I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 279

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 279

Chapter 279

“This…what’s going on?” A waitress murmured to herself in astonishment.

The other was so scared that his face was green, his expression stiff, and he was extremely nervous and said, “This…what the hell is going on…what can I do? This is an antique, it can be broken…”

When she said this, the waitress clearly had tears rolling in her eyes, her face full of consternation and panic.

Because no one knows better than them the value of this broken pile of blue and white porcelain spray water.

It is said that this was taken back from overseas by their boss, Pablo. He usually takes this thing very seriously. Every time he visits Misty Mountain Villa, the first thing he must see is this thing.

But now it is broken.

“I…I remember Mr. Pablo saying that when he took this spray, he spent three million dollars, this…what can I do?”

A waitress said tremblingly.

“Hurry up and call someone!” the other said quickly.

The two immediately picked up the walkie-talkie to call for support.

But the walkie-talkie had just been picked up, and before they could speak, they suddenly heard another screaming noise from the side.

With this sound, the two waitresses both raised their throats, turned their heads in shock, and saw something that made them even more desperate.

At this time, in front of the archway at the entrance of the hotel, a man and a woman were struggling to tear down a pair of plaques hanging on the height.

Seeing this scene, the two waitresses suddenly went blind.

Because they know that the value of the plaque is even more precious. It is said that one piece is an authentic calligraphy master of the Southern Song Dynasty, and the other piece is of a great background. It is the imperial pen of a certain emperor of the previous dynasty.

The two plaques are extremely valuable, so even if they are hung on the archway of the hotel, they are covered with a glass diaphragm.

At this time, Karen and Roy had already torn off the glass diaphragm, and one of them had already pulled off one of the plaques.

With a “pop”, a plaque fell to the ground, and several huge cracks suddenly appeared.

Seeing this scene, the hearts of the two waitresses burst out.

These two people knew very well what the result would be if the two plaques were all broken.

If they guessed correctly, Pablo would see the scene before him and it would explode completely!

Will tear the two people in front of him to pieces without hesitation.

Pablo likes collecting, so there are so many antique objects in Misty Mountain Villa, and many of the objects here are collections that Pablo particularly likes.

Among them are the blue and white porcelain water spray and these two plaques.

At first, Pablo thought that the plaque was hanging high above, and the water spray was placed in the square in front of the door. Unless there was some robbery, there was definitely no problem.

But he seems too naive.

The two waitresses were terrified, and hurriedly ran to Karen and Roy.

“Hey, stop, what are you doing? Stop it!” a waitress yelled.

But they were still a step slower, and Roy watched these two running over, and with a fierce force, the last plaque fell off.

There was another stern sound, and the wooden plaque seemed to be broken into countless fragments because of its age and decay.

With a “pop”, Muhua splashed.

The two waitresses suddenly looked confused.

“You…what are you doing?” A waitress looked at Karen angrily, and shouted, “Do you know what you did? This is an antique and very valuable!”

The waitress shivered with excitement looking at the two plaques on the ground that were basically sure to be scrapped.

Of course they knew the identity of Karen and Roy, because before Ethan brought them over, Pablo had already specifically ordered this matter.

Moreover, the staff of these hotels have also heard of Ethan’s identity.

It is precisely because of this that these two waitresses will be so restrained.

Otherwise, if this is someone else, they might have called the security guard.

Karen looked at the two waitresses with disdain, sneered, and said, “What are you looking at, my old lady thinks this thing is not pleasing to your eyes, so she wants to smash it, what can you do? We are not paying you back!”

Even if he did something bad, he was so arrogant. Karen’s behavior really shocked the two waitresses.

They have been in the service industry for a long time, and they have even seen some unreasonable customers, but it is the first time they have seen people like Karen.

Such people are ridiculous and hateful.

“You are destroying public goods. If you continue to do this, we will call the police!” said a waitress dissatisfied.

Just as soon as she finished speaking, another waitress pushed her gently, whispering something in her ear.

Apparently the waitress who called to the police was already in a hurry.

But the other seems to have a trace of reason. These two people were brought by Ethan, so after all, they still have to consider Ethan’s level of things.


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