I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 270

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 270

Chapter 270

Luna immediately smiled knowingly when she heard the words, thinking that this silly nizi really got caught.

However, Luna sighed pretentiously: “Yes, it takes tons of cash . You said that you simply are a student and do not have any financial resources yet. Where are you able to get such a lot money?”

Luna continued to sigh, “Hey, I am too. I’m a big-handed man. i do not have much money in my hands now, otherwise i will be able to definitely lend it to you.”

Luna said so, but what she didn’t say clearly was that it had been in her credit card at this point , but she was still lying quietly with a deposit of quite 100,000 yuan.

Luna continued to induce Mira and said, “Hey, if you’ve got employment and may make tons of cash directly , that might be great.”

After Luna finished speaking, she lowered her head slightly to glance at Mira’s reaction, but at this point Mira had no reaction except crying.

“It’s useless…Is there any quite work? albeit it does, it probably won’t be my turn…” Mira said desperately.

Luna smiled: “Hey, Mira, don’t you be so pessimistic, we do not have less arms or legs than others, so we will not roll in the hay …but…”

Luna pretended to hesitate, and Mira soon took the bait. He checked out Luna unpreparedly and asked, “But what?”

Luna chuckled, “But Mira, there are literally the type of jobs I just mentioned, but i do not know if you would like to try to to it. Maybe…maybe you’ll be so repulsive, but…”

After that, Luna didn’t still say, he hehe smiled, and said, “You know what I mean?”

Mira frowned first, then suddenly realized.

Of course she understood what Luna meant. After all, she knew exactly what Luna did within the past.

Mira suddenly pushed Luna away when she heard the words, her eyes sharpened.

“I won’t do this quite thing, i counsel you to die your heart!” Mira rebuffed coldly.

Mira finally understood what Luna said just . It clothed that she was trying to steer herself into a trap step by step, with the goal of telling herself.

Of course Mira wouldn’t do this stuff . She has always cleaned herself up, even her boyfriend who had been connected to her for half a year, tried to the touch herself several times, but she refused.

Mira is a particularly conservative person, what she can’t do together with her boyfriend, how can she mess with other men?

Seeing Mira’s expression of rejection, Luna also frowned.

She said earnestly and earnestly: “Hey, Mira, do not be angry, I’m also kind. After all, i feel you cannot raise money and i am anxious. does one think it is vital for us to sacrifice a touch bit, or is it important for my father to save lots of his life? What? Hey, believe it, don’t i actually have any bad thoughts, I just want to assist you.”

Luna smiled and continued: “And let me tell you, now aside from this, there’s really no other thanks to raise tons of cash directly , unless you rob the bank… You say, Mira, i do know a brother-in-law now, and other people such as you , and if you behave well, you would possibly be ready to make tons of cash . i will be able to assist you afterwards… “

“Shut up to me!” Before Luna finished speaking, Mira severely interrupted, “Don’t say any longer , if you do not want to remain here, just give me out immediately. i would like to be alone! “

Luna shook her head helplessly when she heard the words, and said, “Look at your stinky temper. I’m kind, so let’s believe it, Mira. If you modify your mind, tell me, i’m going and talk for you…”

After speaking, Luna smiled sadly and walked out of the bedroom.

But Luna was a touch proud, because she felt that Mira had no thanks to go now, and there have been no more choices she could make.

Either she watched her dad alive and sick, or she obediently came to seek out herself.

Luna walked out of the bedroom, wandered within the hallway for a short time , took out his mobile , and called Kieran Donovan.

“Hey, hey Kieran it’s me.” Luna laughed together with her .

“Why, I just finished scolding you, so why did I call me again? I found someone?” Kieran Donovan said arrogantly.

Luna smiled: “Of course Kieran if you speak, i will be able to find someone for you as soon as possible, but…”

“But what?” Kieran Donovan was a touch impatient, and cursed, “Don’t be a mother-in-law, just tell me if you dare to play with me, you’d better attend the crematorium to mention hello, or you will be afraid that nobody will collect your body. !”

Luna heard the words, covered the microphone and screamed, then said kindly, “Hey, Kieran checked out what you said, how dare I fool you, I called you, it’s indeed because I found someone. It’s just… It’s just that I even have a touch problem now.”


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