I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 274

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 274

Chapter 274

Luna wanted to understand how much oil and water he could squeeze out of Mira now, he had to squeeze the oil and water as much as possible, otherwise, after passing such a village, there would be no shop.

However, Mira seemed very hesitant when he heard this proposal.

“Ten thousand yuan? So much, can it be less?”

Luna glanced at Mira who was hesitant, and she was a little impatient: “What’s wrong with you? Oh, they gave you 50,000, and I paid you up to 80,000 for all the hard work. You can’t pay me a little labor fee. I’ll help you for nothing if you work together? Are you shameless? Are you eating too much free lunch?”

Mira’s face was blushing when she was scolded. It was already embarrassing enough. Now she is scolded like this, no matter how thick-skinned she is, she will feel uncomfortable.

“Then… can you make less?” Mira begged, “The reason why I asked for 80,000 is really no way. My dad’s surgery fee is so much worse. I will give you 10,000 at that time, but I Where can I get this ten thousand dollars? Our family really has no choice!”

Luna felt a little heartbroken after hearing this, but still did not intend to give in.

She rolled her eyes, Mira, and said coldly: “Then I don’t care, anyway, you can figure it out by yourself. If you don’t agree, then I can only tell people, forget this matter, don’t say 10,000 less, I guess. That 70,000 you have to go to the water.”

Luna was purely threatening, but she knew very well that her threat was absolutely effective.

Mira hesitated for a long time, and finally sighed, “Well, I’ll give you ten thousand! But…but only ten thousand, really can’t ask for more!”

Luna finally showed a smile and said, “Hey, don’t worry, I also know that it’s not easy for you. This is your dad’s life-saving money. How could I be so ignorant to promote, and no matter how much you want? In fact, I do. It means, just find a balance, you don’t know how people scolded me just now…”

Luna finally calmed Mira’s mood with a random lie.

Immediately afterwards, she looked at the time and said, “Well, you will tidy up in a while, take out all the best clothes, and draw a nice one. I will take you to make a hair later. Communicate with Qiang again about the time, we will pass.”

Mira just nodded dumbly when she heard the words, her mind was blank, leaning on the bed alone, seeming to be thinking something.

Luna strolled around in the bedroom, didn’t know what he was doing, and left hurriedly again.

At this moment, Mira’s cell phone rang, and she was shocked to find that it was her boyfriend.

She talked with this boyfriend for half a year, and at first treated her very well, but after several times the other party wanted to go out and open up with her to no avail, the other party’s attitude gradually became colder, and even Mira caught the embarrassment of her boyfriend opening a house with others.

Now their relationship has existed in name only, but the other party also asked Mira to help him financially from time to time, and it has survived to this day.

Mira sighed and connected the phone, and her boyfriend’s extremely impatient voice came over the phone: “Mira, are you so dead? Just answer the phone!”

Mira was not angry or happy, but just asked indifferently, “Is there something wrong?”

The other party said: “Hurry up, WeChat transfers two hundred yuan to me, I want to go out for a meal.”

“I have no money.” Mira said indifferently, “My dad is hospitalized, and now needs a large amount of surgery fees, I won’t give you any more money.”

When the other party heard this, he was instantly annoyed and cursed: “Is it going to you? Your dad has a fart relationship with me when he died. I tell you, hurry up and transfer money to me. If there is no money, I will lend it and give you half an hour. Transfer the money right away, or just break up.”

The other party spoke categorically, without hesitation.

These words finally burned the anger in Mira’s heart.

She took a breath and said into the microphone: “Then you just get out, I really wanted to break up a long time ago, and I have something to say to you: I’m going to your D*e…”

This is the first time Mira scolded the other party, but before he waited for a whole sentence to scold you, the other party ended the phone call, and did not forget to scold him: “Mom’s poor, your father deserves it. …”

Mira looked at the phone blankly, feeling mixed and uncomfortable. He wanted to vent, but he seemed to have nowhere to vent.

She hid her face again and cried bitterly again, crying in tears, heartbroken.

On the other hand, the concert ended in the afternoon.

Linda was really excited this day.

Not only did she see her idol so close, she even heard Ethan say that if she wanted to, she still had the opportunity to take a photo with her idol.

Of course Linda thought about it. This was something she had dreamed of since she was a child, and Linda also longed for one day, like Samira, that she could become a top star.

The two came out of the stadium and planned to leave. Ethan glanced at the time and suggested: “Let’s go to dinner. I heard Sister Maggie say that there is a nice restaurant nearby.”

Linda smiled and nodded, and suddenly thought: “By the way, Ethan, I want to call Mira too. She is my best friend. I feel a little uncomfortable without her in this concert.”


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