I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 272

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 272

Chapter 272

And even if what Luna said just now was bullshit, there was one sentence that impressed Mira.

Yes, I made a little sacrifice, but I got my father’s life in exchange.

Compared with the little bit of his own sacrifice, his father’s life really seemed nothing.

Mira comforted herself in her heart, but inadvertently, her tears shed again.

Mira certainly understands that her thoughts are nothing more than self-comfort.

Maybe in this way, she won’t blame herself like that, and it will reduce the humiliation…

Mira was thinking to herself when suddenly the door of the bedroom was pushed open again.

Luna nodded at Mira with a fake smile on her face, “Mira, are you in a better mood?”

Mira did not respond with a stern face, silently turning her head to the side.

Although she still had some thoughts at this time, she still felt a little sick when she saw Luna’s face.

Luna suffocated, instead of frustrating it, she posted it with a smile.

“Mira, I’m so embarrassed. Actually, I just couldn’t do anything about it. You think, I definitely want to help you, but I can only think of these ways to help you?”

Luna continued: “Mira, in fact, you don’t need to have too much psychological burden. We will have to go through this kind of thing sooner or later. Is it possible that you still plan to not get married forever? And you can rest assured that this kind of thing, God knows and you know I know, others will not know!”

Hearing Luna’s words, Mira gritted her teeth and suddenly turned to look at her: “You…are you telling the truth?”

Luna was overjoyed when she heard Mira say this, and she was sure that this matter had already become more than half of it.

She hurriedly said with enthusiasm like an old bustard: “Oh, don’t worry. Of course, the less people know about this kind of thing, the better. How could it be publicized? And you know,name and a surname? The big family is small, but people value reputation more than us.”

Mira heard this, although she was still expressionless, but she seemed to have softened her mentality a bit, and then hesitated to ask: “Then…how much can he give me?”
Luna already understood that he had taken the initiative to negotiate the price. Now the initiative of the matter is entirely in his own hands.

This is best, she knows she can pinch Mira to death.

Luna scratched her head and said, “Mira, it’s not a lie, do you know why I went there just now? I went to call my strong brother, and after they heard about you, they sympathized with you. Yes, people usually handle things like this for a few thousand dollars, but this time, they took the initiative to give you fifty thousand yuan as a reward! How about it, are you happy?”

“More… how much? Fifty thousand?” Mira was stunned with fright. Even in her dreams, she never expected that the other party would give so much money.

What Mira didn’t know was that this was actually the amount Luna received after the discount. If she knew Luna was asking for 100,000 yuan, she would not know how she would feel.

“How about it? Agree?” Luna snickered, and she was so happy.

She did not expect this Mira to be so flicker.

Moreover, I can earn a full 50,000 yuan in one fell swoop, thank God.

But Luna was a little surprised that Mira was really excited at first, but soon hesitated again.

Luna frowned and whispered: “I said Mira, this is a lot, how much do you want?”

Mira naturally knew that this was a lot, but she knew that her father’s surgery cost was still a shortfall of 80,000 yuan.

Even if I made 50,000 yuan here, how about 30,000 yuan? Then where will I go to raise the 30,000 yuan?

Mira thought to herself, she would just keep doing it all by herself, and she opened her mouth, asking it for 80,000, and looking back what the other party likes.

“80,000!” Mira raised her head and said with a serious face, “As long as you give me 80,000, I agree! And then… She can do whatever he wants!”

“Eighty thousand?” Luna almost shouted out in shock, followed by a look of disgust, “Mira, who do you think you are? Don’t take it for granted, okay? People give you fifty thousand yuan, which is already pitying you. Why are you shameless yourself?”

Luna couldn’t help being a little angry.

Although Kieran Donovan asked for one hundred thousand before, and she was only allowed to give Mira fifty thousand, now she actually asked for another eighty thousand, which is equivalent to taking away more than half of her own profits. Will agree.

Luna pays more attention to money than anything else, especially since it is already regarded as money in her own mouth, and now Mira still wants to dig it out, it is like she is cutting her Luna’s flesh and crying bitterly.


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