

Hearing these words, Luna only felt a deep chill from the soles of her feet to the sky spirit cover, she was panicked.

She trembled for an extended time, then nodded violently, and said to Mira: “Okay…you, you set the fruit knife down first, i will be able to lend you the cash , you initially step back…”

“Do you think that I can still trust you?” Mira didn’t step back, still poking in situ , looking straight at Luna.

Luna knew that today she couldn’t be perfunctory, and she or he had to bleed.

She hurriedly rummaged in her pocket and bag for a short time .

Before, she sold three of Ethan’s front row tickets and purchased them within the early 80s.

The big head has already been deposited by Lunas bank. She still has four to 5 thousand in change. She originally planned to spend her own pocket at any time, but now it seems that she has no chance to spend it.

Luna quickly took out all the cash and handed it to Mira with both hands: Mira, here is my last little bit of money. i will be able to provides it to you. You…you can now withdraw. Right?”

Mira saw the cash and held back tears for an extended time.

She knew that she wasn’t easy, and she or he was filled with grievances, and it seemed that she was close to burst out at this moment.

Mira wiped away tears, took the cash , and walked back to her bed.

Seeing this scene, Luna, who had been hanging in her heart for an extended time, finally breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that she had passed this point .

The whole person went limp again, and sat down casually, panting heavily.

Mira’s battle just really shocked her.

She even felt that Mira really had a murderous bent herself, but fortunately, she had some change in hand, otherwise it might be really bad today.


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