I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 271

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 271

Chapter 271

“Problem? What is the problem?” Kieran Donovan said displeased, “If you have any problems, you can solve them, otherwise what do I want you to do? Is the commission money for you for nothing?”

Luna grinned reluctantly, and said: “That’s just Kieran Donovan. I can’t solve this difficulty right now? To be honest, I found it for Kieran Donovan this time, but it is a top-quality product. I agree with this because she is in urgent need of a large amount of money, but others have said that if the money given this time is small, they will not do it…”

After listening to such a lot of words, Kieran Donovan actually took two words to his heart, one is the best and the other is a lot of money.

Superb, Kieran Donovan felt itchy when he heard this word.

To be honest, he seems to have almost forgotten what the best girl is now.

In the past, Luna found him only some ordinary girls, and they were purely to deal with him.

The last time he encountered the best product, it was the one that Ina brought to him, but the girl was too strong, so she dared to beat herself, and also brought in a bunch of people and took the girl away for life.

For this matter, Kieran Donovan was upset for a long time.

This time, Kieran Donovan was very excited when he heard the word quintessence.

“Really?she look beautiful? What about Her body?” Kieran Donovan changed his previous arrogant attitude towards Luna, and began to look more cheerful.

After all, whether this matter can be achieved depends on Luna’s work in it.

Luna heard the change in Kieran Donovan’s tone, and she was immediately excited, and said, “Of course it’s beautiful. What about the best beauties.”

Hearing this, Kieran Donovan was finally relieved.

But he soon questioned again: “Oh, yes, didn’t you just say, why does she need money in particular?”

Luna replied, “Yes, Kieran Donovan, to tell you the truth, this girl is a good sister who slept with me. Now her dad is in the hospital, there is really no way to find me, but they said, you can accompany you. , But it is also the first time for others, what are you doing…”

Kieran Donovan became a little impatient, and asked directly, “Don’t talk nonsense, just say how much money you need!”

Luna chuckled and said, “One hundred thousand yuan, people said, don’t do it for a penny!”

“How many? One hundred thousand?” Kieran Donovan heard the words, almost jumping up, exclaimed, “What are you kidding me? One hundred thousand yuan, I go to prostitute, even if you change three a day, you can play For two months, who do you think you are? Giant panda?”

Luna laughed out loud when she heard the words, thinking that Kieran Donovan was really funny when she got angry.

But Luna also knows Kieran Donovan very well. This man is lustful, and he can’t walk when he sees a beautiful woman, even desperate.

Let’s listen to what he said now, waiting for him to dress Mira more beautifully and bring it to her.

Relying on Mira’s exquisite facial features, and beautiful figure, as long as she is dressed a little, it is a top beauty.

At that time, not to mention that I wanted one hundred thousand yuan, just two hundred thousand yuan. It is estimated that Kieran Donovan got his brain, and he dared to agree.

Luna naturally didn’t worry and just said, “Hey, I can’t help but Kieran Donovan, people say that, a penny less will not work, or you see… if you think it’s not possible, then I’ll tell them when I turn around. , Don’t let people wait too long. Okay, Kieran Donovan, think about it for yourself, I have something else, I’ll hang up first…”

“Hey, wait, I still have…”

Kieran Donovan seemed to have to talk, but Luna didn’t give him a chance at all and ended the call.

Luna smiled while she was holding it, saying that all the initiative now lies in her own hands. Now whether it is Mira or Kieran Donovan, shouldn’t they still obey their own mercy?

She deliberately gave Kieran Donovan a feeling of desire and dissatisfaction, so that he could be a stunner.

Luna thought for a while, and hurriedly walked toward the bedroom.

On Kieran Donovan’s side, she feels that she has become afflicted, and now she still has to add fire on Mira’s side.

In the bedroom, after Luna left, Mira’s whole body fell into despair again.

She heard from her mother that this time her father needed an operation to suppress the condition.

And the cost of surgery alone would cost more than 100,000 yuan.

Now the family has raised more than 30,000, and I have 10,000 on hand, but only 40,000 in total, and more than half of the holes are waiting to be filled.

If the money is not enough, it is absolutely impossible for the hospital to perform surgery.

Mira felt desperate when she thought that there was still so much money, and she couldn’t help but cry.

She really has no choice.

When Luna was telling her about it before, Mira almost felt Luna’s mind.

But after calming down for a while, she also discovered that she really had no choice but to go this way.


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