I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 269

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 269

Chapter 269

Luna raised her head and glanced at Mira.

At this point , Mira was lying on the bed and burst into tears.

Luna couldn’t help being a touch curious, what happened to Mira? Will you be so unscrupulous for money?

It is estimated that something major went on . If it’s not a special need for money, who would do such a thing.

It’s just that Luna recalled what Mira had done to herself just , and she or he couldn’t bear any pity for Mira in her heart.

Damn, if it wasn’t for the fast response, you would possibly have stabbed you, so I can pity you?

It’s just that Luna considered it again, watching the banknotes pinched tightly in Mira’s hands, she was really unwilling in her heart.

She thought that Mira wouldn’t return it to herself, right? If that’s the case, i will be able to lose tons .

After a short time , Luna asked, “Um… Mira, does one particularly need money? But…”

Luna smiled pretendingly: “But you furthermore may know that my money wasn’t brought by the wind, but I saved it a touch bit alone . You…you have to pay it back to me? Otherwise? I……”

Before Luna had finished speaking, Mira raised her head and checked out her. Luna was so scared that she closed her mouth and didn’t dare to travel any longer .

Mira choked up and said, “Don’t worry, I said, this is often for the cash you borrowed, not what you would like . i will be able to return it to you sooner or later. If you would like , I can even write a letter for you.”

Hearing Mira’s words, Luna finally felt confident, and smiled, “Look, what’s this about? Our relationship…”

Luna considered it for a short time , and she or he punched Mira on her face. She did not have anything to try to to with the opposite party, so she didn’t still mention it.

But at this moment, Luna suddenly had a flash of sunshine in her mind, and she or he couldn’t help but get excited again.

She checked out Mira and couldn’t help nodding her head again and again.

In the past, she hadn’t observed Mira carefully in the least , but felt that Mira was pretty good, and belonged to the type of well-behaved girl.

But this point she took a better check out her, only to seek out that Mira was actually very beautiful, but she didn’t dress up considerably and wasn’t noticed an excessive amount of .

Mira is extremely almost like Linda during this aspect. She is extremely beautiful, but she doesn’t wish to dress up, and she or he rarely uses cosmetics.

But however , thereunder seemingly simple appearance, they need extremely enviable delicate features, also as bumpy figures.

Not to mention Luna, even a woman would probably be jealous.

Many people placed on heavy makeup, but within the end they can not match a face without makeup. this is often simply unreasonable.

And it had been this subconscious observation that immediately gave Luna a thought .

Luna thought to herself: Anyway, Kieran Donovan is additionally urging his life there, and he really can’t find the proper person available . Why not ask Mira if she will roll in the hay well. Isn’t she in need of money anyway? That being the case, it’s estimated that this thing are often accomplished by adding a touch little bit of temptation to profit.

Thinking of this, Luna was incredibly happy.

This seems to be an honest thanks to kill two birds with one stone. First, I can work with Kieran Donovan, and second, I can make a fortune from Mira.

Thinking of this, Luna couldn’t help herself. She checked out Mira and showed a smile, as if she cared more about one another , she quickly got up and leaned forward.

“Oh okay, Mira, I blamed me just . It’s all my fault. Don’t cry…” Luna said during a fake consolation, “Actually, i’m the one that understands you best, although i do not i do know why you would like such a lot money, but there must be something urgent. you’re crying, but you think that , what’s the utilization of crying? It still cannot solve the matter .”

Luna sat on Mira’s bed, gently put her in her arms, and said concerned: “Tell me, why does one need such a lot money? Is there something wrong with the family?”

At this point , Mira felt abnormally helpless and lonely. At this moment, she had a shoulder to believe , and she or he couldn’t control such a lot . She leaned directly on, nestled in Luna’s arms, crying. It’s even more miserable.

“I…My dad is hospitalized…” Mira choked, “It’s a really serious illness. Now our family has no ability to continue treatment on behalf of me . I…I…”

Before he finished speaking, Mira choked to talk .

Luna frowned, her heart said so. She patted Mira’s back lightly, and whispered, “Ah, it clothed to be like this, but… Hey, you don’t have enough money for anything? i do know , the hospital is for food. Where people don’t spit bones, your thousands of dollars are going to be gone if you can’t even see the splashes. you continue to need to find how to boost money!”

“But i can not help it…” Mira burst into tears.


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