I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 275

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 275

Chapter 275

Ethan nodded. In the past, he had heard Linda talk about this Mira. He only knew that she usually took care of Linda in the dormitory, but had not met him officially.

“Alright, you should call her to make an appointment. I will also call to reserve a spot.” Ethan said.

Linda nodded, quickly took out his cell phone and called Mira.

The phone rang for a long time before Mira on the other end answered listlessly.

I guess she didn’t even look at the number. She thought it was her boyfriend, and said angrily: “Why are you still calling? I said, I won’t give you any more money from now on? I also need money…”

“Mira, what are you talking about?” Linda didn’t wait for Mira to finish speaking, so he hurriedly interjected, “I am Linda, what’s wrong with you?”

Although Linda didn’t hear exactly what Mira was talking about, she could feel it in her tone that Mira seemed very uncomfortable and in a bad mood.

Mira was stunned for a while. After a long time, she barely let out a laugh: “Oh, Linda, sorry, I didn’t read the number, and I recognized the wrong person. Why, is the concert good-looking?”

Linda responded with a smile: “Of course it looks good, but this is my dream for many years, hey what are you doing? Come out for dinner, Ethan said I want to invite you.”

Mira smiled knowingly when she heard the words, glanced at her messy bed, shook her head and said, “Forget it, Linda, next time, I know it will not be easy for you and Ethan, so save it, hey… …Money, sometimes it’s a good thing…”

Mira’s last sentence was purely subconscious, because she had mixed feelings in her heart.

She sometimes wonders, if she has several million, is she not so embarrassed?

“What did you say, Mira?” Linda asked suspiciously, “What the hell is wrong with you? Why do I feel like you are weird? Mira, did something happen to you? You have to tell me something. Everyone is a good sister, you must not see me outside!”

Linda was a little worried. She did feel that Mira was different today. She said her voice in a low tone and always said some weird things.

“I’m okay, it’s really okay, Linda, don’t worry.” Mira said, “You and Ethan have a good time. When you have a chance, everyone will go out to eat together again. When I get rich, I will invite you.”

Mira didn’t wait for Linda to reply, so she hurriedly ended the call.

Linda felt a little more inexplicable.

She put away the phone, looked at Ethan, her brows frowned.

“What’s wrong with Linda?” Ethan couldn’t help asking curiously when he saw Linda’s expression.

Linda pondered for a moment, shook her head silently, and muttered: “Ethan, how do I feel that Mira is weird? Oh, I feel a little panicked, I feel like she is going to have something wrong! Or…or else Let’s eat it another day, I want to go back and have a look.”

Although Ethan felt a little disappointed, he understood that Linda was worried now, even if everyone went to eat, 80% of the meal would not be happy.

“Okay, I’ll call a car now.”

Ethan turned and walked away. It took a long time before he came over and waved to Linda, indicating that her taxi had been applauded.

The two got into the car and headed straight for the school.

After about half an hour, the two arrived at school.

Linda asked Ethan to wait for herself downstairs in the dormitory, while she was going to go upstairs to see Mira.

But at this moment, Linda suddenly discovered that Mira had come out of the dormitory.

It’s just that Mira looked haggard at this time, still carrying a large bag of things in his hand, through the transparent plastic bag, Mira could see that there was blood in the bag.

Linda suddenly became nervous and ran over.

“Mira, what’s wrong with you?”

Mira looked up and found that it was Ethan and Linda. She couldn’t help but was taken aback: “Aren’t you going to eat? Why are you back?”

“Oh, you are like that, why am I still interested in going to eat!” Linda looked up and down Mira, and suddenly became nervous, “Mira, why are you bruised? What’s the matter? And… why is your face so red? It’s still a little swollen…”

Linda knew at a glance that Mira had just been beaten, and there were blood stains on the torn sheets in the trash bag in her hand.

Something must have happened, and Linda’s heart suddenly became suspended.

“What’s the matter, are you beaten by someone!” Linda asked very nervously and distressedly, “Or…”

Some other thoughts suddenly flashed through Linda’s mind, and he suddenly felt cold behind his back, thinking that it would not come true…

No, no, it’s impossible. In broad daylight, this is a female dormitory again, which is unlikely.

But what happened to Mira.

Linda was so anxious that she was about to cry.

When Mira saw Linda’s tears turning, she seemed to be unable to bear it, and hurried to wipe Linda’s tears, but Linda saw the wound on her hand again.


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