I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 276

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 276

Chapter 276

Linda looked at Mira, who was covered with wounds, and felt very distressed.

But Mira didn’t seem to care too much about it, she just wiped off Linda’s tears, and then smiled faintly: “I’m really fine. I just fell off the stairs. It’s all skin trauma. It’s fine. You Don’t worry about me.”

“No, I don’t believe it, you must have been beaten!” Linda said reluctantly, “Tell me, I will definitely help you get justice!”

Linda looked serious, and Mira almost believed it.

It’s just that she knows Linda’s strength, she usually needs to cover herself, how could she be able to stand up for herself.

But she also knew very well that Linda’s remarks were definitely not a perfunctory lie. She never lied.

But she has already understood her heart.

Mira smiled: “Silly girl, I’m really fine, you see you like this, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable…”

In fact, Mira almost burst into tears the moment he saw Linda.

He was going to go out for dinner with her boyfriend, but he didn’t worry about it, so he hurried back all the way back.

Mira knew very well that in this huge Buckeye University, perhaps only Linda would care about herself so much.

After experiencing the previous events, Mira felt that her heart was going to cool down.

But when she saw Linda now, she couldn’t help but feel a touch of warmth again. She was aggrieved, and she couldn’t help but want to pour out, tears in her eyes.

Seeing this, Linda felt even more that what had happened to Mira, crying even more, went up and hugged Mira, and the two cried together.

Ethan looked a little sad, and silently turned his head aside.

After crying for a long time, the two of them finally controlled their emotions for a while, and Linda then asked again: “Mira, tell me what happened.”

Linda looked at Ethan on the side, and said, “Are you short of money? If it’s money, don’t worry, no matter how much it is, I can raise it quickly.”

Ethan also nodded, then echoed: “Yes, if it’s really a question of money, you can tell us, just say the number of meters.”

Ethan certainly knew that Linda wanted to help her good friend from the heart.

At such a moment, of course I have to come forward.

It’s just that even if the two of them said so, Mira still shook her head slightly: “No, really not, I have nothing to do, don’t worry.”

Mira smiled reluctantly. Of course, she knew that Ethan and Linda were a pair of poorly fateful mandarin ducks.

Even if they speak so hard, but in the end, if they really talk to them, where can they get money?

This is just adding trouble to others. Instead of saying this, it is better to say nothing. Linda, who is the province, is overly worried.

As for the matter of going to Kieran Donovan, Mira would not tell Linda if he was killed.

First of all, he was concerned about his own face. If Linda knew that he was doing that kind of thing, he would probably look down on him from now on, and he would not be able to look up in front of Linda.

Linda can naturally see that Mira is nothing more than perfunctory.

But just when she was about to continue to ask questions, Luna suddenly came over from the side.

“Hey, I’m coming back pretty fast!” Luna blanked his eyes, Ethan and Linda, with a look of contempt, “Huh, don’t worry, today’s affairs, we are not finished, you will remember it for me, although I don’t I know how you bought the security captain, but I really don’t believe it anymore. I will report this to their boss when I turn back, and see if you have anything else to say!”

Luna was angrily. Regarding today’s affairs, she and Linda had completely formed a bridge.

You don’t need to be happy, just watch, sooner or later I can make you all kneel at my feet to admit your mistakes!

Ethan looked at him with disdain, and couldn’t help but sneered, jokingly: “Oh, then you can go quickly, don’t wait for Antoni to get off work, just say I bought his subordinates, you see How will he react in the end?”

Ethan sneered, and said that Luna is almost two hundred and five. She had better find Antoni so that she could be cleaned up again.

With yourself, don’t you think she is a little tender?

Ethan’s unrepentant look really made Luna angry.

She pointed at Ethan viciously, and said, “Well, you will wait for me. Let’s wait and see. Let me force you to watch. Today my old lady puts the words here. If I don’t let you pay for your words and deeds today , “Huh, you guys, you can speak quickly, right? What will happen?” Luna sneered and approached Linda and Ethan in a low voice, “You don’t know yet, I will sell I sold three tickets and sold more than 80,000!”


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